16 Of The Best And Most Passive Aggressive Neighbor Messages Ever


Apparently the passive-aggressive type of relations is a common thing among coworkers and roommates. However, we must not forget about neighbors – it is equally challenging to deal with these people, too. Being passive-aggressive to your neighbors is sometimes the only possible way to send them a proper message or just to annoy them, if they asked for it, of course. Controlling your temper is hard, but necessary in order for you to be able to show them what they have been doing wrong and sending the right message in a passive manner should do the job.

1. The bigot neighbors probably got the message

Image Source: MrsRoseyCrotch

This is what smart people do when they need to stand up for themselves. Having bigot neighbors is not the best thing that could happen to you, and you could not even confront them directly, because they might press charges. But as you can see, if there’s a will, there is a way.

2. The neighbors need to learn more about dog breeds

Image Source: seabass023

This dog owner’s neighbors were obviously unaware of the fact that this breed loves snow and cold weather. However, they probably realized it after he sent them this photo. Sometimes people complain about things that are none of their business.

The Reddit user seabass023 said “My neighbors complained that its too cold for my dog to be outside all day during the winter. I sent them this.”

3. Settling things the right way

Image Source: Molochwalker28

As rude as the handwritten note is, we understand the vet’s response and we completely support it. He absolutely showed the other person because he had every reason to do so.

4. Words are not even needed sometimes

Image Source: kalinkabeek

When someone who has nothing better to do in life gives you problems about idiotic things such as trash bins, you might as well do something about it and leave the proper message; these people did it in the best possible way.

5. Someone just met their match

Image Source: passiveaggressivenotes

You will never appreciate the luxury of having a private washing machine until you had experiences like this person here. Unfortunately for the guy who thought he could do whatever he wants, his neighbor from 301 returned the favor.

6. Neighborhood problems

Image Source: emzieees

Forgetting to set a password on your printer is one thing, but having a message sent and printed from your neighbor is a completely different story; it seems that the guy next door had enough of the loud noises and he did something about it.

7. We can’t decide if it’s weird or funny

Image Source: WorkFriendlyAcct

Do you think that this guy meant what he wrote? We certainly hope not; it was more likely a sarcastic way of telling them that they were too loud.

8. A classic way of trolling

test ad
Image Source: CaptainTyborc

Using the Wi-Fi network’s name to give your neighbor the proper message he deserves is a clever thing that not many people would think of. When the neighbor actually responds in a similar fashion, things simply go to another level.

9. You have been warned

Image Source: SrgntPeppers

The huge effort to make this sign is not the point here; imagine if their grandson is a huge kid that basically has no other activities than eating, sleeping and pooping? These folks may be in trouble.

10. A message delivered in style

Image Source: therealsix

The neighbor with the pointy arrow next to his house must have been pretty pissed about the brilliant way he was trolled. This is not aggressive at all, it is simply genius.

11. This is the way to deal with thieves

Image Source: PrincessAlterEgo

Who would steal Christmas decorations? Well, someone did, and he was caught on the CCTV cameras. Apparently the homeowners were pissed after the theft and they left a message.

12. These people really hold their ground

Image Source: passiveaggressivenotes

We have all faced the problem when we come back from work and somebody had already took our parking spot. Here is a nice idea about keeping your prepaid parking spot free. It is pretty funny, too.

13. Someone seems to be fed up with the noises from above

Image Source: grey_iguana

We could all relate to this; some people seem to be rolling stones on their apartment floors. Especially if upstairs there are little kids there is nothing we can do about it except start enjoying the noise.

14. Here is one very upset neighbor

Image Source: JustMeAdonis

This concert poster is actually pretty good, and we feel sorry for the guy. Some dogs never really stop barking and it could be annoying.

15. Revenge is sweet

Image Source: sfnorris1

Some neighbors really have nothing better to do than complain about random stuff; however, after someone reported that these people’s trash bins are visible and not hidden as they’re supposed to, they did something about it. The neighbor who reported them must have been pissed.

16. It may be a bit savage, but it’s well deserved

Image Source: Emily Spicer

This lovely yellow sign draws attention because it’s supposed to – and the photo says the rest. Whoever came with the idea for this sign deserves a medal!

Written by Sven Miller

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