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16 Images That Will Definitely Satisfy Your Inner Perfectionist

Image Source: Reddit

We have always admired the kind of images that show perfection in all its forms! Seeing something perfect can have a soothing effect and can relieve stress! This is essential in order to maintain a healthy balance in your mind! After a few hours at work you would surely need something relaxing to see, and these photos may be the best remedy! Check out the list and enjoy them!

1. Even the simplest things can be perfect

Image Source: Reddit

This example shows how something common and really simple can be absolutely perfect! Someone was able to create this mesmerizing tower out of hot glue! It looks as if a sculptor carved it, but it was created with an ordinary glue gun. It looks like a tower of insect eggs, which probably gives it that surreal appearance. It obviously takes a small effort to create something that resembles a piece of art.

2. This is the first time we see snow rolled like that

Image Source: Reddit

We were really pleased to see this photo, because we love playing with snow. Then again, who doesn’t? The way this person was able to roll it is simply unbelievable. We guess that a lot of factors must have aligned in order for that to be possible. The snow was probably slightly frozen in order to not fall apart. We believe that the air temperature was important as well, because otherwise the snow could never be rolled like that.

3. Here is a tiny turtle which has the most beautiful shell

Image Source: Reddit

Some of the prettiest things you can find are created by the skilled hands of Mother Nature. We often say that no artist could reproduce the things that can be seen in the wild. This turtle is just another example. The stunningly beautiful shell of the animal looks like it was hand-painted by a skillful painter. However, it is a natural pattern, and colors are perfect, too! We wonder what kind of turtle is that.

4. Cereal can also demonstrate perfection

Image Source: Reddit

It sounds weird, but as you can see, it is true! Someone took their time to arrange some breakfast cereal. The end result is a perfectly symmetrical pyramid! Even the colors cannot be combined better, and the whole thing looks really soothing! It may not look like much, but it is the perfect way to kick off the day. Most people just eat the cereal, but it takes just a small effort to make it an interesting activity.

5. Camouflage can be different than the traditional military pattern

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes certain items turn out to be camouflaged even though it was not a desired effect. This happens because of the surroundings! These sandals are the best example to show what we mean. As you can see, their pattern is in perfect harmony with the shelf they are put on. This makes them almost invisible, which is a curious sight to see! However, this is a store and the camouflage effect is probably not the most appropriate solution.

6. Here is another snowy piece of perfection

Image Source: Reddit

This photo is really great! It looks like as if someone tried to create an art installation! Of course, the fact that it happened accidentally is even better! Just like the photo of the snow roll above, this would require some really specific weather conditions. The way that the ice came down the slide and it folded itself like a blanket is amazing.

7. You may need to take a second look at this one

Image Source: Reddit

It took us some time to realize what was actually in this photo. It turned out that this is cooking oil in a pan! It certainly does not look that way, and that is what makes it interesting! Oddly enough, the oil created a perfectly symmetrical hexagon shape! When you add the pattern of the frying pan, the whole thing looks even better! We have no idea how the oil could take such a perfect shape.

8. Sometimes perfection is a matter of perspective

Image Source: Reddit

In some cases perfection needs to be pursued in order to be seen! This photo is the best example for that! Someone showed enough patience to capture this perfect image! The way that the shadow edge falls in perfect symmetry with the white line on the field is amazing. Taking this photo probably required some planning and calculations. It had to be taken at the best moment from a precise angle.

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9. You could create something mesmerizing out of ordinary things

Image Source: Reddit

Regardless of what resources you have on your disposal, you could always create something amazing! All you need is motivation and creativity. Of course, some skills are needed as well, but we guess that with enough effort everyone could do it. This extremely cool sphere appears to be absolutely perfect despite the fact that it was made entirely of firewood! It is a huge thing and it surely consumed a lot of time! We think that it was worth it!

10. A carwash incident resulted in this unexpected sight

Image Source: Imgur

Most people have never thought about this, but the triple wash foam is something rather interesting. In order for everyone to realize it, something like this probably needed to happen. When the machine at this car wash broke, the triple foam leaked, creating this amazing pattern! It almost looks delicious, because it resembles melted candy. This really changed our perspective about the triple foam. Next time we will surely have a lot of fun at the car wash!

11. Someone trimmed these trees to perfection

Image Source: Reddit

Gardening is a hard job to do, because it requires a lot of skills and physical labor. The masters of this craft are able to create amazing things that are basically works of art. However, trimming a huge block of trees into a certain shape is even harder! As you can see, someone was able to do it, and the end result is mind-blowing! The trees now resemble some kind of a monument, and they look magnificent! We have no idea how much effort was needed to achieve this effect, but we love it!

12. Pressure washing leads to amazing results

Image Source: Reddit

One of the most satisfying things you could see on the internet is footage of someone cleaning a certain object with a power washer. These devices use special cleaning solutions or steam, combined with high pressure. This allows them to easily remove any kind of dirt, even if it has been there for decades. As the photo suggests, this bench has clearly been exposed to the elements for a long time. When someone decided to clean, it became apparent that it was all dirt! The bench was actually perfectly preserved underneath the layers of dust. It is so satisfying to see, and we cannot believe how amazing the result is.

13. Here is a moment of perfection most of you have probably experienced before

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes the soothing effect you seek can be found in unexpected places! One of them is definitely the peanut butter jar when you open the lid for the first time. If the butter is the smooth kind, you are likely to see the same effect as the one in the photo above. The perfect surface of the product inside the jar is really satisfying to see! Yes, it is not something special or unique, but it is the little things that matter!

14. This lake looks surreal

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes you can accidentally stumble upon something so mesmerizing that you just cannot help yourself but stop and gaze at the beauty of nature. We are glad that this person shared the amazing view of this lake. It looks surreal and most people would think that it was created by computer software. We could not blame them, because the ripple on the surface is absolutely stunning! As we already mentioned above, the natural landscapes are the most beautiful works of art that could be created.

15. Art can be found absolutely everywhere

Image Source: Reddit

There is always something stunning to see literally everywhere! All you would need to do is open your mind and see things from a different perspective! These pieces of a demolished wall show something truly amazing! The long years of writing graffiti on them created a lot of layers, and this is how these pieces of accidental art were made. These pieces are actually holding a lot of history in them, and we like that aspect a lot!

16. There is more to this picture than it seems

Image Source: Reddit

You may be wondering why there is a picture of someone’s hand on the list. Well, this not a simple picture of a hand! Upon closer inspection of the photo you will surely be able to see what is actually going on in the photo. Yes this person’s hand is actually under the surface of the water! We cannot remember when the last time we saw water this clear was! It looks unreal, but it is a fact. The photo was taken somewhere in Sweden.

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