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16 Hilarious Images That Will Definitely Amuse You

Image Source: Reddit

Compilations containing funny pictures are always a pleasure to see! Just a few minutes of looking at someone or something funny would be more than enough to boost your mood! When you are feeling down or you are just tired of working all day, you need to scroll through a list like the one you are about to see! It would definitely be more than enough to make you laugh!

1. Sincerely yours, autocorrect!

Image Source: Imgur

Some things never change, and one of them is making a mistake thanks to the autocorrect function! The feature was designed to help people avoid mistakes and type faster, but in reality all it does is get the users in trouble. We have seen a lot of awkward situations occur thanks to autocorrect! The one in the photo above is just another example! As you can see the strange looking cake is in correspondence with the specific instructions. The problem is that autocorrect changed the word ‘blond’ and it came out as ‘blind’. The rest is history.

2. The struggle is real when it comes to vending machines

Image Source: Reddit

We actually have no idea who invented the vending machine, but we consider it to be an extremely clever device! The convenience of the vending machine is appreciated in most parts of the world, but there are also a few downsides! The most common problem people face while using these machines is getting their product stuck before falling down into the tray. This is very annoying, but as you can see, someone actually did it twice in a row! This is what you call bad luck, and we guess that it was a frustrating experience. However, one slight shake of the machine would probably do the trick.

3. Losing socks without a trace is something we can relate to

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that there is some magical force or a dark entity that keeps stealing our socks all the time! We seem to realize the problem only when there are no socks left to put on! This is probably what happened to this person! We guess that after a brief investigation the culprit was found! It is unbelievable how the washing machine literally ate all those socks!

4. This fridge is more than curious

Image Source: Imgur

We tried to figure out the reason why would someone take their time to do this! As you can see, every item on this fridge’s shelves has been digitally added to make it look full. The only things that were already there before the photo was altered are the pack of beer cans and the bottle of wine. We guess that the fridge looked too empty, but they could have filled it with real food!

5. You need to be careful what you wish for

Image Source: Instagram

One of the best things on the internet is the group of Photoshop trolls that always deliver the funniest content possible. Their ideas are so funny that they are borderline genius in some cases! As you can see, this girl’s request has been technically fulfilled, but the end result is surely not what the girl imagined! We love this kind of Photoshop request because you never know what you are about to receive.

6. Taking notes is not enough sometimes

Image Source: Instagram

We are all aware that concentration is very important but it also depends on several factors. One of them is definitely hunger! If you are unable to satisfy this basic need, then you can forget about your ability to focus. Any kind of craving is enough to keep your mind busy and thinking about some kind of snack instead of doing what it is supposed to do at the moment. This student is the perfect example! He was unable to continue with his notes because of hunger!

7. This man tried to defeat the system

Image Source: Reddit

We often wonder what is wrong with our world, and we always come to the conclusion that it changes way faster than we could follow up. Technology changed the way we communicate. This means that even things like classic first dates are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Some people really push their luck and try to play it smart when it comes to online dating, but things do not work this way. This screenshot is the best proof!

8. This photo has a story to tell

Image Source: Reddit

Well, there is not much to say about this photo. Seeing a laptop buried in rice is more than enough to let you guess what happened. The thing we wonder about is the actual effect of this procedure. It seems that the laptop was severely damaged with water or other kind of beverage; otherwise the rice quantity would be smaller. Keeping this in mind, we are skeptical about the effect it would have, but we hope that the laptop was saved eventually!

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9. This is not the best thing that could happen to a cyclist

Image Source: Reddit

We cannot remember the last time we got on a bike. It must have been more than e decade ago, and we are not ashamed of this fact. However, there are a lot of other people who are literally spending their whole day on their bikes! We admire them and we know that riding keeps you healthy. However, there are downsides to it and you see an example on this photo. Of course, there is a slight possibility that the owner of this bike used the crack as a bicycle stand.

10. This is one truly weird item

Image Source: Reddit

We have all seen face masks, but we haven’t seen something like this! It puzzled us, because there is more than one possible reason for it to exist. It may be a sample product, but this would be ridiculous! After all, it is a face mask! The second possible reason is the origin of the product. It may one of those fake products which feature deceiving size and only look like the real thing on the photos. This is why you should always check the measurements before purchasing something online.

11. Here is one more example of what we just mentioned

Image Source: Imgur

Imagine this person’s reaction when he received the rug! It was probably a mixture between anger and confusion! We could relate to that, because anyone would probably fall for this false offer. The buyer received a valuable lesson why you should double-check every little detail before hitting the ‘buy now’ button! We guess that a lot of people received a similar rug!

12. Here is one funny marketing sign

Image Source: Reddit

This may not look like much, but we found it to be really funny! We don’t know if it was put there initially or someone just decided to fill in the blank space on the sign. The Dr. Pepper logo looks completely out of place there, because all the other logos represent different payment methods.

13. This one also qualifies as an interesting marketing approach

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that some digital artists are willing to try new things, but it does not pay off every time! An idea needs to have a reason behind it. As you can see, one of the characters in this photo is holding an ice cream stick in a rather weird way. We guess that there is no reason behind such a thing. It is actually the opposite story! What is the point of having that wooden stick if you are going to hold it with your bare hands?

14. Here is one relatable thing for your amusement

Image Source: Twitter

Someone found a really interesting ways to take advantage of the Amazon augmented reality gadgets. Using the technology, this person was able to picture what would happen if they put Alexa in a specific place! As you can see, this person’s opinion about Alexa was not very good and the particular place the person dumped it is a visualization of that evaluation! This is really funny and we bet a lot of people would support this.

15. Some mistakes need to be shared

Image Source: Twitter

This is one of the funniest things on the list for sure! We actually liked the story and the product as well! As you can read in the post, someone order a Blue Jays shirt and received a slightly different variation of the product! The word ‘bleu’ actually means ‘blue’ in French, so if look at the situations from that point of view, then everything would be fine! However, we guess that the customer was not that happy.

16. This is one funny joke

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that someone would probably fall for this joke for a moment or two, but eventually everyone would realize that this was not a real story. Sure enough, a piece of clothing could be shrunk severely if washed the wrong way, but this is not the case here for sure! This was probably a piece of a doll or other toy.

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