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16 Adorable And Awesome Pics That Will Definitely Make You Smile

Image Source: Reddit

Feeling down is a real bummer, but it happens often. The struggle is real and we feel it on a daily basis, which is why we always enjoy seeing some uplifting content. Fortunately for all of us, there is plenty of that on internet! If you want to see some adorable things that have the power to warm your heart and make you smile, this is the place to be! Check out the following list and you will instantly feel better!

1. Kindness to animals is something we want to see more of

Image Source: Reddit

One of the noblest things any person could do is to help an animal! Such things happen often, but people sometimes hesitate to step in and help the trapped animal. We are glad that in most cases it is the other way around and people step in and rescue the helpless creature regardless of its species. As you can see, one brave and kind-hearted woman found a tiny snake in a glue trap. She immediately decided to free the snake and she was able to do it!

2. Here is something wonderful to see

Image Source: Reddit

We have never heard of a similar project before, but we absolutely love the idea! The photo was taken at a beach in Kauai called Poipu Beach. The place is really special because something curious happens often at that spot! Apparently monk seals frequently pop up at the beach to take long naps. This is why a group of people decided to create an organization that looks after them. There is always a person who keeps an eye on the endangered species.

3. This is what Thanksgiving is all about

Image Source: Facebook

What you see here is a group of men from Newfoundland who were stuck in Ontario for Thanksgiving. They were working on the construction of a bridge and were unable to go back home to celebrate with their families. This is why locals stepped in and decided to make the holiday feel as close to home as possible! They included some traditional Newfoundland recipes in the menu and surprised the workers. As you can see, they look pretty happy about it.

4. We need to do the right thing in every situation

Image Source: Reddit

We have all suffered either a theft or a loss of important items such as personal documents and money. However, sometimes faith works in mysterious ways and things have a happy end! When a woman realized her car was broken into, she failed to notice that her wallet was missing as well. Just when she found out about that, she received a message from a stranger on Facebook. As the photo above shows, the stranger found her wallet with all the important items still inside and the woman was probably moe than happy about it!

5. Firefighters are always there when you need them

Image Source: Reddit

Most people think that firefighters are called only in case of a fire, but there are a lot of other situations that require their assistance. Firefighters often participate in rescue operations and they are really good at it! As you can see, they were able to save those police officers stuck inside an elevator, and all of them seem to be relieved and really happy about the successful outcome of the rescue attempt!

6. This will bring you to tears for sure

Image Source: Reddit

Get your pack of tissues ready, because you are about to cry! We guess that most of the people who saw this were brought to tears as well! This box of tennis balls was put there by the owners of a deceased dog named Charlie. Apparently Charlie loved playing with tennis balls and his owners wanted other dogs to enjoy playing with them as well, so they create this box. It is really an awesome thing to do.

7. Here is one really wholesome thing to do

Image Source: Reddit

Setting an example is something really important. It has a great responsibility related to it, of course, but we guess that people with vision can handle it! One Reddit user decided to donate a huge amount of books to her classroom, knowing that the students loved reading. Imagine how happy they probably felt after seeing this huge donation. We guess that this is one the best possible gifts someone could make. Spreading knowledge is admirable!

8. Even a President can step out of the light and give the attention to a dog

Image Source: Reddit

Whenever a President of a country attends an event, all the attention is focused on him. This is a common things and it is understandable. However, even during official meetings or other occasions the President may choose to step out of the light and give all the attention to someone else. The photo above shows the President of Ireland, Michael Higgins, who seems to enjoy the fact that his cute dog stole all the attention from the other people.

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9. Therapy animals are a really cool idea

Image Source: Reddit

We have all seen therapy animals before. In the majority of cases they are dogs, but some institutions decided to choose different kinds of animals. As you can see, someone was able to train a therapy llama! This cute animal is Rojo, a very special llama that helps people going through rehab procedures to feel better about the process. Rojo’s main function is to amuse the patients and one of his main tricks is eating carrots straight from their mouths.

10. This is how kindness looks like

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen people who are kind to animals before, but sometimes a single photo can show how a pure heart makes people act in the most wholesome way possible! The photo you see was taken in Japan, where deer roam freely and they trust people. We can see the reason why! This boy gladly shared his umbrella with a deer and they seem really glad about it! Bonding with nature and animals is among the best things any person could experience. This is really important, especially in today’s world, which is dominated by technology.

11. Helping those who cannot pay you back is everything

Image Source: Reddit

This is the essence of humanity! We have the power to help those who don’t even realize they need help and are unable to ask! Since we are the most advanced species on this planet, this is our responsibility. Of course, not everyone is doing it and some people are even doing the opposite, but as long as we see photos like this one, we will continue to believe that kindness would always win! As you can see, one man makes sure that his pets are protected from the rain despite getting wet himself!

12. This is something simple and effective

Image Source: Reddit

Helping each other is a must and every human needs to realize it! The photo above shows one very simple example of caring for others! Someone probably wanted a snack from this vending machine, but it got stuck. The person realized that the same would happen to everyone who tries to buy a snack, so they put up a simple sign! This way nobody would waste their time and money! What a wholesome thing to do!

13. Here is one really kind landlord

Image Source: Reddit

Those of you living under rent probably know from experience that not all landlords are nice. In fact, most of them could make your life really miserable! However, not all of them are alike! As you can clearly see, one landlord proved that being kind matters more than money and contracts! The caring person set up a free stand at his building, offering a free serving of pulled pork chili to all his tenants! We have never seen such a cool thing before and we wish all landlords were as kind as this one!

14. This is one really amazing and historical moment

Image Source: Reddit

The person you see is named Justin Gallegos and he is from the University of Oregon. Justin is a runner despite suffering from cerebral palsy. Despite his condition he is able to live the dream of being an athlete! This was rewarded in the most special way! Nike offered him a contract, which made him their first official athlete with cerebral palsy! You can see how Justin accepted the news! The emotional moment is really powerful and shows that the hard work end effort always pay off and the obstacles do not matter!

15. Police officers can go beyond their duties sometimes

Image Source: Reddit

We have all heard stories about police officers who go beyond their line of work and help people! This is such a story! When a pizza delivery driver was involved in an accident, the police officers who responded to the signal offered him to finish the job! They delivered the food and as you can imagine, the customers were really surprised! Cheers to these men for their effort!

16. Showing respect to others is essential

Image Source: Reddit

We all need to remember that respect for the others is only way to keep the bond between people strong! When one of the lunch ladies at a school got sick and was forced to leave her job to get treated, students organized themselves and surprised here! They made a musical performance and brought the woman to tears by showing how much they cared for her!

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