16 Hilarious Husbands Who Have A Good Sense Of Humor

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Many people say that most problems or everyday tasks would probably be solved in a different way by the two partners in a relationship. This is especially true of the couple is already married. Most wives have no problem doing all the household chores at once, but men seem to struggle with that. This is the cause of numerous funny situations, in some of which men are able to react in a funny way. They might not be able to do everything the right way, but they often have the right attitude about it and their sense of humor turns everything into a pleasant experience.

1. Doing the laundry and everything related is a burden for most men

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When it comes to doing the laundry, most men are not enthusiastic about it at all! They accept this particular chore like something too hard to cope with, but we all know it is not. Hanging the clothes to dry, putting the dirty laundry in the basket and folding the clothes after they are dried are equally hard for most men. Thus husband, however, was able to escape his responsibilities in the funniest possible way!

2. Men seem to fall for discounts, too

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Most women would never miss a discount on something they consider that they might need and they would buy it immediately. This is what stores count on and this is why promotional prices and campaigns exist. This image shows that not only women take advantage of discounts. One wife shared what her husband bought when she sent him to pick up groceries and he realized that this ice cream was on sale.

3. Moms and dads raise their kids differently

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In the majority of cases the mother is the parent who requires discipline and forbids a long list of things and activities while dads often destroy that discipline by simply allowing their kids the things mothers forbid! As you can see, one dad actually made a simple instruction meant to keep the family peace! After all, if mom finds out that her kids do what they are not supposed to when she is gone, she would be furious!

4. This is just hilarious

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Cooking is another thing that many husbands are not familiar with. While some men have good cooking skills and are capable of culinary wonders, most of them are just not cut out for that kind of things. The image you see here proves it! When this wife asked her husband to put the spaghetti on the cooktop, he probably took that request literally, because he did exactly that! He is technically right, but we all know what his wife actually meant!

5. A loving and witty husband is the best combination

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We are more than certain that most women would agree on this one. The best possible combination of qualities in every husband is the love he has for his wife and the sense of humor he is able to show in every possible moment! As you can see, this husband surprised his wife by preparing her lunch, but he was also honest about the quality of the meal, but the way he put things actually made the situation better!

6. Sometimes husbands do the most ridiculous things

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Doing a chore often requires some thinking except for having the right skills or tools needed. Anyone can get a job done but what matters is the end result! When this person asked her husband, who happened to be one and a half times taller, to install the new bathroom mirror, he did a good job with the installation, but he failed to consider his wife’s height! The end result is more than obvious!

7. This is true love

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Romantic surprises are one of the best ways to show that you love your partner in life! People think that nobody does these things anymore but this could not be further from the truth! There are husbands who know how to surprise their wives in the best possible way and this man was able to do it in a funny way without compromising the strength of the message he wanted to send! His wife was probably more than pleased to see it!

8. Some husbands accept a task in the most serious of ways

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We believe that whenever a wife asks her husband to do something, he should not accept it as something boring. It should be important enough for him simply because she wanted him to do it, regardless of what it was! The husband you see here probably respects his wife and decided to leave no chance for failure when his wife asked him to whip some cream. It is clear to see that he decided to do it in a very special way and used a power tool!

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9. Here is what a woman really wants to hear

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Marriage cannot kill the romantic vibes. If love is real, then a husband and his wife can feel like they just began dating and keep that feeling for many years to come. It is obvious that this husband accepts his wife in the best possible way. She is obviously his queen and he tried to express this and to surprise her in the same time. The message he put up using magnets is poetic and funny, and we like it a lot! His wife was probably overwhelmed with emotion when she saw it!

10. This is the best way to avoid punishment

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In some marriages there are certain rules meant to protect the greater good! In most cases wives come up with these rules and men need to follow them. This husband had a ban on drinking beer for some reason. Of course, he had strong cravings for his favorite kind of alcohol and decided to use a funny way to approach the problem. We believe his wife appreciated his sense of humor and let him drink that bottle that is definitely ‘not beer’.

11. Here is the best Valentine’s Day gift card ever created

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We have seen a lot of greeting cards but some of them are really witty! The one you see makes no exception and we love it! It is more than obvious that this husband loves his wife and wanted to surprise her in a unconventional way, and he did it by using the fact that she had no other option for a date on Valentine’s Day! She probably laughed a lot and they had a great time together. Celebrating these occasions as a family must be great!

12. This husband is a real prankster

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We guess that some men never grow up and they let their inner child take over in some cases! This is actually not bad because men are easier to approach this way and they are also funnier. Of course, they are also more capable of pulling a prank on you but that is also not a problem at all. In fact, making jokes and pulling pranks of your spouse is healthy for your relationship and you should do it on a regular basis.

13. This is a sneaky thing to do but we have all done it

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Married life requires some sacrifices. In many cases one or both spouses are forced to ditch their bad habits that lead to an unhealthy way of life. This is often easier said than done and people cannot let go of a bad habit as easy as they should. This husband had a secret candy bar stash and his wife obviously suspected that, but she found it in the most ridiculous place! The creativity her husband put in it is enviable.

14. True love can be seen in the simplest of things

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They say that the little things matter the most in a relationship and we can agree with that! As long as the partners in life keep reminding themselves what they mean to each other, everything is going to be okay. This husband knew what he needed to do when he realized his wife was unhappy about her weight and he instantly made her feel better with this sweet note. It took him a minute to do it but it meant the world to her for sure!

15. This is a funny and creative way to propose

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Popping up the big question is a thing that needs to be considered carefully and the way you intend to do it must be planned. You need to think about the smallest details! This person chose a different approach and we guess we can approve it because having a good sense of humor is the most important thing and it can help you in every possible situation. The happy wife-to-be was probably amused by the casual, but creative way she received the ring.

16. The Proposal

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This is maybe the cutest thing I’ve seen recently. And it is kind of funny as well.

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