15 Times People Tricked The System In The Best Way Possible

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Many people seem to have given up and live in the most ordinary way that is possible. In most cases the system proved to be stronger than them. However, it seems that there are some individuals who cannot be defeated by the common ways the society works, and they were able to trick the system in clever ways that most people could never even think of.

You might actually get inspired by some of the following examples and figure out your own ways to defeat the system.

1. You could obviously get creative when you’re hungry

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They say that every human would start thinking out of the box when hunger strikes, and there is obviously some truth in these words. As you can see in this example, people could get rather desperate in their attempts to fill their tummy. We are both impressed and slightly worried at the same time.

2. This is a neat hack

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Some clever thinking and the right mindset sometimes result in simple, but extremely sweet victories. The photo here is a perfect example for that. You could even advance this by getting free creamers from the cafeteria and use them as dip.

3. Here is a sure way to literally nail the test

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We must admit that defeating the system rarely looks so classy. The fact that this person was able to combine brains and looks is totally admirable, and we believe that the test result was a complete success. It may not be the right way to do it, but still everyone is doing it.

4. She does not need to ask for space anymore

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Think you cannot physically secure your personal space? Well, think again, or better yet, just look at these photos. This is pure genius, and while some may find it a bit strange, it does not matter at all, because the most important thing for this is to work, and it sure does. We absolutely need this in our daily commutes.

5. Here is a trick that might actually work

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It seems that this dude’s plan is nothing but brilliant and it seems well executed, but when you think about it, it does have some flaws. For example, you could imagine the father’s reaction after he watches the recording from his absence and realizes that nobody walked in the room for five days, and the sun was shining 24/7.

6. Some people are prepared to go far in order to be able to trick other

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This is a clever move, but it does seem a bit strange. We could never be able to pull off something like that just to get a dessert with the restaurant’s compliments, but these two did it and nobody suspected a thing. We hope the dessert was worth their efforts.

7. You don’t have a sandwich maker or an oven? No worries; all you need is a toaster

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Kitchen hacks are everyone’s favorite, and this one is one of the best ever. Using the toaster as a grill seems almost like a thing we should do daily, but nobody thought about it before this person showed everyone how things are done.

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8. Parking fines can be avoided easily

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This girl really blew our minds. Her idea is so simple that it’s borderline genius. How did we not think of this yet? Imagine the money on tickets we would save. You can bet that this is something that we’ll definitely remember this one.

9. Easy cash is always welcome

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If you are a natural born trader, you’ll be able to recognize a good deal immediately when you lay eyes on it. This here is the perfect example, and it is all legal. Someone just got a bit creative and scored five very easy dollars after investing literally nothing.

10. Every fan could become a ceiling fan if you have the vision for it

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We love DIY projects, but this thing is on another level. The fan is literally mounted on the ceiling, and it is still easily removable at any given time. It is not the best looking solution, but the point is that it does the work it needs to.

11. Relaxation while working is the ultimate dream

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Doing some work and studying never looked so pleasant, and we need to thank this dude for showing us how he was able to combine these two things. It takes some brains to come up with stuff like that, and we would probably use this hack very soon.

12. This guy got what he wanted, and he deserved it

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When you want to go to a party badly but you are not on the guest list, there is definitely something that could be done, and this person was able to transform himself into a girl just to get in. As you can see, his mission was more than a success and he had a blast. We salute his effort.

13. Same scenario, different purpose

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We must admit that this is not legal and must not be replicated, but still you need to appreciate the effort this dude made with the sole intention to buy booze. He does look a bit silly, but as long as he is able to pull it off, we consider him to be among those who definitely defeated the system.

14. Defeating your wife apparently requires more effort than to just defeat the system

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We cannot even imagine the work that this man did to fulfill his plan, but the more important thing is the desire to be in the pub regularly. Apparently his wife did not let him, but he still got what he wanted in the end.

15. Alcohol is apparently a great motivator

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Imagine having this item! We have all dreamed of an easy way to sneak booze in placed we are not allowed to, like cinemas, for example. It seems that someone was fed up with that and created the perfect product to smuggle alcohol with.

Written by Sven Miller

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