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16 Amazing Pictures That Will Definitely Warm Your Heart

Image Source: Reddit

As much as we like seeing funny pictures on the internet, we must admit that we like even more another category which brings a different kind of emotion, and we like feeling it! We are talking about the images that were able to capture the kindness people are still able to show. Every good deed we see pictured is another reminder that there are enough people in the world to set the right example.

It takes a small effort to demonstrate some empathy and do the right thing. Unfortunately not many people have enough integrity to do it, but we still feel optimistic when we see things like the ones below.

Enjoy them and spread the goodness!

1. The way a person treats animals says a lot about that person

Image Source: Twitter

Being kind to those who cannot pay you back is the ultimate form of empathy a person can show, and a flight attendant did exactly that. When this cute little French bulldog experienced difficulties breathing midflight, a kind flight attendant stepped in and helped by pulling an oxygen mask down. This allowed the dog to breathe easily, and the kind gesture of that person brought us to tears.

2. A small effort can make a huge change

Image Source: Reddit

Would you believe that a note could be the difference between life and death? It seems that it might be true if the note is put in the right place. A lot of people chose this bridge to be the location to end their lives, and a group of people decided to end that. They made these notes and placed them all over the bridge in an attempt to talk suicidal people out of their decision. They even added the number of a hotline which anyone could reach and find help.

3. Here is a proof that dogs are too good for us

Image Source: Reddit

Dogs are man’s best friend and there are probably more than enough reasons for that, but we will show you one more. This poodle loves his human so much that the rest of the family members witness this every day. The man of the house was working in the military which meant that he was frequently absent from home. Needless to say, the dog probably missed him a lot, which can be seen in this photo.

4. It takes a real man to do this

Image Source: Reddit

How many people would go this far to rescue a trapped bird? This crow was extremely lucky that this man was there to its rescue, because a chimney had to go down in order for the bird to be rescued. Stores like that really demonstrate how kindness is all that we need in our world. The good news is that the crow recovered quickly after the rescue mission and flew away.

5. Support can come in unexpected ways

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one example of kindness that words cannot explain, and you need to see it and feel it! Someone left a very special note in a library book about anorexia, and it probably has an ever bigger effect than any kind of therapy. We like the fact that someone actually thought about the other suffering people that would read the book and decided to give them a boost, which is admirable!

6. Here you see four real heroes

Image Source: Facebook

Movies featuring action heroes are often far from reality. However, we must remember that there are real heroes among us, and they may not possess superhuman strength or some phenomenal powers like the Marvel characters, but that makes them even more amazing. These Thai Navy SEALs proved that they were ordinary men with extraordinary skills and huge hearts, because they helped with the rescue mission of the boys trapped in a deep cave.

7. The rescue mission continued even after the boys were out

Image Source: Twitter

There is always more to every situation than meets the eye. Not many people were aware of this, but in order for the boys to be pulled out of that cave, a lot of water had to be pumped out into the fields of local farmers. This would have been devastating for their crops, but volunteers helped pump the water out of the fields, proving that nobody should be left alone in a time of trouble.

8. There is a reason for this horse to be up there

Image Source: Reddit

After a devastating flood in Japan, the water level was raised high and unfortunately many people and animals lost their lives. The disaster also caused a chaos and a lot of damage. One of the horses from a petting zoo disappeared and everyone thought that the animal drowned, but it was eventually found on this roof, where someone probably put him in order to escape the flood.

9. This is what teamwork and dedication look like

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Image Source: Reddit

When a man decided to work on his lawn and began to sod it, he had a heart attack immediately after getting to work. When he was hospitalized, the emergency crew and the firefighters that received the initial signal to came back. They teamed up and arranged all the sods. By completing the task they showed what it means to go beyond your duties! Sometimes you just have to lend a helping hand to those that need it the most. We salute these people for their kindness!

10. Respecting the elders is the way to go

Image Source: Reddit

This is a nice example for young people to see. We all need to respect the elderly and we also have to show them appreciation and help them in every way we can. This person reminded everyone about how important this is! He did by sharing the sweet story of his encounter with the woman you see sitting next to him. His kind behavior probably made the woman’s day, and brought a smile to everyone who saw the story.

11. Saying ‘thank you’ can be done in a lot of ways

Image Source: Reddit

Most people probably do not care about who collects their garbage and where it goes. However, one homeowner obviously spared a thought about these guys. He decided to show that he was thankful for their tough job. The kind person always gave them cold drinks, and even when he was not at home, he left the drinks by the garbage bins. This is one of those small acts that have a huge impact no people.

12. This girl looks more than proud

Image Source: Reddit

Well, there are no words to describe this! The relationship between a child and a step-parent is not perfect in many cases, but the story here is more than positive! This girl was raised by her stepfather who eventually became her legal dad as well. They seem overwhelmed about it! What puzzled us is that these two look very alike! The girl resembles her stepdad as if she was his biological daughter.

13. This is what it means to be there for your partner

Image Source: Reddit

The photo may seem awkward to most people but it has a reasonable explanation. This girl’s boyfriend had to take care of a bunch of snakes for a while. He was worried about what his girl might think about that, because most girls would definitely freak out. However, this man was lucky, because his girl immediately brought him comfort on that matter by sending him this picture. He was probably very happy that the snakes did not bother her at all, and she even got along with them, too. This is a sign of true love and that nothing could break a relationship if it is based on the right things. We give our regards to this girl for her bravery!

14. Get your tissues out for this one

Image Source: Reddit

Speaking of real love, there is no better way to describe it than adding this photo to the list. This 72-year old man lost his beloved wife seven years ago. Since that tragic moment he does the same thing every single day. He brings her portrait to the peer they met each other for the first time decades ago, and spends some time with her. This is what true love looks like, and now we all know that it cannot die even when people do. This story is worthy of a movie.

15. Goodbyes are hard when the love is strong

Image Source: Reddit

People in love often find it hard to say goodbye when one of them has to go away for some time. Even though they would be separated temporarily, it is still hard for most couples to accept it. These two lovebirds perfectly describe how that feels. They are on the opposite sides of the glass wall, but they still can hear each other via their smartphones. It is the best way to spend a few more minutes with your loved one, and it is definitely worth the effort.

16. Sometimes you need to step out of the lines of duty you typically follow

Image Source: Reddit

The woman in the blue shirt is a bus driver, and she does much more than that, actually. Every single day she takes her time and assists the blind passengers until they reach the next bus they need to catch. Nobody asked her to do that, and she does it without seeking attention or gratitude. This is what kind people do! Her heartwarming and selfless act is just another example about how something small can mean the world to other people. Do good deeds and spread the right example, and the rest will be just fine.

Written by Nick Martin

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