16 Of The Funniest And Most Epic Business Signs Ever

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Different businesses have a different policy depending on how they are placed on the market and the items they sell, as well as their location and other factors. One thing is for sure, though –managers sometimes do a great job by thinking outside the box and attracting customers and users in the most unconventional of ways! You have probably seen such attempts before, therefore you already know that in most of the cases this is the kind of attitude that works best! We believe that being different is what matters the most, because standing out from the crowd is always a good idea when it comes to running a business! The list below suggests some fine example of the above said!

1. If this one does not make you laugh, then nothing will

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Advertising is a tricky business and it is definitely not for everyone! While there are hundreds of rules and ways to create an ad or a campaign, there are things that are more important! Combining humor and a really genuine idea is probably the best approach to creating an advertisement for a product of a business! In this case, the witty sign you see probably attracted more people than usual!

2. Here is something Will Smith would approve

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Now this is something else! It might not look like much, but we assure you that this is some really witty display of humor that we much appreciate! In fact, we wish that there was a way for Will Smith to check this out, and we are more than certain that he would love it! The Fresh Prince of Bel Air has a fun personality and he has shown this on numerous occasions! He can be serious about life, too, and this is why we love him.

3.Clever puns always win

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Puns are a serious way of having fun and they are mostly unintended, which makes things better! However, sometime having a script works, and despite the fact that it is obvious that this was not an accidentally misspelled sign, it is still super funny to see! We believe that the people who come up with ideas like this one on a daily basis should be praised for the marketing gurus they are!

4.It seems that Rita’s is the place to be

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Do not get us wrong, we never want to have anything to do with the police! The thing is, ice cream and a good sense of humor happen to be among our two favorite things in the world, so when they are combined in a certain way, this combination always grabs our attention! This ice cream parlor’s management definitely knew how to be just a tad provocative, and they did a good job with that sign!

5.Here is one clever way to look at things

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While this is technically correct, it is still nothing but a funny way of advertising! Liquor stores don’t need a special kind of advertisement in most cases, because many of these locations have no real competition, but it is always a good idea to try to make sure your customers could easily recognize you! The manager or the owner of this store knew exactly what to do, and we absolutely love this super clever idea!

6.There is a simple logic behind this one

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First of all, we need to say that we fully support the funny quote is that if you have a body at all, then it is a ‘beach body’. Nobody should be ashamed of their weight and we like people who are confident regardless of their size. They are always living their best life! However, the ‘beach body’ definition is mostly used to describe muscular and shaped bodies, and this sign is correct because of that fact! Having Krispy Kreme donuts daily will not do a beach body any good!

7.This one is truly special

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Every good business needs to be constantly maintained in order to stay afloat in a world full of competition. It is like a flower, really. You water it daily and you take care of the soil on a regular basis and it will bloom. The same goes for offering services – you need to make sure that the clients would always recognize you as the best possible option! This shop puts up a sign similar to this one every month and they always nail it!

8.Canadians know better

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Here is something brilliant someone saw in Canada. The sign you see was on a Mazda dealership’s fence, and you can bet that everyone who saw it chuckled and appreciated this witty idea! This is the best kind of marketing, because they actually promised something that is technically possible. After all, if the world ends, there will nobody to take your money, but, then again, you would not be here to pay, too! But let’s not dig into that grim scenario.

9.This is actually part of our life philosophy

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Seeing this made us smile and this is due to the fact that we loved to realize other people accepted life the way we do! After all, taking life seriously will not do you any favors. No matter what happens, you must always keep a positive outlook on everything, and having a drink is a good idea regardless of the situation. If you are doing good, then a drink would complement that, and if thing are bad fro you, a drink will take some of your worries away.

10.Here is one undisputable fact

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There are moments in life when you see something that sounds ridiculous but you just cannot argue with it because it is true! This is exactly the case with this witty sign! The simple math behind this quote makes total sense, but mentioning it does not make the same of sense, which makes it super funny! This is the kind of advertising we would like to see everywhere around us!

11.You must always read the small font

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We believe that trying to be creative can end up bad, because a good idea could backfire massively! However, this clever sign is prone to succeed! Its massive size makes it noticeable from a fairly large distance, and this was the whole point! You could only see the rows of text in small font when you are directly in front of it, and the whole meaning would be totally changed!

12.This vet knows how to advertise like a pro

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We genuinely believe that no matter how good a business owner handles their line of work things could always be better! Maybe this vet knew that some clever advertising would really help attract new customer or maybe it would make the current ones stay loyal! The sign is changed every 30 days and it is just as witty as this one each time!

13.Here is one rather controversial sign

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Well, this one stunned us a bit, but we guess that there is nothing wrong about it, except for the fact that it is a bit harsh! The sign implies that some people accept rabbits as cute and cuddly pets but others think of them as food. Putting the two concepts in one slogan is probably a bit too much, but you can be sure that it attracts a lot of attention which was the whole point of the existence of this sign!

14.This is yet another witty way to advertise a liquor store

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There are many things that people would always buy. Clothes, food and drinks are probably on top of that list, and we genuinely believe that having huge competition in one of these sectors is not a problem when you have the right attitude as well. A nice location and a good price policy are among the most important things when it comes to running such a business, but nothing is more important than advertising! The owner of this store decided to use a funny quote that was probably more than enough to attract new customers! Having a sense of humor works in all cases, especially when you want to advertise something!

15.Nobody could resist this advertising message

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Sometimes people keep it simple. There is no need for a flashy sign or huge investments if you know how to advertise with the best possible content! This shoe repair shop probably has a lot of clientele and we would gladly become part of it!

16.This is one fine way to use sarcasm

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Sometimes it does not take much for a person to come up with a brilliant solution to a simple task. This sign could have been a regular one, but someone realized that just a simple touch could turn it into a funny and witty advertisement, and it worked like a charm! Using sarcasm is always a good idea, and the person behind this idea knew that!

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