16 Images That Will Definitely Make You Go “What?”

Image Source: Reddit

It is hard to imagine how many images exist on the internet. I can’t even guess. There are billions, I’m sure. I just don’t know how many billions. Images are everywhere. A lot of them are mundane and kind of boring to looking at. You will forget them as soon as you have seen them.

Also, many of them are disgusting. A lot of them are just not safe for work.

Once in a while, though, you stumble upon a really interesting image. They are the sort of images you just were not expecting to see. All you can really do in those cases is go: “what?”

Here are seventeen great examples of images that will probably make you go: “what?”

1. The Tiny Toad

Image Source: Reddit

This is definitely a toad, but it is the tiniest toad I have ever seen in my life. Honestly, I was not aware toads could be so small. It appears to be the size of a large fly. How did anyone even notice that little thing? It is pretty adorable.

Toads are known for their short legs and leathery skin. They are also known for the large bumps on their parotid glands. While those bumps are commonly referred to as warts, they are not warts. They are not caused by any infection.

One of the more well-known variety of toads is the common toad, or the European toad. For a long time now, the common toad has been associated with witchcraft and the supernatural. It is also known for the toxic substance in its skin and its parotoid gland. There is enough toxin in the skin of one common toad to cause very serious symptoms in humans—even death.

2. The Extremely Green River

Image Source: Reddit

I have seen my fair share of creeks and rivers, but I have never seen one quite so green. It looks like it could be straight out of a “Dr. Seuss” book.

What could be causing this, I wonder? I’m assuming it isn’t pollution related. At least I hope it isn’t. That would be one polluted river. I am no botanist, but I am guessing the color has to do with an overabundance of plant life in the water.

I wouldn’t want to go for a swim in that river, but it certainly makes for an interesting picture.

3. The Three Pop-Tarts

Image Source: Reddit

Pop-Tarts generally come in packages of two. How someone ended up with three in one package is a true wonder. An extra Pop-Tart is a true gift, as almost everyone who has ever had one agrees that Pop-Tarts are pretty delicious.

They are a great breakfast food, but they are also great at any time of the day.

Pop-Tarts were first introduced in 1964 by the Kellogg Company. Currently, in the United States, it is the company’s most popular brand. There are dozens of flavors of Pop-Tarts, including frosted strawberry, peanut butter, and raspberry.

While most popular in the United States, Pop-Tarts are sold in several countries, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Finland.

While they are delicious, Pop-Tarts are high in calories, and they do not offer much up in terms of nutrients.

Therefore, one probably should not eat them for breakfast every day.

4. The Selfie

Image Source: Twitter

This does not look real. Is it supposed to look real? When I first looked at this picture, I thought I was looking at a very life-like doll, and I am still not sure that I am not.

It is one thing to want to look good in a picture—which I support—and it is another thing to take it to an extreme.

I think this situation is veering towards the extreme. A person can’t look good in every single picture that is taken of them. Even supermodels, I’m sure, take bad pictures once in a while.

5. The Curious Outfit

Image Source: Reddit

You really have to wonder what the point of this particular ensemble is. Most people wear camouflage because they are trying to blend into their surroundings, right? Most people wear hideously bright orange articles of clothing because they don’t want to blend in. There are times when you want to blend in, like when you are hunting; there are times that you don’t want to blend in, like when you are worried about getting hit by a car.

Why would you combine bright orange and camouflage, though? Is it a joke? Is there a point being made that I just don’t get, or it is just a curious fashion choice? There is a good reason someone took a picture of this guy. That is a strange outfit.

6. The Really Bad Tan

Image Source: Reddit

While I would like to think this is the result of a tanning product, this apparently happened because the person spends summer days outside working.

That is a pretty intense tan. I’m sort of concerned for the person. That is the sort of tan that might predispose a person to skin cancer, which is certainly no laughing matter. After all, roughly 90 percent of skin cancer cases result from exposure to UV radiation from the sun. Actually, sun exposure increases the risk of all three of the main types of skin cancer.

If you are going out in the sun and want to prevent melanoma and squamous-cell skin cancer—which you absolutely should—please use sunscreen. Do note that if you have light skin, you are at an increased risk for skin cancer.

7. The Fuel Cap and Batman

Image Source: Reddit

I have no idea what sort of trouble this fuel cap is in, but it must be pretty serious; Batman does not show up for any old problem. Something major is clearly going down if Batman needs to get involved.

All joking aside, the Batman shadow really is neat. You can see how and why it was formed, but it is still very cool to look at. You might go “what?” at first, but you are probably pretty glad someone took this picture.

Batman, of course, needs no introduction. The popular superhero has been defending the citizens of Gotham City since 1939. He has starred in comic books, of course, but he has also been the protagonist of several movies, television shows, and video games.

One of the more interesting portrayals of Batman was in the 1960s. The “Batman” television show from back then starred Adam West and was a lot lighter and campier than most of the works in which Batman has starred.

In terms of video games, the “Batman: Arkham” series was extremely successful. The fourth game in that series was released in 2015.

8. The Place for the Empty Pizza Boxes

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

Pizza is great, but the boxes in which it comes can be bothersome. They are sort of unwieldly and awkward, really.

The receptacle in the image is a brilliant idea, and it’ll definitely make you go “what?” You’ll wonder why you have never seen such a thing before, probably.

If you live in an area where a lot of pizza is consumed, you need one of these things installed in your neighborhood right away. It’ll probably prevent a lot of litter. After all, pizza is a very popular food. Last year, the world pizza market was worth well over $100 billion. There are over 75,000 pizzerias in the United States alone, and the pizza market in the country is worth over $40 billion.

9. The Deformed Toothbrush

Image Source: Reddit

This toothbrush looks like it might explode, which is sort of scary. You don’t want to put something in your mouth that might explode.

This looks like it may be a battery-operated toothbrush, which might explain it to an extent.

Just because toothbrushes may explode does not mean you should stop brushing your teeth. Proper dental care is very important and should not be ignored. Oral diseases can be risk factors for other serious conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and possibly bacterial pneumonia.

10. The Sweet Tea Sign

Image Source: Reddit

If you are going to use a billboard to advertise your products, you need to get people’s attention. There are a lot of boring billboards out there that no one really cares to look at; people certainly won’t remember them.

This one, however, is extremely clever. It really does look like the lips are sucking on a straw. The lipstick shade is sort of weird, but it is otherwise a really great billboard. The McDonald’s billboard in the background is incredibly boring by comparison.

11. The Car With the Minions

Image Source: Reddit

You really have to wonder about anyone who loves the Minions so very much. The creatures, which appear in the “Despicable Me” films, are definitely popular; still, this seems to be a bit much, doesn’t it? Even the license plate references them.

I suppose no one should be surprised. The creatures have only been growing in popularity since the first “Despicable Me”, which came out in 2010. They are actually considered the official mascots of Illumination, which is a division of Universal Studios.

12. The Brocolli and the Drugs

Image Source: Reddit

It is important to encourage people, especially children, not to do drugs. They do ruin lives, after all.

However, you have to deliver that message in the right away. I don’t think this is the right way. I don’t mean to generalize, but children typically don’t like broccoli. Most children will never even see this box. There are probably far more effective ways of delivering the message.

13. The Toilet Water Fountain

Image Source: Getty Images

If we let our dogs drink from toilets, we should probably let our kids drink from toilets. At the very least, I’m guessing this toilet is perfectly clean and free from bacteria.

The design choice is curious, though. Who would make such a thing? Really, who would let their child drink from such a thing? The kid seems pretty excited about it, though, so he is obviously not being pressured to drink in any way, shape, or form. The mother seems pretty excited about the toilet fountain, too. Are toilet fountains an up and coming trend of which I am unaware?

14. The Falcon With Heart

Image Source: Reddit

This is a really beautiful bird. They really do look like hearts, don’t they?

However, don’t be fooled. Falcons are not the kindest birds in the world. They are birds of prey, after all. If you are going to interact with one, you definitely want to be careful. It probably does not love you.

One type of falcon that has a significant relationship with human beings is the peregrine falcon. For more than 3,000 years, they have been used in falconry. They like to hunt, and they are considered relatively easy to train.

15. The Spider-Man Web

Image Source: Reddit

I can’t imagine the spider in this case intended for the web to look like the mask of Spider-Man, but it certainly does. That is a pretty good resemblance right there. You would swear it was intentional, but it obviously is not.

This image will definitely make you go “what?” for sure.

It wouldn’t be completely surprising, though, if even spiders knew of Spider-Man. He is one of the more popular superheroes of all time. The character has been around since 1962, and he has been featured in multiple comic book series.

16. The Shoes That Have Become the Nest

Image Source: Reddit

Birds will make nests wherever they want, and there is not much you can do about it. Unless you are a cruel, cruel person, you just have to let them do their thing.

If a bird makes a nest in your shoe, you pretty much have to suck it up and buy a new pair of shoes—or go without until the baby birds hatch and fly away.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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