15 Unbelievable Things That Can Only Happen On Your 1st Day At The Gym

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If you like to take care of your body, chances are that you pay frequent visits to the gym! People often spend at least a couple of hours a week at the gym lifting weights, doing cardio and relaxing in the sauna! However, going to a gym is related to some rules that everyone tries to follow, or almost everyone, that is! There are certain individuals who either want to stand out from the crowd or they simply have no idea what to do or how to behave there, especially when they set foot at a sports facility for the first time in their lives! This often leads to funny situations, and some of them are listed below.

1. This is something you would never expect to see at the gym

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We guess that you need to lift heavier weights each time you go to train at the gym, because this is the only way you would be able to see any progress. However, the traditional dumbbells seem to be obsolete, because another kind of weight found its rightful place on the rack! We are not sure if Thor’s hammer is a piece of decoration or if it is meant to be used as an actual weight, but it is definitely the kind of thing you do not see every day at the gym!

2. Here is one dedicated superhero

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Now this is something that we just had to share! Jogging is essential for every person and every cardio session needs to include at least ten minutes on the treadmill. In order to maximize your effort, you need to be equipped properly. However, running on the treadmill in a full Batman suit might be a bit too much of an effort! Maybe this man lost a bet, but we cannot be sure about that.

3. This must be the new coach

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As we already mentioned, you could see things at the gym that can seem to be a bit out of place. We love dogs more than anything, which is why we would definitely enjoy this puppy’s company, but we are also certain that many people would not approve this. The dog is not in anyone’s way, but it is still dangerous for it to be in the middle of the gym. The husky puppy is super cute and it could be used a the gym mascot!

4. Here is something you should never do

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People choose different kinds of outfits when they go to the gym. The choice of clothing and equipment is mostly based on the training goals. Some suit up for heavy lifting and others put on comfortable clothes to do extensive cardio. However, your outfit must always keep you safe from injuries! In this person’s case, those slippers are the last thing this man should have chosen to wear! This is anything but safe!

5. We hope this is nothing but a joke

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Given the fact that all kinds of different people go to the gym, you can always expect the unexpected! However, even a weird individual knows that bringing a whole pizza to the gym would be a controversial thing to do. This person did it and we are stunned to see him like that! Maybe it was all done as a prank or they made a funny setup just to take some photos. We guess that people who go to the gym to lose weight would be upset to see this pizza.

6. Now this is something curious to see

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This photo is the ultimate proof that you could see just about anything when you go to the gym! This photo raises a lot of question but also brings lots of smiles! How many times have you seen a fully dressed bride sweating on the treadmill? The important things here is why she decided to do it, and the other questions is when did this happen – before or after the wedding? Let’s hope that it was part of a bet and nothing more.

7. Some people should just leave the gym

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We have seen people who simply waste their time in the gym! They probably go there with the intention to push themselves really hard but their motivation expires in an instant! This when they start acting in a way that simply does not belong to any gym! This image is a perfect example! This man is obviously not going to work out, but he chose to occupy some of the equipment!

8. This is an unlikely training partner

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You are probably aware of the term ‘gym bro’, right? Well, it turns out that gym bros come in all shapes and sizes, and they don’t have to necessarily be human, too! This parrot decided to show some support by trying to bench press some weight, and it is the cutest thing we have seen in a long time! The smart bird probably became everyone’s favorite gym member!

9. This is unbelievable

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Of all the weird things you could see at the gym, this is definitely the weirdest! How could someone possibly train with such a costume on? We guess that sweating would be the least of this person’s worries! We guess that one could barely see with such gear on and it is probably hard to breathe as well! It is funny to see it, though, and this is what matters here!

10. This is a huge no-no

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There are things that simply shouldn’t be the way they are, and doing squats while wearing high heels is definitely among those things! There are basic safety rules that everyone must follow while working out, and one of the most important ones is to wear comfortable and appropriate shoes! High heels are not suitable for squats, and this woman probably has an explanation, but whatever it is, it cannot be good enough!

11. Many people love listening to music while working out

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Of course, there is nothing wrong with listening to your favorite tunes while working out, but you must do what it takes in order for you to feel comfortable. This man did the exact opposite! As you can see, he decided to use his iPad, which is definitely not the best possible solution! First of all, he would not be able to use a bench, and second, the device would probably be soaking wet within the first twenty minutes of the workout! Maybe using a smartphone attached to the arm with one of those special bands would be the better option!

12. This is another situation that should not be tolerated

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We have all heard a conversation in which someone says that they are at the gym. However, we must draw a line and differentiate being at the gym from actually doing something while spending time there! The whole point of visiting such an institution is to work out, right? This is why we always wonder what people like the person in the photo think that is going to change for them? Getting in shape requires hard work, and reading the newspaper is nowhere near that!

13. Here is one unusual lifter

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We believe that doing the same things over and over again is boring and such routine work would make you want to skip going to gym! However, you could miss a lot, so you better go regardless of how low your motivation might be! This image shows what you might miss to see! This cute puppy decided to try and work out, but that huge barbell is too big, of course. This is the kind of gym bro we would like to have!

14. Keeping it real is a solution

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As we already mentioned, nobody could stay motivated for a long time, and most people give up just weeks after deciding to follow that New Year’s resolution. Sometimes it proves to be harder than one could bear and this is probably what happened here. This man looks like he realized that the struggle would be too much for him, so he just gave up and decided to have a quick nap. Of course, this is something that should not take place in the middle of a gym!

15. Here is something that could deprive you from your motivation

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This is something that most of us have experienced. The feeling you get after stepping inside the gym and seeing all those athletic bodies is quite frustrating, because you feel like you will never be able to reach such a level of fitness. This is wrong, because your mind is playing tricks on you. If you feel like this one day, keep in mind that people who look muscular and fit now were not like that some years back, and they started at exactly the same point you are now, but they did not give up! They put in their best effort and did what they had to do to get in shape!

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