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16 Curious Photos That Will Definitely Teach You Something New

Image Source: Reddit

We never get tired of seeing new and curious things! It seems that we are able to find images featuring interesting facts each day. The world is big enough to offer so many facts that we can constantly improve our knowledge database. This is a really good thing, because some of these new things can be useful while the rest are a lot of fun to see! The list below is full of such images and you will surely like it!

1. Here are the coolest patrol cars you have ever seen

Image Source: Reddit

The photo you see above was taken in the 50s and shows how authorities in New York found a clever way to provide patrolling in the Holland and Lincoln tunnels. The officers used the so-called ‘catwalk cars’. They look really curious but they were also convenient because they were not involved in the traffic. The cars used to do a really good job and their modern versions were used until 2011. We think that they were a great idea!

2. This is one eerie landscape

Image Source: Phys

If you also think that this landscape looks spooky and out of this world, you are definitely on to something! The photo was actually taken on a comet! A spacecraft called Rosetta was able to land on a comet back in 2014. The comet’s name was Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and it offered views like the one see above. It kind of looks like Earth, but you can tell it is different.

3. Behold, the Presidents field in Virginia

Image Source: Reddit

This is one really curious photo! We had no idea that a place like this exists! A piece of land in Virginia is the home of 43 statues of U.S. presidents. The statues are really huge, too. Each one is about twenty feet tall and weighs a staggering 22,000 pounds. All the statues used to be a part of the Presidents Park before the attraction was closed eight years ago. The land they are situated on is private and visitors are not allowed.

4. This is the tiniest mammal in the world

Image Source: Reddit

The cute little critter in the photo above is the bumblebee bat. It happens to be the smallest bat in the world, and also the smallest mammal known to man! The animal looks really cute and you can see that is about the same size a human fingertip. It cannot be mistaken for a bug, because it has a wing span of about 7 inches, but it weighs only a couple of grams.

5. Banksy did it again

Image Source: Reddit

We are sure that you have heard of Banksy before. The world-famous artist is known for his really daring works of art which are always the center of attention. He was able to organize another of his unique performance after one of his paintings named ‘Girl With Balloon’ was sold for $1.37 million. The painting actually went into self-destruction mode via a shredder in the frame. The work of art doubled its value immediately after that!

6. This Sri Lankan fortress is amazing

Image Source: Reddit

This volcanic plateau is located in Sri Lanka and it looks really cool! It is home to the Sigiriya complex, which is an ancient structure combining a monastery, a palace and a fortress. It looks stunning and the most amazing part is that it was built 650 feet above sea level! It looks unapproachable, but in fact there is an easy access to it via limestone steps. It takes twenty minutes to go up there.

7. Here is a delivery vehicle like no other

Image Source: Reddit

This cool delivery vehicle is not a one-off creation! They are actually quite popular. In a lot of cities with ancient history, some areas are unapproachable by a motorized vehicle such as a delivery van. This is why these e-bikes with a cargo compartment come in handy! This one is used in Rome and it looks like a modern version of the ancient chariots.

8. This mesmerizing sight is not what you would expect

Image Source: Reddit

Nature is amazing and it often offers us stunning displays of beauty and power. Sometimes we are not sure what we’re looking at, and this photo is the perfect example! This curious object looks like the branch of a really beautiful tree, but it is not. It is actually fungus! Apparently fungus can look really beautiful and this particular one is even edible!

9. Here is something really rare

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Image Source: Instagram

Since we mentioned nature and it mysterious ways, we simply need to show you this amazing image! The Finnish man named Niilo Isotalo was the lucky person who took the shot. The photographer did not even realize that he actually captured a white brown bear! Sometimes brown bears have white spots, but an almost entirely white brown bear is something really special to see! Isotalo probably felt really lucky to be in the right place at the right time. We simply love the photo and the beauty of the animal!

10. This stunning photo is amazing

Image Source: Reddit

We love professional photography because most of the landscape photos look out of this world! As you can see, this night sky photo is like an image from another world! It is actually the CN Tower in Toronto. The amazing structure is seen piercing through the fog. The night lights really create a surreal font and make it seem like the photo was digitally generated. It is genuine, of course, and the person who took must be really proud of it!

11. This tree is not actually white

Imagwe Source: Reddit

Here is one really curious photo. This tree appears to have a completely white bark from top to bottom, but the reality is different. In fact, the tree has no bark at all. If you look closely, you will see fragments of the tree bark all around. You probably think that someone peeled this tree for some reason, but it is not the case here. A single lightning strike caused this effect.

12. Here is something that you could probably guess

Image Source: Reddit

When we saw this photo, we were convinced that we knew what we were looking at. Of course, we were wrong. It turned out that these were not claws. What you are looking at is actually a few dinosaur teeth! And they are not just any dinosaur teeth! They belonged to a Tyrannosaurus Rex! This is by far our favorite dinosaur despite its tiny arms and disproportionally large head! The teeth look frightening despite that they do not look that sharp.

13. Yes, this is an ancient game board

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that people liked playing board games many centuries ago! The photo you see here proves it and it really blew our minds. The photo was taken in the Basilica of the Santi Quattro Coronati located in Rome. It shows a game board which was created in one of the ornaments. It is believed that the fragment was brought to the church with the game already inscribed on it from another location, because nobody would dare to play a game on the spot. The game also looks really familiar and the Romans probably had other types of fun games, too.

14. Here is one really huge art installation

Image Source: Imgur

The odd structure you see here was created by a couple of British artists who decided to make something different. We guess they did, because we have never seen something like this before! They installed twenty huge purple tentacles on a building in the Navy Yard in Philadelphia. They created the illusion that the tentacles burst out of the building. Each tentacle was between 30 and 40 feet long and the installation looks impressive!

15. This 18th century sundial is amazing

Image Source: Reddit

This is something that we have never seen before and we think that it is truly amazing! It is a French sundial with multiple faces! It was installed in Mont Saint-Odile Abbey in 1935, but it was built in the 18th century. The purpose it had to serve was to show the time in some specific locations around the world including Madrid, Alexandria, Switzerland, Cyprus, Ethiopia, and Constantinople. It looks stunning and we would like to visit this place.

16. It might take you a while to figure this one out

Image Source: Reddit

We immediately knew that this was no ordinary photo and we realized what we were looking at. The photo is amazing and probably a bit frightening, too. It actually shows why crop netting exists! When you look closely you will see that the photo actually shows the effectiveness of crop netting. The nets were able to withstand a hailstorm like no other! The white stuff in the nets is hail! You can imagine how severe the storm was, but the important thing is that the crops obviously survived the disaster. We guess that crop netting is a really good idea especially if you are raising crops that are a bit more exotic.

Written by Nick Martin

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