16 Facts You Definitely Didn’t Know About ‘The Big Bang Theory’

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Since it debuted in 2007, The Big Bang Theory has been bringing laughs and lots of nerd material for us all to enjoy.

It has been one of my favorite shows for a long time!

If you have never seen it, I recommend you go check it out! The sitcom is centered around four friends who work at a Caltech University.

Sheldon Cooper is very particular and neurotic, and he is always the smartest person in any room. He is engaged to fellow scientist Amy Farrah Fowler.

Leonard Hofstadter is Sheldon’s best friend and he is way less socially awkward than his friend. He is now married to Penny, who was the across the hall neighbor for the first several seasons. She is a struggling actress turned pharmaceutical rep.

Howard Wolowitz is an engineer and the only friend in the core group who doesn’t hold a doctorate. His friends, especially Sheldon, point that out to him quite a bit. After many seasons still living at home with his mother, he is now married to Bernadette, a microbiologist who used to be a coworker of Penny’s at The Cheesecake Factory. They have a daughter and are expecting another baby soon.

Raj Koothrappali is an astrophysicist and Howard’s best friend. For six seasons, he couldn’t speak to women not related to him without alcohol. He is a little awkward in social situations.

All four core characters love comic books and many scenes take place in their local comic shop, owned by Stuart Bloom. He is on the fringe of the group and tries hard to be a part of their lives as much as possible. He is kind hearted and kind of melancholy.

Now that we are somewhat caught up, let’s look at some secrets from behind the scenes of this popular show.

1. Melissa Rauch changes her voice

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Melissa Rauch plays the part of Bernadette, and if you watch the show, you know that she has a high pitched and soft voice. It is not her real voice! In real life she sounds much different. Bernadette is also known for not taking any crap and sometimes yells, making the high voice even funnier!

2. Three of the Main stars make bank

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You will see that all of the actors make pretty good money just from starring in such a popular and long running show, but three of them make a million bucks for each 23 minute episode!

Jim Parsons, who portrays Sheldon Cooper, Johnny Galecki, who plays Leonard, and Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny, all bring in a cool million per episode!

3. The others aren’t too far behind

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Most of the other actors on the show all earn a nice three quarters of a million per episode.

Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch were only earning a mere $20,000 per episode, but the other actors have agreed to pay cuts to enable these essential talents to continue on the show with higher paychecks of $100,000 per episode.

4. Mayim Bialik foreshadowed

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One episode features Sheldon bowing out of competing with the physics team. Raj, when thinking of who to replace him with, suggests Mayim Bialik. He says she played Blossom on TV but has a PhD in real life! She really does!

At the time, her character, Amy Farrah Fowler, wasn’t even written into the show yet.

5. Leonard and Penny sittin’ in a tree….

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Although Leonard pursued Penny for years on the show, and she finally gave in, and they had an on and off relationship for years before they married, they didn’t date in real life.

Or DID they? They did.

The onscreen couple did actually date in real life for two years without anyone knowing! Not even their cast mates. Crazy, right! They must be really good actors to have fooled their co-workers!

6. Stolen tune

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You know the song ‘Soft Kitty’ that Sheldon loves for people to sing to him when he isn’t feeling well? In the show, it’s the song his mom sang to him when he was sick as a child.

In real life, one of the creators of the show, Bill Prady, heard the song at the pre-school that his little girl attends.

A few years ago, the show was sued by the original writer of the song, Edith Newlin. She was a teacher and wrote the song in 1937.

7. Sheldon feeling frisky?

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Originally, Sheldon was meant to be a sexual character.

If you watch the show, you’ll know that Sheldon is definitely not sexual. In fact, the episode in which he finally “gave himself” to Amy was a big deal. They often talk about how the couple “do it” once a year, on Amy’s Birthday.

The pilot episode features a randy Sheldon. So weird!

8. Suits?

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The character of Leonard was imagined as a guy who always wears suits. Suits?

I’m glad they decided against that! I can’t picture him in anything other than his t shirts, hoodies and sneakers!

9. No Penny?

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Originally, the token hot girl next door was supposed to be portrayed by actress Amanda Walsh.

You might recognize her from Lost Girl or Much Music.

She’s a beautiful girl, and I’m sure she’s talented, but I don’t think any of us can imagine anyone other than Kaley Cuoco in that role.

10. Big Bang-ish

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It’s not surprising that a show so popular would spawn copycats.

There is an alternate version of The Big Bang Theory in Belarus.

Belarus is a country in Eastern Europe, bordered by Poland and Lithuania. There is a show named The Theorists that follows the same basic premise of Big Bang.

It’s not very good from what I’ve read. I think we will just stick with the original, thanks.

11. No Star Trek

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Sheldon Cooper is obsessed with a lot of things. He loves his comics, and flags, and being right. He also loves Star Trek, particularly Mr. Spock.

Jim Parsons, Sheldon’s portrayer, hasn’t even ever seen one episode. That’s probably disappointing to all the geeks that identified with that part of Sheldon.

12. Just one elevator

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We often see the characters walking up several floors to get to the apartments of Sheldon and Amy, and Leonard and Penny. They pass by a broken elevator on each floor.

If you ever thought they were actually climbing many floors, you were wrong! The elevator is just one all on its own and they shotgun the walking up scenes right there in the same spot! Did you know?

13. Another song

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The pilot episode has already been established as crazy with that Sheldon stuff, but now we are reminded that the original theme song wasn’t the one we all know and love from The Barenaked Ladies.

The first episode featured the Thomas Dolby one hit wonder, ‘She Blinded Me with Science!’

14. Music is essential

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You might not have ever realized that some of the actors are actually musicians as well. Jim Parsons took piano lessons for fourteen years when he was younger. Mayim Bialik plays the harp, as seen on the show. Johnny Galecki is a very accomplished cellist. Their talent is amazing!

15. Apocalypse

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Most shows and movies that are even mildly popular have many fan theories surrounding them.

A popular theory about our favorite sitcom is that our beloved main characters are equivalent to Einstein and Tesla of the modern age.

The world is really getting ready to end, but they are too concerned with TV, comic books and girls to realize what’s going on.

They are oblivious to it because they’re so smart on the one hand, but emotionally they are just big man children.

Hmm… that kind of makes sense.

16. Girl Toys

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Howard has a lot of toys on the show. You know, being a man child and all. If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that all of his toys are female action figures.

I wonder what other things we don’t know about this awesome show? You’ll probably look at the show a lot differently now!


Written by Amanda Johnson

Amanda Johnson is a former Army brat who resides in southern Alabama. She is married to her wonderful husband, Brian, and has four children; Justin, Nicolas, Molly, and Lucas. She loves reading, writing, cooking, and going to concerts. She also loves spending time at the beach and hopes to retire there someday.

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