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15 Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Image Source: Twitter

There are many things you can see on Twitter but one thing is for sure: you can never be bored while browsing the social platform. If you are looking to spend some quality time amusing yourself, you should consider reading some funny tweets. We are here to help you on that by listing some of the funniest tweets you have seen so far. They are enough to make your day and boost your mood. Since the world is full of funny people, we might as well take our time and enjoy everything they have to share. The diverse world we live in is a constant source of fun and we appreciate every second of it.

1. The walk of shame

Image Source: Twitter

We get that people hesitate to do some of the chores they are supposed to but this is another level. As you can see, this person was honest enough to show their version of the walk of shame. Using several mugs without washing the previous ones is something most people do.

2. The honest employee

Image Source: Twitter

There are moments when you can find it hard to decide if something is appropriate or not. We believe that this is one such moment and we know what this person was thinking. Needless to say, the employee was probably fined or even fired after that but it is funny to see it.

3. The sausages

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this is something we never thought we would have to discuss. Someone noticed these products and you can see why they felt worried. We guess the producer of these sausages used the names and colors on purpose but it is funny to see this person’s tweeted reaction.

4. The understanding

Image Source: Twitter

We have thought about how people accept the need for social interaction or collaboration. We guess most people make some associations and this person proves that right. We know how she feels and we share that feeling, too.

5. The funny picture

Image Source: Twitter

Some of the funniest content you can see posted online is also weird sometimes. As you can see, this person captioned the image in the best possible way when they retweeted the original posit.

6. The meaning

Image Source: Twitter

Here is something extremely funny that some people could also relate to. We are not sure about the actual photo and what it means but we know this: the caption someone added is perfect and it is definitely on spot.

7. The personalities

Image Source: Twitter

Yes, this is the kind of image that most of us could easily relate to. It shows how people feel different and look at themselves from another perspective. The key to stop being petty is to realize you are actually mature and to stand tall.

8. The Shia LaBeouf tweet

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Image Source: Twitter

There is nothing we could add here! We can totally agree with this tweet and we also appreciate how witty it is! Of course, the tweet is a joke and it aims to show Shia’s character. He is a really interesting person and some would even say he is a piece of work!

9. The relationship advice

Image Source: Twitter

Here is yet another hilarious tweet that is actually partly funny because there is truth to it! Yes, a relationship needs to be built on mutual effort but this person decided to joke about it. We hope nobody accepts this advice as something real. Maybe there are individuals that actually believe in this and think the other person should put in more effort into a relationship.

10. The smoothie

Image Source: Twitter

Here we have a harsh reminder of the hard times in our everyday lives. By hard times we mean the things that are hard or unpleasant to do. Cleaning a blender is definitely on top of that list. People with a healthy way of life know how that feels, as they need to wash the blender a couple of times daily.

11. The people

Image Source: Twitter

This person decided to amuse everyone on Twitter and he did by posting some witty and funny things. We guess that the thing that changes people the most is time and all the experiences that come together. Needless to say, most of the senior people around behave in a suspiciously similar way.

12. The message

Image Source: Twitter

We have seen some really good captions in our time but this one has got to be one of the best there are! As you can see, this person found the best way to caption this image. We laughed but we also got cravings for mozzarella sticks as well.

13. The text

Image Source: Twitter

People say that their homes are sacred to them and that is something we can agree with. One person obviously accepted his home as a temple where he can have peace of mind and relax. This situation, however, was probably not what he expected and he did what he had to do to feel the vibe again.

14. The change

Image Source: Twitter

Here is something that many girls have said over the years. They are sometimes into someone so deep that they prefer to change that person instead of leaving the relationship. As you can see, this girl had the perfect comment to make sure everyone understands how wrong that is.

15. The reality

Image Source: Twitter

We tried to laugh at this one and we did but only after we thought that it could actually happen for real. We guess that what is considered a serious problem for some is nothing interesting to others.

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