16 Funny Tweets By Sassy Moms Who Are Not Afraid To Say Things As They Are

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It seems that most moms are willing to quietly put up with a lot of things and never say a word about them. They do it in order to keep the peace at home and they probably think that they would look bad if they do speak up. Of course, there is no such possibility at all and these tweets prove it! Speaking your mind and expressing how you feel is the way to go!

1. This is what we call an honest answer

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You could almost hear the tone this mom used when she replied to her 8-year-old kid’s question! This is not the answer that the kid expected, but it is still a technically correct answer and most mother would definitely relate to it!

2. Here is another mom who is not afraid to open up

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While there is a lot of sarcasm behind this tweet, there is also a lot of truth to it! Some people may find this to be a bit over-exaggerated, but there is a lot of truth behind it, and those who openly admit it are probably happier, too.

3. This is actually a neat idea

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Here is something that most toddlers’ moms probably dream of! It does not sound too bad, does it? Even if certain individuals accept it to be more or less harsh, we guess that such a thing is more than applicable in certain moments!

4. This was probably a joke but we guess it could happen for real

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You have no idea how busy a mom’s schedule is, especially if she has more than one child! 24 hours are never enough when you need to get a ton of things done! In this mom’s case, the tension took its toll and she got her two main tasks for the day mixed up!

5. Most moms get to this point

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This is another example of an honest mom who did not hesitate to share just how distracted she became by all the random chores she has to do on a daily basis! She literally forgot to fill her glass with water despite that it was the one thing she went in there for!

6. This is how things work

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Despite the good intentions a parent might have, it seems that children only listen to them when they issue a command instead of just asking them to do something. This tweet suggests exactly that and the comparisons are super accurate!

7. This one is too funny

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We can only guess just how many times parents have attempted to do a similar thing. Of course, nobody would this for real, but we guess most parents would enjoy having just a short break from it all!

8. Here is a fairly reasonable way to describe parenthood 

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The funny thing is that we know people who have worked the same job for a lot longer than just three years, but this is not the point here! What this mom meant was that she would never know everything that you have to understand or do in order to become a perfect parent!

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9. Nobody could deny that this is the truth

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Seeing this made us laugh because we have siblings and we know that this is the way things are! People with two or more kids seem to be less an less concerned about the small details related to raising them with every newborn!

10. This is the kind of game any mom would love

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If you have a toddler, then chances are you would definitely like playing this game. You see, the toddler probably thought that they won here, but the true winner was the mother because she got to enjoy some alone time locked in the bathroom!

11. These are the moments that could make any parent proud of themselves 

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We all know that kids see every thing their parents do, and they copy their behavior. Having something not that healthy for breakfast is not the best example you could give your kid, and this mom was about to do just that, but she handled the situation like a pro!

12. Every parent knows that such conversations can drive you nuts

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Well, it is not even a real conversation! It is more like a test for the the parent’s level of patience, and you can be sure that many parents easily fail that test. There is no wonder about that, because it could be incredibly annoying, especially if you have a ton of worries at the same time.

13. Here is another honest tweet

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This mom and her husband probably know each other well, because they can obviously understand each other with a single line of conversation! We guess that the husband’s reaction after such a request would be different if the kids were not around.

14. Here is something that parents would probably relate to

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Most parents think that no matter how tough their everyday challenges are, there is always someone who has an even harder time, and you can tell that by just looking at them! What better place to compare yourself to others than Target?

15. This is equally funny and sad but it happens all the time

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The last thing you would like your kid to do is stare at a screen all day long, but modern day technology pretty much made this inevitable! Parents realized that a tablet or a smartphone can distract their kids for hours, giving them the chance to get some work done.

16. Here is the kind of thing that happens much too often

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It is perfectly normal for your kid to accept you like the ultimate source of knowledge, but in many cases you would probably find it hard to answer the questions your toddler might have for you.

Written by Sven Miller

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