16 Examples Of People Who Have Definitely Angered A Wizard

Image Source: Reddit

There is absolutely no way to prove this for sure, but it does seem as if it is possible to legitimately anger the universe. What other explanation is there for the bad luck some people tend to experience?

You have to admit that there are people out there that just seem unluckier than others. Sometimes, the bad luck can be explained by poor choices. However, that is not always the case. People get sick, and accidents happen. The weather gets terrible at times, and sometimes you just end up meeting the wrong person.

Here are seventeen examples of people who might have angered the universe.

1. The Car In The Freezing Water

Image Source: TheChive

This is one of those problems that you just don’t plan for in a lot of parts of the world. Honestly, I can’t even imagine the scenario that led to this particular thing happening.

The car will never recover, of course. There is just no way.

I am assuming that the men in this image look sort of calm and relaxed because there is no one trapped inside of the vehicle. The one guy looks particularly irritated, but that is probably because it is his vehicle. The universe might have been angry at him for whatever reason.

As long as no one was seriously hurt, this is not that big of a deal. Car insurance exists for a reason, and accidents happen.

2. The People Who Have to Deal With the Sink

Image Source: TheChive

There are a lot of poorly designed products out there. There are also a lot of products that simply are not designed to last. It seems like most smartphones, if they are routinely used, are designed to completely fail after about 2 years. I understand that companies want to sell the latest and greatest version every couple of years, but those phones cost a small fortune!

Anyway, this sink was clearly designed to irritate those unlucky enough to have angered the universe; If the water doesn’t end up on your shoes, it will end up on your pants—and it will look like you peed yourself in the restroom.

There’s just no way around it—not unless you make the choice not to wash your hands after doing your business, which is very gross.

3. The People Near the Helicopter

Image Source: Reddit

Everyone in this image seems like they may have been cursed by the universe. That whole thing just isn’t safe.

You would like to think that everyone in the image turned out fine, but there is just no way of knowing. That one guy looks like he wants to hang on for dear life.

Based on the image, the situation does not look particularly promising. How did that particular tilt happen? Also, the waters look particularly rough. Chances are, you do not want to end up swimming in those.

4. The Garbage Collector and This Truck

Image Source: TheChive

The universe apparently hates the people who drove and operated this particular truck. There is no way to know what they did to tick off the universe, but it is obvious that they did something.

Can you imagine having to clean up that mess? Hopefully, that one guy did not have to do it himself. That would have been a truly awful experience.

I wondered, at first, how that could have happened. I suppose, though, that trash trucks can have maintenance issues just like every other vehicle.

Still, this is a huge mess, and I really do feel bad for the person in this image.

5. The Guy With The Face

Image Source: Reddit

What’s interesting about this image is the face on the guy. He certainly does not look happy with his choices. In particular, he does not look happy having a person sitting on top of his shoulders.

He also looks like he might be in a bit of pain, which can definitely happen when you have a grown human on top of your shoulders.

Otherwise, though, it looks like a pretty fun gathering. He is the only one who does not look like he is having

6. The Error Message

Image Source: Reddit

If you get an error message like this, you should be very afraid of what is going to happen to your computer. I have never seen such a message, and I hope I never do. What kind of video could have led to such a dire warning?

The Reddit user who posted this wondered how they failed “so hard”. The fact of the matter is that the user did.

That is the sort of message you receive when the universe hates you.

Hopefully, though, the computer was able to be repaired. It is such a pain when those things totally fail on you.

Even if you have everything backed up, learning to use a new computer can be hard.

7. The Situation With the Shoes

Image Source: Reddit

The universe might hate you if you show up at work with two different shoes on. That is one possibility. You might also lack an attention to detail. You might also have shoes that look a lot alike.

I know a person, and that person is me, who once wore two different shoes to a job interview. Naturally, of course, I only noticed when I was already in the office of the people who were asking me questions about my employment history and such. I am pretty sure that they noticed the shoe situation.

They were both really nice shoes, and they looked a lot alike. They just weren’t perfect matches. It was embarrassing.

I did not get the job, unsurprisingly.

8. The Person and the Bicycle

Image Source: Reddit

There are people out there who don’t like exercise, and situations like this are why. Things can get ugly when you try to improve your body.

Honestly, I’m worried about the safety of this cyclist. Also, the universe clearly hates that cyclist.

I am assuming, though, that since another person was around to take the picture, the cyclist ended up okay in the end. It would be awful if that poor person literally drowned in mud. That sounds like a pretty awful and very embarrassing way to go. That would be worse than drowning in a puddle, which is a thing that has tragically happened more than once.

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9. The Person With the Broken Bag

Image Source: DumpaDay

Why are shopping bags so terrible these days? I really don’t understand. Is there a reason? It seems as if the stores actually want us to drop everything on the ground so we have to go back to the store and buy more stuff.

Frankly, I would not be surprised if that just happened to be the case.
Seriously, though, the plastic bags stores offer these days are totally awful. I have had two break on me in the past month.

10. The Disaster With the Wine

Image Source: Imgur

This is a true disaster. Wine lovers everywhere will acknowledge that fact. The universe apparently hates the wine lovers.

There are just so many broken bottles. Also, I bet that took forever to clean up. It might have stained the floor, in fact.

Most people just drink a glass of wine and then have another glass of wine; however, when you really think about it, wine is a pretty interesting beverage. For one, it has been produced for literally thousands of years, which is more than you can say for Coke or Pepsi. There was no Pepsi in 6000 BCE—as far as I know, anyway. I could be totally wrong on that one.

Most wine is made from grapes. However, it can be made from other things, including rice. Rice wine typically has a pretty high alcohol content compared to the stuff made from grapes.

11. The Disaster With the Iron

Image Source: Imgur

I can only guess that the owner of this iron is truly hated by the universe, which is a shame.

Irons are the worst, though, and ironing is a terrible chore. They date back to the first century BCE, and people have hated them ever since.

Why is it that clothes still wrinkle in this day and age? You would think that, considering all of the garment-related advancements that have occurred in the past few decades, irons would be a thing of the past by now.

There is actually an extremely large collection of irons, and for whatever reason it is housed in a castle in Germany. If you are a fan of irons, Germany is apparently the country to visit. It is called Gochsheim Castle—in case you are interested for some bizarre reason.

12. The Happy Guy With the Burning Vehicle

Image Source: Imgur

I am guessing that the guy in this image does not technically own the vehicle that is on fire. Generally, people are not very happy when their vehicles are on fire. They are not cheap to replace, after all.

Maybe the guy is just laughing at the fact the universe clearly hates him. If you are not going to cry, you might as well laugh.

I suppose it is possible that the guy just has really great insurance and will actually benefit from his vehicle being on fire.

13. The Kitchen

Image Source: Reddit

This is definitely one heck of a disaster. Who installed those cabinets? The owner of this place clearly hired the wrong person—or is hated by the universe. It is kind of hard to tell. It might be a combination of both, really.

This is a true mess. In addition to the obvious cabinet situation, it looks like several dishes will need to be
replaced. I can’t even tell what half of that stuff is. This little disaster obviously cost someone a lot of money.

14. The Snow and the Car

Image Source: Reddit

Technically, the universe does not hate the owner of this car. The owner of the car should have been a lot more careful. If you know that it might snow, you should make it a point to roll up your car windows.

Still, you have to feel bad for the owner. There is just no way that this car will ever be as it was. It will take forever to dry, for one, and there will probably be a musty smell that will linger until the end of time. At this point, the owner might as well just sell it for scrap metal.

15. The Bad Tattoo

Image Source: Reddit

Why is it that people don’t really think before they get tattoos? This one is just awful. What a ridiculous and totally embarrassing choice. I am assuming alcohol was involved.

There is just nothing good about it, frankly. Someone should have stopped both the “artist” and the person that got the tattoo. The universe clearly hates one—or both—of those people.

16. The Puppy and the Fish

Image Source: Twitter

The universe clearly hates this puppy, which is unacceptable. First of all, it is an adorable puppy, and it is practically impossible to hate puppies. Even if they can be obnoxious at times, puppies are inherently likeable.

Second of all, the puppy just wanted to see a fish, which is totally natural. He or she had an inquisitive mind, which puppies tend to have. If a puppy sees something interesting, like a toad or a squirrel, it will want to interact with it.

What sort of fish swallows the head of a puppy? How is that even possible?

I just hope the puppy is okay. That must have been a truly unpleasant experience for the little dog.

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