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16 Honest Photos Showing The Reality Of Married Life

Image Source: Reddit

A happy marriage does not mean you have a perfect husband or a perfect wife. This simply means you have chosen to look beyond each other’s flaws and turn them into positive emotions, fun and laughter. The good thing about family life is that both partners do not have to think of any tricks to attract other’s attention. All they need is for them to love each other and have fun together. We’ve collected these photos to show you that in any relationship it’s better to be yourself and enjoy each other’s company and weirdness.

1. Eating your husband’s favorite sweets

Image Source: Reddit

You can easily ignore the slight irritation you feel about your partner when they do something bad. All you need to do is focus on the good qualities that have attracted you to them in the first place. Stay focused on that and smile at the fact that she has eaten all your favorite sweets, for example. Perhaps it happened during her period.

2. Breakfast in bed

Image Source: Imgur

Sometimes a small sign of attention is enough to express your feelings for your partner. Breakfast in bed is a classic move that we make and is a cliché but it could lead to many things. You do not have to have an anniversary or to warm up your relationship in order to do it. Breakfast in bed is just a moment in a busy day which is about improvisation and smiles. In this case, however, the improvisation was not the thing this woman expected!

3. Napping is a must

Image Source: Imgur

Afternoon naps are a very good idea. Quality sleep is important for relieving stress and reducing anxiety. This wife was probably tired and took advantage of her free time, but unfortunately her husband photographed her sleeping in a funny posture. Legs, hands, head – nothing is in place. At least the blanket is soft and warm, we guess.

4. Precision and requirements

Image Source: Reddit

Sandwiches in strange shapes are a favorite thing to all children. These shapes can feature bugs, smiling people and other images, and this way they are much more attractive than ordinary and boring sandwiches. This daughter, however, had a only one requirement – the slices had to be properly split into two. And her mother decided to irritate her, creating the puzzle shape of her sandwich. Her reaction was probably priceless to see!

5. The lost eye drops

Image Source: Imgur

There are countless questions that every woman needs to know the answers to. And these questions are mostly asked by their men. It’s easier to ask your wife about everything you need than to try to find the answer yourself. Men always try to find simple things as socks or ties, for example.The good news is that women have answers to everything, just as this spouse knew the location of her husband’s eye drops because she probably pushed the bottle there by accident.

6. The broken buzzer

Image Source: Pikabu

It is a great odyssey for every spouse to deal with a repairman. We would even say that some women experience stress, because in most cases they do not understand the problem the repairman has to deal with. This lady stayed home because of a broken bell, and when the repairman rang the buzzer, he didn’t find anybody at home! Why? Oh, yes, because the buzzer was broken. The whole thing was pointless!

7. Mirror, mirror in the car

Image Source: Reddit

We’ve all watched action movies in which characters turn out to have unexpected companions in the car, and realize it only when they look in the rearview mirror. This is the case here! This father found out he was not alone in his car but accompanied by two big plush toys in the backseat, which were gifts for his children. But his wife did not warn him that they were still there and he was quite shocked to find them there.

8. Leave me a message!

Image Source: Reddit

One of the most common reasons for divorce is lack of communication in the family, which is often due to a severe misunderstandings in the way men and women think, and there are definitely significant differences. This lady left a note to her husband about the sour milk but she did it in her own style and The idea is funny; it’s a good thing that he did not see it earlier and the joke worked.


9. The perfect pose

Image Source: Reddit

You know how sometimes you find yourself in the right place at the right time, right? Or you can probably recall how you found yourself in the worst situation at the worst possible moment. It happens quite unexpected, and “I met them by accident” and “I learned by chance” are some of the most commonly used phrases when we need to express our surprise. Is it a random phenomenon or is it fate that arranges everything as you need it to be? One such “accident” led us to another story – this wife took a photo of her husband sitting in the same way as the monkey on the wall did it.

10. A sign that your husband still loves you so much

Image Source: Instagram

We live in a world where things are expensive and people are cheap. How many people would give everything for something or someone in particular, even if it costs them their soul and compromising their values? People are born to be loved, and things are created to be used. Fortunately, this husband proves it; he is not angry with his wife after she broke his favorite guitar and this is sure sign of his love for her.

11. Cinnamon rolls flavor

Image Source: Instagram

If you enter a German bakery you could not help but immediately see them – the cinnamon rolls. Whether they are German buns with cinnamon or Swedish cinnamon buns is not of great importance, but it’s pretty sure cinnamon buns are one of the sweets you’ll definitely fall in love with. They are ideal for breakfast, perfect for coffee or tea, and obviously suitable for a birthday cake, but without the melted wax candle inside. It is a detail that she missed, but her surprise is more than good anyway.

12. Wife, sister-in-law and mother-in-law…all in a row

Image Source: Imgur

It is fairly easy to get married, at least according to scientists – men choose a companion in their lives that resembles their mother, and women – a husband who looks like their father. This person, however, chose a woman who looks just like her mother and her sister, who are respectively his mother-in-law and sister-in-law. It is a little bit scary not to know which of the three to hug, right?

13. Does anybody need some tips for Self-Management while working from home?

Image Source: Imgur

Working without a boss and a specific time table is a dream for most of us! There are many ways you can earn extra money, too, and the best thing to do is to start a business from home. And if it is successful, why not turn it into your main job and earn yourself a good profit? Yes, this was the idea of the lady in the photo until she found the sun, the terrace and the sunbathing afternoons to be her preferred choice. She told her husband that she was working hard on her project, but he actually came home earlier that day and saw for himself.

14. Unable to be explained or accounted for

Image Source: Instagram

Each of us brings some of its hidden (and not so hidden) extravagant features of our characters and that is what makes the image of us more complete and real. This makes people who love you feel it even stronger, although sometimes you may be really irritating. Well, imagine what a nightmare it would be if people had no peculiarities, strange habits, stammering and some craziness in them, too. I am sure that this wife puts her laundry on the bed precisely because of her crazy and strange ways, and maybe her logic makes some sense after all.

15. The new haircut

Image Source: Instagram

If you recently started using a razor or trimmer for more areas than just your face, you are definitely not alone. Cutting or trimming body hair is usually a quick, easy and painless operation. However, things can go wrong when your wife helps you with that exactly five minutes before you are off to work.

16. If Google doesn’t know… then nobody does!

Image Source: Twitter

We are lucky that we live in the 21st century. We have 4G, Wi-Fi, we chat and connect to each other in a matter of seconds, and when we want opinions and answers, we do not ask our friends or the oracles, but we go to the one truly endless source of information – Google. But sometimes, when it comes to dealing with women’s nature, even Google cannot answer the important existential questions one might ask.


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