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15 Weird Things That Actually Happened For Real

Image Source: Twitter

We need to be honest and admit that these photos were not thoroughly checked and some of them may actually turn out to be altered in some way, but we doubt it, despite the fact that there are many skilled professionals out there and they could change any photo in whatever way they want.

This collection of photos is a wild one and you would definitely have doubts about some of them, but they are also very probable, so let’s assume all of them are real and just enjoy what we see.

1. If you find this disturbing, then you’re like us

Image Source: Instagram

Yes, kids can be weird and sometimes it seems that they live in their own imaginary world or some kind of parallel universe. However, in this case things are just plain creepy, not weird. We are certain that this little girl needs some kind of professional help and someone to explain to her that this is not right.

2. What is this odd event, anyway?

Image Source: Instagram

Some of you would just ignore this, and other would certainly like to join these guys! We are not sure what is going on here, but it looks like a well-organized rally combined with cosplaying. One assumption we could make is that these people are going to a comic convention or a similar event. But we like them regardless of where they were headed.

3. We would attend that church every Sunday

Image Source: Instagram

As much as we would like that, it’s not a real dog trained to lead all the church events. What is even more intriguing is that the pastor is wearing a dog mask, and while we have no idea what was the reason behind this, we still like it because it is a different approach to something old that we all got used to seeing, and adding a twist was the best thing to do.

4. When the Cheetos approve you for eating them

Image Source: Instagram

Here is something that would probably never happen again. This person found a ‘OK’ sign in a bag of Cheetos, and it is absolutely perfect. The message was probably something like this: ‘Human, we are totally okay for you to eat us, so please proceed and enjoy our wonderful taste’.

5. This is how you say you are sorry

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes you feel guilty and you need to do more than just apologize; it all depends on the character, really. This incident was not harmful to anyone, but it still damaged a student’s pants and shoes, so the teacher who was responsible for it decided to get new shoes for her student, which is an admirable act’ the student’s reaction, however, was kind of ‘meh’.

6. This is what you call quality customer service

Image Source: Instagram

If this dude told the story without providing the actual picture of the delivery moment, nobody would probably believe a word. But we all can see that this happened for real, and we need to congratulate both the pizza company and the lazy, but creative guy who placed the order.

7. Can you say ‘no’ to such a request?

Image Source: Reddit

Just look at the way Cody described the situation! Nobody at customer service would probably neglect such a sincere and relatable request. Even more, the people who processed the order probably felt as if they were helping Cody on a personal level, and this was probably his intention. We like Cody, that’s for sure.

8. After all, the service is called Google Street View

test ad
Image Source: Instagram

Having that name, you could imagine that you would be able to see everything that you could relate to the word ‘street’, and that obviously includes escaped convicts, too. Fortunately for this guy, Google policy of blurring people’s faces helped hide his identity, doing him a huge favor that way.

9. This kid is going places

Image Source: Instagram

You would have never guessed that this trimmed hedge was actually a hideout! The kid created an amazing and clever design, and we are certain that such creativity would probably be the reason for the boy’s bright future. Our only hope is that he stays on the right side of law, because such skills would be valued by the mafia for sure.

10. Grandpa is thrilled by the gift

Image Source: Instagram

Kids are acting innocent most of the time, but they could be really savage and cruel without realizing it, and this photo is the perfect example. The grandkid probably wanted the message to sound in a different way, but as you can see by grandpa’s reaction, it did not happen as intended.

11. A bizarre Valentine’s Day gift

Image Source: Instagram

Someone decided to launch this gift for Valentine’s Day and we are confused about it. It may be shaped like a heart, but it is probably not the best idea, although we would gladly receive it, but that’s just us.

12. A lot of people made the exact same mistake

Image Source: Reddit

Parking on a frozen lake is a good idea only when it’s cold enough and when there are not a lot of other cars parked there. Well, this was not the case here, and result is obvious. We hope that some of the cars were recovered from the water, but a lot people walked home that day for sure.

13. The question here is – why?

Image Source: OmgTHis

Some concerned mother probably wanted to make sure that her son or daughter played it safe on the weekend, but pinning the condom on the board for you kid to see actually ruins the idea about using it for protection.

14. This toilet is hardly usable

Image Source: Reddit

Wow, it must have been very cold where this photo was taken! We like the fact it looks almost like a piece of art, but if someone actually decided to use it, it would be an unpleasant experience for sure.

15. The potato bag of your nightmares

Image Source: Instagram

This was surely a disturbing sight for the person who took the photo. It looks like the potatoes want to come to life as a scary creature, instead of being eaten, but we guess they just ended up in the trash can.

Written by Nick Martin

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