15 Weird Accidents That Probably Could Have Been Avoided

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Accidents happen, and that just can’t be denied. Everyone goofs once in a while. You can’t always avoid accidents, and that is just one of those unfortunate facts.

Of course, there are those accidents that could have easily been avoided if people were thinking properly.

Here are fifteen examples of accidents that probably could have been—and should have been—avoided. You really have to wonder about these situations.

1. The Image on the Wall

Image Source: Twitter

This image, while on a wall, is not on a flat wall. Therefore, it looks absolutely terrible. Had it been on a flat wall, it probably would have looked pretty decent. Instead, it looks like a terrible mess. Let’s hope this wasn’t intentional.

2. The Guy Who Opened The Pizza Box Upside Down

Image Source: Twitter

Before you complain to a company, you should probably make sure you have a valid reason to complain. In this case, a guy opened a pizza box upside down; therefore, he thought the pizza was just bread.

You really have to appreciate how professionally Domino’s Pizza handled this “complaint”.

To the guy’s credit, he acknowledged his mistake and sort of apologized to the company. That must have been embarrassing for him, but he acted responsibly. Not many people these days are willing to admit they goofed.

Domino’s Pizza is a pretty cool company. Worldwide, it is the largest pizza seller. It also leads in sales in the United States, which is where the company is based. It was founded almost 60 years ago in Michigan. The company’s first international store, which opened in 1983, was in Manitoba, Canada. The first store in the United Kingdom opened in 1985.

There are now thousands of Domino’s Pizza stores throughout the world. They can be found in India, Australia, France, Nepal, Malaysia, Mexico, Vietnam, and Turkey—and dozens of other countries.

3. The Guy Who Sent the Unsolicited Video

Image Source: Sizzle

Apparently someone sent a video of the male genitalia to someone else. This video was not requested by the recipient. The sender claimed that the whole thing was an accident. If it was an accident, it was definitely one that could have been avoided.

The recipient responded with a question mark, which is a pretty classy way of handling the whole thing. Most people would respond in a less calm fashion.

The idea that the video was sent by accident is, frankly, sort of hard to believe. That does not seem like something that accidentally happens. If you have sent a dirty picture or video to another person, you have probably done so on purpose. At the very least, you have had a couple of drinks.

The whole exchange—at least what we’ve seen—was pretty calm and classy, though. The recipient of the unsolicited video definitely handled himself or herself well. Things could have gotten really ugly.

4. The Starprise Entership

Image Source: Daily Writing Tips

While the incorrect name was definitely a mistake that could have been avoided, the decoration on this cake is otherwise pretty impressive. Someone obviously did a bit of research in order to make this cake for the special “Star Trek” fan in his or her life—the maker of said cake just didn’t do enough research. The art really is quite fantastic.

Even if you are not a fan, you probably know quite a bit about the “Star Trek” franchise. The original series of the show first aired over 50 years ago. There have been several spin-off series, an animated series, and over a dozen “Star Trek” movies. The most recent film was released in 2016.

Famous actors who have appeared in “Star Trek” series and films include William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Scott Bakula, Brent Spiner, and Wil Wheaton.

5. The Person and the Windshield

Image Source: Reddit

If you believe everything you read on Facebook, you should not be driving a car. This was definitely an avoidable accident. Sandpaper on your wiper blades is clearly a bad idea. I can’t even think of a scenario that would result in one giving that a try.

While ice removal is not one of them, sandpaper obviously has its uses. For example, it is used when painting and finishing wood. Sandpaper has actually been used since the 1st century. A form of the stuff was first made in China.

6. The Person Who Ate the Fake Fruit

Image Source: Reddit

In this person’s defense, fake fruit can look very real. You might have to be a bit hungover—which could have been the case in this image—to make the mistake. It is definitely an avoidable mistake.

While not particularly appealing to the taste buds, fake fruit and other fake foods have their purposes. For example, food replicas are often used in television shows, plays, commercials, and movies. Fake fruit is often used in retail displays, especially when furniture is being sold. Some people just keep a bowl of fake fruit on their living room tables for decorative purposes.

Most people do not eat the decorative fruit, though. That is just embarrassing—no matter how real the fake fruit looks. That said, you really do have to wonder how many pieces of fake fruit have been bitten into over the years. The number would probably be shocking.

7. The Girl With the Hammer In Her Mouth

Image Source: Twitter

You have to wonder about some of the warning labels you see on products these days. They warn about the stupidest, most avoidable scenarios.

Behind every ridiculous warning label, however, there is a story or two. People make a lot of avoidable mistakes.

In this case, a young woman appears to have made a very avoidable mistake; she put a hammer in her mouth, and it ended up stuck. She is worried about her mother’s reaction, and I can’t blame her there. I’d be more worried about the reactions from the medical doctors who will have to remove the hammer. They went to medical school, and you got a hammer stuck in your mouth somehow. They will be laughing at you behind your back—or possibly to your face.

If you see a warning label on hammers the next time you buy one, this young woman is the reason why. Apparently we, as a species, now need to be told not to put hammers in our mouths.


Of course, young people put a lot of dumb things in their mouths. Are kids still eating Tide Pods? Has that fad passed?

8. The Guy With the Finger In the Wall

Image Source: Tumblr

Why anyone would stick a finger in a hole in a wall is beyond me. Was he dared to stick it in by a friend? And how did it get stuck, exactly?

Apparently this gentleman, who made a bad choice, was eating at Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant, which is a good choice. With over 2,000 restaurants, it is definitely a popular chain. It also employs roughly 45,000 and can be found in several countries, including France, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada.

9. The Girl With the Frog

Image Source: Twitter

If there is one thing we human beings need to learn it is that animals generally do not like us. Arguably, very few types of animals like us. Dogs, in general, like human beings. Some types of cows and foxes are fond of human beings.

Most animals, though, barely tolerate humans. Their reasons for not liking us so much are sort of understandable, really. We do tend to eat them if their meat is delicious.

In this case, a woman picked up a frog, and the frog wasn’t too happy about that, so it attacked her. The frog was probably keenly aware of the fact humans eat frog legs. As a dish, frog legs are particularly popular in France, Indonesia, China, Italy, Albania, and Slovenia. They apparently taste a lot like chicken.

You shouldn’t mess with frogs. They can be dangerous creatures, as this image shows. They can also be very poisonous—and their poison can cause death.

10. The Toaster Strudels In the Oven

Image Source: Reddit

Toaster Strudels are not meant to be cooked in such a fashion, which is why this awful mess was created. This was an avoidable mistake. Someone just forgot to read the instructions on the box.

While the mess is truly terrible and will take forever to clean, the worst part about this image is that Toaster Strudels were ruined.

The delicious toaster pastries have been delighting people at breakfast time since 1985.

11. The Self-Spill

Image Source: Acidcow

If you are going to spill your beverage, you are supposed to spill it on other people. Ideally, if you are going to waste a drink, you do so by throwing that beverage in the face of one of your enemies while glaring at him or her.

You do not spill drinks on yourself, though. That is just embarrassing. Hugging your friends is a great and wholesome thing to do, but put your drink down first. Hugs can wait. Stains, however, form very quickly.

12. The UPS Driver and the Doorknob

Image Source: Reddit

To be fair to whoever delivered this package, he or she probably had a good reason to make sure the package stayed upright. It is hilarious, though, that the resident inadvertently got trapped in the apartment. It may have been an avoidable mistake, but it was also a really amusing one. Can you imagine being the maintenance worker that had to free the resident of that apartment?

Hopefully everyone had a good laugh about it and the person who made the delivery didn’t get in any trouble. It was an honest mistake.

13. The Girl Wearing This

Image Source: Reddit

To be fair to the young woman in this image, she probably did not realize that she was wearing what she was wearing in a way that made it look like a certain well-known cartoon mouse had his head up her butt.

This is another mistake that, while avoidable, is truly hilarious. She has nothing to be embarrassed about.

Mickey Mouse has been entertaining people for 90 years now. Walt Disney created the cartoon character in 1928. He is one of the most recognizable characters in the world. He has appeared in over 100 films, including “Steamboat Willie” and “Fantasia”. He has also starred in several television shows and video games.

14. The Sign For the Cyclists

Image Source: Reddit

Riding a bicycle instead of driving a car is great for a number of reasons, including the environment and one’s physical health. There is no reason not to encourage local governments to make bike lanes when possible. Bicycles are a great way to get around town.

However, putting a sign in a bike lane that tells those driving a car or truck to “give cyclists space” is a mistake—and an avoidable one, at that. The cyclist will have to leave the bike lane to go around the sign, putting the cyclists in the sort of danger that the sign is allegedly trying to prevent. This is a truly unnecessary sign.

15. The Guy With the Shoes

Image Source: Reddit

You have to wonder if anyone other than this guy actually noticed he was wearing shoes that did not match. Really, from a distance, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell. They’re both professional-looking shoes, and the colors are similar. You would have to be looking closely at the guy’s feet, which is definitely a weird thing to do.

When did the guy notice his shoes didn’t match? I am assuming he did not notice prior to leaving his home, but you really can’t be sure. There are reasons why one might intentionally wear mismatched shoes. For example, if you once had two pairs of brown shoes and also have a dog that likes to eat or hide your shoes, you might be forced to wear mismatched shoes. What are you supposed to do? Buy yet another pair of brown shoes?

That just seems like a waste of money. Shoes don’t grow on trees. Well, they do if they’re the kind of shoes that are made out of wood, but so few people wear those these days.


Written by Kevin Barrett

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