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15 Times When Tumblr Proved To Be A Legit LOL

Image Source: TUMBLR

When you are looking for some kind of amusement, you are often just a click away from it! The internet is full of ways in you could spend some of your free time. Of course, having fun is a must, and Tumblr is definitely one of the best places for that. Most of the content there is perfect if you want to kill some time and have a few laughs. You can also challenge your mind with some funny riddle or a clever joke, just like the one in the photo above.

If you have no idea what it’s like to be on Tumblr, the following list will give you some examples. Sit back and enjoy it!

1. The Rock would love this idea

Image Source: Reddit

There are a lot of funny things about this post! First of all, the fact that someone visualized The Rock as Mother Nature in a dream is absolutely crazy! We like that this person shared it, though. The second funny thing is that someone took the time to create this image! We were unable to imagine the described image before actually seeing it! And last, but not least, we could not agree more with the assumption that The Rock would be happy to play that role!

2. Believe it or not, someone took that condom

Image Source: Reddit

This joke you see here is so old that there is no way that someone would actually fall for it. However, it seems that some people actually fail to understand it! It may seem unbelievable, but it is a fact! The person that set this up probably did not expect that someone would actually take the condom! We hope that whoever took it simply played along, because any other scenario could lead to a disaster. After all, anyone should know that a pierced condom is not good to use anymore.

3. Here is one controversial quote

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that we should always question the things we read. This is especially true when it comes to historic facts and quotes. People tend to exaggerate or add details that never happened, so fact checking is a must! We guess that Marx would say something like this, but we cannot be sure. One thing is for sure – you should not take this Microsoft Word document for granted!

4. Have you ever seen toothbrushes like those?

Image Source: Reddit

Everyone knows that you should replace your toothbrush often for hygienic reasons. We guess that most people replace them every few weeks. However, sometimes you need to replace them more often! This person probably needs to change it every week. Just look at their state! They look like they have been destroyed on purpose! How could anyone wear down a toothbrush like that in under a month? It seems impossible, but this post claims it happened. We would like to see a video of this person’s brother while he washes his teeth. This might give us a clue or two about how this could happen.

5. You could learn a lot of new things on Tumblr, too

Image Source: Reddit

Tumblr is all fun and games, but you could also learn a lot of things as well! There are endless topics to discuss! If you want to see a comment about something, all you need to do is search or post it! This is how good discussions are initiated. However, some topics may be more or less disturbing. It all depends on your interests and the point of view you might have.

6. Cartoon villains are evil in more than one way

Image Source: Reddit

Perhaps this was something that only a few people noticed before! We must say that we never thought about this before, but it is absolutely true! This character is probably one of the most despicable cartoon villains! However, there is obviously one more side to him that is hardly imaginable, but it is a fact. He is something like a fashion police officer! It seems quite odd, but the screenshot suggests something else! We really laughed when we saw this brilliant post and the comments below it.

7. Here is a simple intended pun for you to laugh at

Image Source: Reddit

The post you see above is a typical pun. This type of funny images is not appreciated by everyone. We have always wondered why some people find puns to be a waste of time! It takes a lot of imagination and creativity to come up with a pun. We admire those qualities and when they are combined with a sense of humor, the result is even better! Puns are witty and funny, and we cannot get enough of them! The example with this Boeing pun is just one of the many clever ideas on Tumblr.

8. Tumblr is also the place to find an answer to every question

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

No matter how easy or difficult a question is, you can be sure that Tumblr users will probably know the answer! However, some of the users really push it too far by asking the most ridiculous questions. We suspect that this particular one had a lot of sarcasm behind it! Otherwise the person who asked the question would not ask about the obvious! Sarcasm is definitely one of the best things about Tumblr and we like that fact.

9. We want to play that videogame so bad

Image Source: Reddit

Upon looking at the screenshot of this game, you begin to feel tempted a bit frightened. What kind of game is that and what is going on in this scene? The comment below the photo does not give much information about it. All it did was spark our curiosity even more! We suspect that it might be an image from the Odyssey game, but it sure does not appear to be from that game.

10. This post is so accurate that it hurts

Image Source: Reddit

This is probably one of the most relatable posts that the social media platforms have ever seen! Writers, journalists and students know exactly how a text looks before and after proofreading! Some people make the mistake of submitting their work without proofreading it first. Proofreading is crucial when you wrote something early in the morning. Chances are that you got something wrong and a quick proofread would be enough to edit the mistakes.

11. Millenials will definitely feel nostalgic after seeing this

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a nice post that will hit you right in the feels! It is amazing how a single photo or a part of a movie can bring you years back in time. This example here happens to be one of our favorite movies! Thinking about it now, we cannot help but notice how naïve these movies actually were. However, we still love them and we like to go back to our childhood memories every now and then. Most people probably like to do the same.

12. Some people would relate to this as well

Image Source: Reddit

Among the most likeable qualities of a person is probably the ability to make fun of themselves. It takes an open mind and a sense of humor to that. It would also take an almost complete lack of ego! These people are mostly positive and easy-going, which means it is good to have them around. The person who captioned this photo seems to be one of these people! His clever comment is also really funny and we laughed a lot when we saw it.

13. We can definitely relate to this one, too

Image Source: eBaum’s world

Technology has gone very far and we enjoy a lot of its benefits. However, no matter how advanced things in this field are, there are still some annoying perks! We experience one of them on a daily basis. Of course, we are talking about the App Store! Most of us tap on a random app at least a few times a day, and we all know what that leads to! Updates and lagging are the most common things to experience when that happens, and it is more than annoying! There should be an app that allows the automatic updates to ask at least twice before downloading!

14. Here is a strange piece of interior design

Image Source: The Chive

We are sure that Tumblr has seen even wilder interior design accessories. However, this one is really controversial. It looks lavish and expensive, but it does not seem to be practical. We guess that someone would order such a sink only to brag about it instead of actually using it. The clever captions below the photo only make things better! We love how one user was able to shut down the other with style!

15. Any Paul Rudd fans out there?

Image Source: Instagram

We absolute love Paul Rudd! He seems to have found the fountain of youth, because he simply does not age! His talent is also as equally big as it always was! However, the scene shown here is probably relatable for a lot of people. It is something that needs to be accepted, because it is just how our economy works, we guess! We also agree with the caption below!

Written by Nick Martin

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