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16 Of The Best Husbands In The World

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Marriage is a tough adventure! Even though there are a lot of things that make it worth all the effort, it is more or less a struggle. Sharing your life with someone is often not as easy as people would like it to be! Even worse – it could be filled with suffering and misunderstandings, which often results in divorce! However, we firmly believe that if your significant other is the right person for you, things would be as smooth as possible. Nothing in life is perfect and you need to accept it and be happy with what you have. These 17 husbands definitely know to play the marriage game and they are also aware that bringing the fun to the family nest is a must!

1. This man knows how important quality sleep is

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We often live life to the fullest without considering that we need quality rest in order to endure all the stress and exhaustion but this person wanted to enjoy his beauty sleep! Getting at least seven hours of sleep every night is a must, but many factors make that an impossible task! In this case, there were no blinds and shades to keep the sunlight from waking up this person, so he used the first thing he could think of – his wife’s bra!

2. Here is what happens when you delegate something to a person with a sense of humor

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Most wives know that it is better for them to do something rather than leave it for their husband to tackle on. In this case, the wife had every reason not to trust her man, and you can see why! He was supposed to take the cat to the grooming salon, and he did it, but he also wanted the cat the cute feline to look a bit more majestic, so he asked the groomer to shape the animal like a dragon!

3. Husbands pull off some of the best pranks

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One of the perks of living with your partner is that you get to know them really well, which means that you would be able to joke with them in the best possible way! In this case, the husband knew that he would be able to scare his wife, so he set the security camera in their kids’ room to send notifications to her email and pulled out an old Halloween costume! She was definitely not happy after she saw the whole setup!

4. This is a cool idea for a selfie

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Well, technically speaking, it is not a selfie, because there is someone else in this photo besides the person, and he is also not the one taking the image. It is actually a portrait, and the doggo got to be the one whose face is visible! The whole stunt looks kind of weird, but it is definitely hilarious! We guess that this man’s wife was not that thrilled about the whole thing. She probably found to be a childish thing to do.

5. This woman should have been more specific when asking for a bag

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When she told her husband she wanted to have a Coach bag, he probably hatched the whole plot in that very moment! He knew exactly what to do, and he also guessed the way she would react. It is the best prank we have seen today and also the wittiest one! She is smiling, though, which means she took it without getting angry! The kid on the right seems to like it, too!

6. Here is one witty and funny note

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We really loved this when we saw it! How cool is that! This woman was probably surprised to find such a note, because she only saw the left sheet first! After she eventually added the second part, it all started to make sense, and she definitely read it more than a couple of times! She knew that if her man took the time to think of this note and write it, then he probably loves her more than anything!

7. We would gladly read this book

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Now this is something really brave and we admire this person without even knowing him! We mean, imagine the kind of personality he must have in order to come up with this intro! We guess that trying to write a book while working from home would be a hard thing to do, because there are always people around to bother you and make all kinds of noises!

8. This is a similar story

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This is another example showing that when a husband does something after a request made by his wife, she should expect the unexpected! We definitely love how this man decided to do what his significant other asked him to! She wanted him to retouch their engagement photos and he did more than that! He literally transformed them and they now look like scenes from an action movie!

9. Here is one happy man

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He is happy for more than one reason! First of all, everyone would be more than happy to pose in front a professional photographer’s camera! Second, this man is going to be a father soon, and what could be better than that? The reason for these photos to exist is the shy nature of his wife. She hesitated to pose for maternity photos, but her man decided to use the booked appointment and posed like a model!

10. This is one way to brag with your baby online

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People share every aspect of their lives on social media, and this is not good, actually. There has to be some intimacy when it comes to family and relationships, or at least this is what we think! One husband responded to his wife request to put his daughter on his social media profile, and he chose an unconventional way to do it! His wife was not happy after she saw the funny collage!

11. Here is a book that many people have read

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We love clever ideas and pranks, but the thing we love even more are the people behind them! They are always witty individuals with massive sense of humor. This husband is no exception! He was able to pull off something absolutely hilarious and his wife had no way of knowing what was coming her way! You can see how he reacted in one of the photos and we guess he was proud of himself!

12. Sometimes husbands cannot be trusted to do even the basic things

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If you ask someone to assist you and your request is fairly simple, you would not expect a flaw, right? Well, it turns out you should, especially when it comes to asking a man to do something related to cooking. This wife was sure that her spouse understood what he needed to do, and the funny part is that his way of delivering to her request was technically correct!

13. This husband annoyed his wife

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Sometimes the relationship between spouses includes some weird episodes, and this is a good example. The husband decided to joke with his wife, so he slipped this note under the bathroom door while his wife was inside. She was so furious that she made him consider renovating their home and adding a second bathroom!

14. Here is what happens when you leave the baby alone with his dad

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It seems that moms and dads have a different vision about what it takes to look after their kids. Mothers seem to be much more caring and sometimes even overprotective, while dads tend to be more open-minded and they have fun with their kids in different ways than moms ever would! As you can see, a few minutes alone with the baby were more than enough for this dad to have some fun!

15. Now this is one obvious hint

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In some cases spouses have developed a whole system of hidden signals in order for them to be able to communicate without saying a word! This is especially handy if there are kids in the room. This man decided to use a hint that his wife immediately understood. In fact, we all did!

16. This person captured the amazing moment when he became a dad

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Well, he failed at hiding his emotions, but it seems that his wife felt a whole lot different in the same moment he took the photo! We are more than sure that she was furious about him taking such an image, because she had a really hard time while he was overjoyed and smiling!

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