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15 Times Pets Were Able To Make Their Humans Do Particular Things

Image Source: Reddit

Animal training is hard but doable. Many pet owners want the best for their pets so they spend a lot of time training them using different manipulations. Well, this might not be a big surprise but you need to be sure that pets are more manipulative than most people could assume. There is no doubt that pets get away with that, too. The following list shows such situations people shared after a Reddit user asked the society if their pets try to condition them sometimes.

1. Gypsy the cat

Image Source: Reddit

Gypsy knows when her owner’s alarm will go off in the morning and rushes to get some cuddles. The owner needs to stay at least ten minutes and pet the cat. On days off, Gipsy is not happy and stays in the other room.

2. The cat

Image Source: Reddit

Animals can help their owners in more than a few ways. This person got a cat after experiencing an armed robbery and the cat proved to be of help with their anxiety. The feline is a valuable family member before she hears noises before the humans do.

3. The good boy

Image Source: Reddit

This is one dog that has groomed his owner. When the human is angry or frustrated, the dog runs toward and comforts them. This made the owner realize how their attitude impacts others.

4. The barking dog

Image Source: Flickr

A dog similar to the one in the picture learned to bark differently according to the situation. One of the barks was only reserved for real emergencies and also for the times the husband was working after 4:00 PM.

5. The hungry dog

Image Source: Flickr

One canine that probably looks like this one (it is not the actual animal) learned to eat after her owner. This is why the dog started pushing her to start cooking early, so it would eat immediately after that.

6. The cat

Image Source: Flickr

Here is a cat that knows what it wants (not the actual cat in the image). The story is short: a couple had frequent visits from a stray cat and the animal always meowed if someone was sitting on a particular chair which appeared to be reserved for the stray.

7. The sleeping feline

Image Source: Reddit

Another user shared a funny story. Her cat always slept under the blanket with her and she raised the blanket for the cat to enter. When staying at hotels, the person instinctively raised the blanket every time. Habits don’t go away easily.

8. The banana

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Image Source: Flickr

We believe that dogs of all shapes and sizes are in love with every treat imaginable. One person and their dog loved to share a banana every day and this went on like a tradition.

9. The habit

Image Source: Imgur

We mentioned habits and this example is all about them. One person realized they threw food under the table while having lunch at the office. The reason was simple: the person had two dogs at home always waiting for food to fall down (not the actual dogs pictured).

10. The tinfoil ball

Image Source: Reddit

There is no telling what a cat could do if it had thumbs but we guess that a tin foil ball would be on that list. It seems that this person discovered their cat’s obsession and continued making these balls for a long time.

11. The companion

Image Source: Reddit

This is one elderly cat that obviously loves following its human everywhere. The person was so used to having the cat close by even when spending time in the bathroom that they made sure the cat was there every time.

12. The sleeping position

Image Source: Reddit

Some cats love sleeping in specific places. This feline chose a spot that the owner needed to provide: between their legs. The person had to sleep with their feet apart to make it comfortable for the cat.

13. The hand

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a person sleeping with their hand outside. One Reddit user shared why they do the same. Their dog would come and touch the hand once it was ready to come out in the morning. Many owners are actually used to the same routine.

14. The walking pattern

Image Source: Flickr

Here is how one person had to come up with to avoid stepping on the cat when the lights are out. They shuffled their feet and this was the best they could come up with. We guess that this is really important, especially when the cat is black. Imagine what could happen otherwise.

15. The voice

Image Source: Imgur

One man was forced to change his voice when he talked to his female dog (not the one pictured here). The canine was previously abused by a male and this was the only way the new owner could communicate with the sweet doggo.

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