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16 Epic Fails From People Who Had One Job

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Sometimes it is really hard to find the right person for a certain job! In fact, it is literally impossible  to do it when you need such an employee the most! Hiring the wrong person always leads to a disaster, and in certain cases you might find yourself to be in a situations you never wanted to be in! The list below shows some examples of employees who did a sloppy job or they failed at doing what they were supposed to do in the first place, and we guess that they don’t deserve these jobs at all!

1. This is one really odd mistake 

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that some people are either totally confused in most of the time or they are simply careless about what they do and how they do it! This is unacceptable when it comes to doing a job you are actually paid to do! As you can see, someone could not tell the difference between Vin Diesel and Bruce Willis, and while we could agree that they have some similarities between them, you could still tel who is who in an instant! Well, the person who created this setup apparently found this to be to hard.

2. Now this is one interesting arrangement

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Working at a bookstore is much more interesting than you might guess! The seemingly boring everyday tasks are only one part of the job. There are many other things in the life of a bookstore worker that make their job thrilling, like meeting interesting people and seeing curious new things every day. Of course, some of these employees are actually not motivated enough and they often allow huge mistakes such as the one you see here! These are definitely not books for a kid to read!

3. There seems to be something wrong here

Image Source: Reddit

Working at a store is a labor-intensive occupation that is not for everyone! Apart from the relatively hard physical aspect of the job, there is also a lot of thinking and planning involved as well. This means that every employee must be focused when doing a certain thing. Labeling different items is definitely one of the most responsible things store employees do, and whoever labeled this product was clearly not focused at all.

4. Here is something that is simply not acceptable

Image Source: Imgur

When it comes to food, every customer must receive the exact thing they paid for, thus receiving the expected and desired satisfaction. Unfortunately, this satisfaction is not always guaranteed because of the sloppy job someone occasionally does! As you can see, someone probably forgot to add the extra slice of cheese the customer ordered, and they added it in the worst possible way. This hamburger is totally ruined and eating it would cause a mess.

5. This was one really nice try

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes employees fail at certain tasks not because they don’t put the effort needed, but because of some kind of confusion or just plain ignorance! This example is the perfect way for us to explain what we mean. Someone tried to come up with a clever pun and it was probably going to work if it wasn’t for the image! This is a not a bee, but a wasp, and they are different enough in order for them be easily differentiated.

6. This is just too funny

Image Source: Wikipedia

It appears that sometimes people are able to do the most controversial things and never realize what happened afterwards! Well, many other people get to see the results of their mistakes, and sometimes it is all just too funny! A band named Men Without Hats was seen performing during an event and it is clear to see that the vocalist did the opposite of what he was supposed to – he put a hat on! Maybe the band stylist needs to find another job.

7. They definitely overdid it here

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This image is the best example that putting too much effort in something you do is sometimes equal to not putting effort at all! The marketers behind this project were probably trying to make a statement that was supposed to be as bold as possible, but it backfired massively. It looks as if they are unaware of just how many days there are in a single week. This type of marketing needs a really careful approach!

8. We guess that this is one of the worst delivery jobs in the world

Image Source: Reddit

It might not seem to be a big deal, but it is! In fact, we believe that doing this is an act of disrespect towards the person who this diploma belongs to! The instruction on the envelope clearly states that it should not be folded but the delivery person could not care less! Someone put in years of studying and hard work and the diploma was their reward for all that! We believe that seeing this important document folded like that must have been frustrating for the person who expected it!

9. This sign is quite confusing to see

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes people are convinced that they did a great job and it takes a different outlook on thing in order for them to see it. Unfortunately others are already aware of the mistake before this happens! This is exactly the case here. Someone had the good intention of encouraging people to help others by not being afraid to do this because it is nothing more than a routine procedure, but it turned out that the poor design gave the sign a completely different meaning, and it encourages exactly the opposite thing to what it was supposed to initially!

10. Here is one really curious product 

Image Source: Instagram

Developing a product for a certain type of market is related to a lot of hard work! There are loads of things that need to be done, like market research and analysis, finding partners and suppliers, developing the design, etc. However, sometimes these important steps are skipped because of some reasons which often remain unknown. Seeing this product made us think that whoever manufactured it was completely unaware of what they wanted to sell!

11. Someone skipped geometry class here

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another curious example of poor product design that is just as absurd as it is funny! Some people really need to do their homework before tackling a certain task, otherwise the end result would look like this! As you can see, they had no idea what a triangle was, but they still had to label it in some way, so they came up the most ridiculous name for that shape! The ‘three square’ idea is the funniest thing we have seen so far today.

12. This person was surprised to see where he was seated

Image Source: Reddit

The person seen in the photo is not responsible for this peculiar situation. The one who approved the plans for the construction of this facility, however, needs ti return to them and check them at least one more time, although it is obviously too late for that. This person hoped to see the game but this was impossible. There should not be a seat there at all, and we hope they did something about it after this case.

13. This is the most unfortunate label placement in history

Image Source: Instagram

It does not take much for a simple mistake to turn something innocent into a completely different and, as in this case, awkward looking item! This cool kitchen gadget is a butter spreader and we love the design! However, some employee put the label with the price in the worst possible way! This gave the product a whole new name and functionality, and it is obvious that it is an extremely inappropriate one, too! We hope that someone told the employees to change it.

14. Now this is worthy of sharing with everyone

Image Source: Reddit

There are mistakes on the job, and then there’s this! Some employee working at a clothing store actually accepted a return that turned out to be a huge mistake. The item was bought from the same store, but it happened almost two decades ago! Despite the fact that the tag was still on, nobody should accept such a return, and you can see how the manager scolded their staff, and for good reason!

15. Someone struggled to put all the chalk markings here

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This field was obviously marked with chalk by someone who probably never did it before, and by the looks of things they would probably never do it again! The end result of that effort is obviously a disaster, and they probably had to redo i before the next game.

16. Patterns must be followed carefully


Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes a certain job becomes a lot more complicated due the pattern used. There multiple types of patterns and this example shows how a simple sewing job resulted in a rather inappropriate match that should not be left this way!


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