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16 Images Proving That Social Media Photos Are Not To Be Trusted

Image Source: Reddit

Nowadays social media plays an important role in our lives. We use it to keep in touch with other people and to show off with our way of life. Every day we see a lot of beautiful photos online and we cannot help but wonder how many of them are real? Because everybody wants and tries to look good on social networks and a most people just use many filters and presets before sharing them and sometimes they can look crazy. The list below is an attempt to look behind the scenes of taking such photos and to prove that you do not have to trust everything you see on the web.

1. When A Woman Travels

Image Source: Ytimg

We all follow travel and lifestyle bloggers. These rebellious dreamers and seekers of challenges and breathtaking moments show us beautiful places all over the world. You know about those pictures of blossoming trees and branches, the mesmerizing beauty is a pleasure to see…. Well, this picture shows that a minimum of three people are needed for this type of images. And the branches are not as low as we think, right!? We are just lost in our vision of things.

2. Friendship & Support Vol.1

Image Source: Pinterest

Here is another example of friendship and support. It is good to know how to swim, but swimming is not for everyone. There are people who cannot fall in love, and others cannot swim, but there obviously are people in love who can also swim and who can support their partner!

3. All you need is a photographer

Image Source: Imgur

Wedding photography is an art that captures unique moments of every person’s life. Photographers tell the story of every wedding day and are able to make you feel the mood. The professional behind the camera captures the feelings of the newlyweds and even more things depending on the point of view. Looks like fun, right?

4. Kissing in the rain

Image Source: Funnyjunk

The creativity of wedding photographers has no limits. They are ready to do everything in order to take the best wedding photos and to make them look like an unforgettable fairy tale. They lie, jump, fall and even spray water with their mouths to imitate a gentle romantic rain. We leave it to you to decide if it is romantic or not. We find it to be slightly inappropriate but it is okay as long as it works.

5. Selfie time

Image Source: Me Me

Do you know that 21st of June is the World day of the selfie? If you want to make the best selfie possible and collect hundreds of likes, you have to follow some rules. Whether you’re going to be outdoors or in the bathroomр or maybe in front of the TV, you need to do it in style. Check what is visible in the photo, other than yourself. And if you think something is wrong, then it is better to repeat the attempt. This lady has just made one remarkably good selfie by just using some flowers in the field, somewhere in the countryside.

6. Take me to Paris

Image Source: Facebook

There is a great variety of accessories for photography. Some of them are the typical tripod, the remote and other support devices while some gadgets have a direct effect on the final image. They are all created according to the needs of photographers. This lady has fulfilled her dream of visiting Paris and having her image taken in front of the Eiffel Tower. In reality it was not the blue hour in Paris, but a poster, some Photoshop tweaking and creativity.

7. Love comes first

Image Source: Imgur

We hope each couple gets to experience at least one long and romantic vacation together. Beach, sea, sun, sand and love …. late mornings, breakfast in bed and spending all 24 hours of each day with your loved one. The schedule of such trios is so long, and the tourist attractions are so many. Services offered by the locals are often unforgettable. Just like this picture of horses in the sea …. but somebody has to do the dirty work. The main things is that the love birds look happy!

8. Here is why some goods look better than they actually are

Image Source: Twitter

Quality is a big risk when you buy clothes online. Sometimes it may be risky to waste your money without seeing what you are about to buy. So when you want a to treat yourself and go on an online shopping spree, be careful. This is what happens to customers all the time. The reason is often hidden in the quality of pictures – you can see a dress can look like a perfect fit!

9. Everyone dreams of a new Mercedes!

Image Source: Twitter

Hey you, single ladies … you have probably been in a situation when you were close to a nice-looking man and you checked him out from head to toes … and you see that he holds in his hand the key for a dream car – a Mercedes-Benz. But it might not be a real thing. Here’s what Chinese manufacturers have invented. The product is relatively new, modern and elegant. It contains 16 GB of memory. One of its advantages is that it can be attached to a keychain.

10. Team work

Image Source: Demilked

The camera for a photographer is like the chef’s cooker. Professional kitchen equipment does not guarantee a nice meal, as the professional camera is never a guarantee for a nice picture. Only the man behind the camera and his desire to catch emotion and their imagination are important. Pay more attention to the photography and less to the technique. That’s what this team does. Just an urban river and some skills were enough for a beautiful colorful picture to be created. The best pictures have a concept or at least a well-chosen plan. The background of each photo is very important – an old building, flowers, fields and so on. Also, if you want to look more natural, try to catch the most suitable daylight.

11. Sneakers mania

Image Source: Twitter

Every teen’s dream is to buy and show off their new expensive sneakers of a famous brand. A magazine, a good photo, scissors and a good camera angle were enough for a nice image to be taken. And this boy has his dream achieved, more or less. He has tricks good enough to mislead you that something really looks the way he shows it to be.

12. This is actually a clever idea

Image Source: ePhoto

Recently, we have seen the return of the “symbols of well-being and wealth” – gold lances, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and so on. The boys in the gym sometimes hang a couple of pounds of gold on their necks … and show a high level of self-esteem. The other thing that made us feel bad is their desire to demonstrate a “fake attitude”. This boy does the same with the help of his mother’s shoulder bag.

13. Those romantic photos on Instagram

Image Source: Twitter

According to a survey, 32% of Internet users in USA are on Instagram. Some of them publish selfies, others just browse and publish photo ideas that you can use to become a celebrity on the internet. This girl shows what a great morning or evening she has while cuddling with her loved one … or his head, to be exact. Creepy!

14. The iPhone mania

Image Source: Imgur

Apple iPhone mania controls fans. Almost everyone wants to get the latest Apple tech gadget. The huge demand is understandable, considering the advanced technology, the powerful processor, the fantastic camera and the unique design these phones have. The iPhone is sold at a high price but offers a range of innovative features. That is why this person decided to invest in this simple phone cover that looks like an expensive one.

15. Friendship & Support Vol.2

Image Source: Twitter

Everyone needs friends or at least one, but real. Friends are as necessary as the food our body requires daily. If you have a friend who has always been your supporter and has been with you in difficult moments – just hold on to them. Full support without having to give anything in return other than the same attitude is a priceless thing… that’s exactly how that picture was done!

16. The single man

Image Source: Imgur

Tricks can be done in numerous kinds of ways. We remember when we were students, and some of us used to do such sneaky tricks. Now we see them on social networks and have fun with them. But this young man here decided to pull off a trick on all of us his leg as a selfie stick to deceive us. This is not fun anymore.

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