16 Kids Who Lied To Other Kids And It Was Too Obvious

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Children can be extremely manipulative and we are all well aware of that, but sometimes they are not smart enough in order to get what they want to come their way. In fact, in some cases their attempts to get away with something or to manipulate somebody are nothing but hilarious, and there are some fine examples listed below! People on Twitter were asked about the funniest times kids tried to deceive them in some way when they were kids, too. These are just too funny!

1. This is how it all started 

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It doesn’t take for a kid’s attempt to deceive someone to be plausible in order to be funny! In fact, the more outrageous it is, the better! In this case, the kid really thought that this story would be something other would believe in instantly!

2. Now this is kind of  curious

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Daydreaming is something most kids do, and they often come up with different stories about themselves or  their parents. For example, they often lie about their parents’ occupation in order to make them appear cooler than they are, but doing the same about another kid’s parent is new to us.

3. Ambition can get you to be in places you want to be

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As you can see here, talking about something that is impossible is not as crazy as it might appear to be. The thing that matters here is the attitude one has, and this girl had no intention admitting she made up the whole story, and it worked for her!

4. Here is something that brings back memories

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This funny tweet made us remember an old cartoon that showed how life was before people invented the wheel. Having someone to convince you that Alaskan people still used square wheels sounds absurd, but it apparently happened!

5. Some kids have the wildest imagination

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We believe that kids are usually smart enough to deceive someone and they know when their story is plausible or not. However, in this kid’s case there is no probability for the story to be real, especially when he mentioned taking down other planes.

6. Here is what it means to stand your ground

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This kid knew that the main thing to do when talking about something that is not true is to support your theory no matter what happens. Not backing up and not admitting anything was this child’s intention all along!

7. Kids believe in almost everything they hear

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As you can see, even the most absurd claims can sometimes be accepted as nothing but the truth, and we guess the kid who came up with such a story knew exactly who to tell it to in order to get the desired effect. This person believe in it!

8. This is a typical thing for kids to do

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Sometimes conversations between kids are really funny to hear, and this is why whenever we overhear one, we listen to it and giggle. As the tweet suggests, both kids were lying to each other shamelessly and neither of them admitted it!

9. This kid probably loved action movies on TV

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Living the dream is one thing, but living in a fantasy is a completely different story! Trying to convince someone that the CIA got your back would probably never work.

10. This one makes zero sense

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We guess that most of the things toddlers and school kids say to each other make little to no sense at all! This is one of the best example we could think of, actually. There is no logic behind it, but this is the beauty of childhood – there is no need for logic to be involved!

11. This must have been super funny to witness from aside 

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As we already mentioned, kids would believe in just about anything if someone found the right way to introduce it do them! In this case, the kid that fell for the made-up story behaved in a ways that is anything but acceptable!

12. Here is another kid who wanted to have a cool dad

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Trying to describe your dad as a cooler person than he is needs to be done with caution, and this kid’s lie never had a chance to appear as a plausible story!

13. We guess this person wanted to impress the other kids back in the day

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Well, we need to admit the both stories are not that bad. While the second one is definitely something you could hardly believe in, we guess that the first story definitely seems plausible and people probably fell for it!

14. This is so typical for kids

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Here is something that would always happen, considering the circumstances. First, we have a kid whose family name was Chan, and the we have a class of gullible kids who believe that the match in the family names was enough to believe in such a story!

15. Some kids really want to feel significant 

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We all know that being a school kid was nothing but a competition to prove that you were modern and cool and that you were better than the others. Some kids relied solely on their possessions in order to achieve it, and this story shows such an attempt.

16. This probably felt weird

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As you can see, some kids think that it would be easy to just lie and get away with it. However, if the story they made up sounds fishy, then there would be questions. When it happened in this case, the kid who lied became nervous and could not handle the situation.

Written by Sven Miller

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