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15 Unbelievable Design Fails That Failed So Bad, It’s Funny

Image Source: Reddit

We have always believed that designers have one of the most important jobs in the world! Some people think that creating a design is an easy task but it’s not easy at all! Designers need to be artists and engineers in the same time and these two areas of expertise are hard to combine. Every design needs to have a purpose and certain features! This is the reason why not every design is flawless. In fact, some examples are a real disaster! Such examples are listed below for you to see! Sit back and enjoy the list!

1. Here is why small details matter

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes the result of countless hours of work may be totally ruined because of a small detail that someone neglected. The case with this bicycle saddle is a perfect way to describe what we have in mind! As you can see, the bike saddle features a color that is pretty close to the human skin. This creates an illusion that is more than cheeky! The man was completely unaware of how the whole thing looked like but we can all see how funny the situation is!

2. This security gate has the weirdest design

Image Source: Reddit

Security doors are meant to keep a property safe which is why they have a lot of neat features. The materials that are used are different than the traditional ones because they need to be rigid. However, the metal and the locking mechanisms are nothing without a smart design. Unfortunately, in some cases the design is not what it should be. As you can see, this security door can easily be used as a ladder!

3. Here is one controversial item

Image Source: Reddit

Every now and then we stumble across something that makes us wonder why someone would bother creating it in the first place. One look at this figurine is more than enough to make you realize what exactly we mean by that. In fact, the unfortunate turkey which is part of the design seems to be puzzled by the whole setup, too! We guess that there is a meaning here that we simply cannot understand.

4. This is a curious survey

Image Source: Reddit

When we are talking about design, there are rules to be followed and things to be taken into account before doing anything. The same goes for creating marketing campaigns and surveys. The target groups, the goal of the survey and the best questions need to be selected. Otherwise the goal of the whole project would just not be met. As you can see, this question does not actually give you a choice!

5. Here is one poor font choice

Image Source: Reddit

Even a thing as simple as a sign needs to be well-made. In order for that to happen, the designer must consider several factors. The font choice is among the most important things to choose when creating something. As you can see, this business owner chose the worst possible font! These bloody letters are definitely not suitable for a ‘fun clown for kids’. In fact, it would probably scare off some potential clients!

6. Some fails are unexpected

Image Source: Reddit

This curious example is the proof that everything can go wrong when it comes to design. Even if you do your job in the best possible way and the end result I flawless, there is still plenty of room for the whole thing to end in a disaster. In this case, the reason was the awful placement of this ad! It is actually a very good ad but printing underneath one really specific piece of news was not the right thing to do.

7. The message is really important when it comes to ads

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that graphics, photos, colors and the way there are blended together are crucial when it comes to marketing. However, images cannot sell as good as words can. This is why copywriters have an important job when it comes to creating the perfect message. It takes a lot of research and tryouts in order for the perfect line to be created! We guess that the person responsible for this ad probably thought that it was clever enough but the double meaning behind the ad is more than obvious.

8. Some things should not exist

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

There are some products that are so bad that we believe they should be pulled out of the market and recycled. The reasons for such drastic measures are always different and it depends on the specific item. The example you see here needs no explanation. It might appear to be okay when the lights are one. However, when you turn them off, the funny clown’s face becomes rather mean! The clown looks like one of Pennywise’s closest relatives. The design if the switch itself is acceptable but these red eyes turn the clown into a mean creature.

9. Here is something unacceptable

Image Source: Reddit

Design is a crucial thing to consider when it comes to event as well as products. When these events are meant to commemorate someone and honor them, everything needs to be flawless. As you can see, someone really messed things up when creating a JFK memorial. The illusion you see reminds of a sniper target aimed directly at JFK’s head and that is obviously as bad as thing could get! We guess that it was probably considered as an insult by some people.

10. Photoshop fails are the best

Image Source: Reddit

We simply love Photoshop fails because they are always hilarious and sometimes absurd! When you see these Forever 21 ads, you will understand why we love checking out such design disasters! We understand that graphic designers try to create the best possible images and they give their best but in some cases they overdo it and the end result is ridiculous! The body of a normal woman is definitely not similar to the way the designer of these ads pictured it!

11. This is definitely not a nice bathroom setup

Image Source: Reddit

When you need to arrange a space which will be used as a bathroom, the main factor you need to make sure is that it will offer privacy. As you can see, this bathroom space does not offer any privacy at all! We believe that nobody would use it and feel comfortable while doing it! It was at an Airbnb location and the guest took the photo. You can guess what the rating he left for the place was! Of all the crazy interior ideas, this one has got to be the wildest!

12. This clock has a major design flaw

Image Source: Reddit

We love clocks and watches! The variety of shapes, sizes, designs and materials is endless and there is always something new to see if you are into this kind of things. However, this variety means that there surely are examples of bad product design, and the clock pictured above has a significant flaw. The digits are illuminated but the dials are not, making the whole product feature useless! Maybe they had to make the dials glow first, because they have a different length and it would be easy to tell the time even if the numbers were not illuminated at all.

13. Here is something that needs no caption at all

Image Source: Reddit

Design fails are everywhere around us but some of them are really huge despite the fact they involve only a single item! This toilet is a perfect example! It looks sparkling clean but as soon as you look at the toilet seat, you will cringe! Only after taking a second look you will begin to understand what happened here. Someone chose to put a toilet seat that has a specific pattern. It was probably supposed to look like marble but it definitely looks like something else! We are glad that it is nothing more than an optical illusion.

14. This billboard is definitely on point

Image Source: Reddit

The marketing agency behind this billboard thought that they were able to create something cool and they were right, but an unexpected twist caused the whole thing to backfire massively! The sentence above the person says ‘closer than you think’ and we guess that the trash can is really closer than it should be. If we look at the whole setup from another point of view, the trash can created the illusion that the person is eating junk food, but literally speaking. In the end the ad turned out to be effective in a different way than expected.

15. Even the simplest task could be seriously messed up

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another example that simple things are also prone to mistakes which turn them into a disaster. This sign was supposed to inform everyone about the suicide awareness campaign at a university campus. As you can see, the sign suggests something completely different! We hope that whoever wrote this was notified about the ridiculous way it sounds and it was edited. Maybe a lot of people saw it before that and had a good laugh! It was definitely worth taking a photo!

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