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16 Of The Most Curious Movie Mistakes You Definitely Haven’t Noticed

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Producing a movie is probably one of the most complicated things a team could do. Of course, a great production requires a lot more effort and resources compared to a student film, for example. But we are not talking about school documentaries here. We have the big Hollywood movies in mind and you can bet that making one of them happen requires much more things than you could ever imagine! But we need to remember that even the biggest professionals are merely human and mistakes happen even where they should not be allowed! The list below shows some hilarious mistakes that you probably never saw before, and we believe that they are among the best possible examples you could find.

1. The Lamborghini in Dallas Buyers Club

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This is actually one of our favorite moments! As you can see, Matthew McConaughey looks awesome in the Dallas Buyers Club movie, and he always does, actually! However, this photo is not about his performance. The scene features a rather big detail that nobody noticed. The movie was supposed to be set in 1985 but the car on the wallpaper behind McConaughey’s back – a Lamborghini Aventador – made its debut twenty six years later! It definitely looks out of place!

2. The upside down smartphone in Ted

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Ted was definitely one of the best comedy movies to be ever released and we loved it. Of course, everything about it would not have been the same without Mark Wahlberg’s role! But there is something really curious about his role and we are not sure if it was meant to be like that or it was purely accidental. Almost every time Wahlberg’s character – John – had to speak on his smartphone, he held it upside down!

3. The plane in The Usual Suspects

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Now this is something that we believe only a true movie fan would be able to spot! Such details make all the difference when it comes to appreciating a movie for what its worth! In this case, an absolute classic that was  thought to be flawless was actually not! As you can see, the plane has four engines and they can be seen while it takes off, but two of them are gone in the next scene where the plane is shown!

4. The missing cap in Alien

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This is yet another example of a detail that is so tiny that hardly anyone noticed it! However, some of the fans did see it and they were not happy about it. Kane can be seen wearing a cap while he was inside his space suit, but during a scene where he was at the hospital with the alien wrapped around his head, the cap was not there and this is the kind of thing that only a true fan or a professional critic could see!

5. The plane in Terminator 3

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Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines was an epic movie and we loved every bit of it, but it was not a 100% perfect production when it comes to the smallest details we always see. In this case, something seemingly small caught some fan’s eye and they shared the comparison images online. The number on the plane is totally different and it bothers us, despite the fact that the plane has the same color combination like the one in the first frame.

6. The deck of the ship in Titanic

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This is actually an old topic to discuss, and we have done it several times before. Titanic was an epic productions and it still looks superb after 22 years, but despite the massive scale of the film, there are still plenty of mistakes that nobody saw until it was too late. One of the most obvious ones was the sudden change in the ship’s deck. You can see that there must have been two different sets of decor in the making of the movie.

7. The upside down car in The Avengers

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Here is another tiny details that only those who paid close attention to all the action in The Avengers probably saw! If you never noticed it before, then you would surely look for it next time you decide to see the production one more time. The car behind which Thor decided to hide, is not the same in all the scenes. You can see the bumper corner and the side marker in the headlight. They used a different car to finish off the scene!

8. The truck in Terminator 2: Judgement Day

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This is probably one of the best scenes in the whole movie and we remember how much we liked it when we first saw the movie many years ago! The T-1000 drove a truck while trying to catch John Connor who had a hard time escaping on his motorcycle. When the truck jumped off the bridge, both front windows are shattered, but then in one of the following close-ups you can see that the windows are back on the truck.


9. The wheelchair in Avatar

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Avatar was definitely a movie we all waited for with a lot of anticipation and if was not disappointing at all! In fact, it was a masterpiece even by today’s standards! However, there were some tiny flaws about it and this proves that nothing in life is absolutely perfect! One of  the scenes shows Jake opening the device he used to operate his Avatar and the wheelchair was not there, and the next frame showed it appear out of thin air.

10. The plane scene in Troy

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This mistake was actually mentioned a lot before, and the reason why it became so popular is because it does not exist at all! That is correct, there is not such thing in the actual movie! We mean, it is impossible for something like this to be overlooked by the people who put the movie together! We included this one as a reminder to never believe everything you see, because chances are it is not as it appears to be.

11. The radio pole in The Magnificent Century

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The Turkish TV series is an epic production and they really did their best to present the times of the action down to the last detail. Of course, as we already mentioned, mistakes happen and sometimes they are visible only after there is nothing the producers could do about it!

12. The Converse shoes in Marie Antoinette 

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This is probably one of the biggest mistakes in the movie history and we were flabbergasted when we first saw it! It is really easy to see the Converse shoes on the floor and we guess that many of the viewers saw them as well! Sofia Coppola, the director of the film, was probably not happy at all after she saw this, and for a good reason, too!

13. The jacket in Terminator 2: Judgement Day

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Here is another classic movie mistake that nobody would expect to see in a movie like this one! You probably saw this a long time ago, but we will still remind you of what happened. When the T-1000 (Schwarzenegger) acted as a shield in order to protect John Connor, his entire back was basically all covered in holes. However, the jacket that was ripped to pieces magically turned into a new one seconds later!

14. The uniform in Inglorious Basterds

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No movie list is complete without this movie on it, regardless of the topic! It is an all-time favorite of ours and it will remain like that! However, as perfect as it is, there are still some flaws that could be seen only by those keen on seeing the tiniest details in everything. In this case, the insignia on this officer’s chest disappears for a while before it reappears again! Not many people saw this for sure!

15. The camera reflection in Twilight

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This is one of those mistakes that can be referred to as classic moments, because the list of movies and TV shows that allowed for it to happen is a really long one. All directors and editors know it and yet it still happens all the time. Next time you see a movie, just pay attention to the reflections in car windows and chances are that you will be surprised to see a camera or the cameraman himself! This scene from the Twilight series is just one of the hundreds of examples!

16. The plane in the sky in Gladiator

Image Source: Twitter

We simply love everything about this movie, even the mistakes that were allowed in it! One of the biggest ones was when you were able to see the gas tank of a chariot, which is totally unacceptable! However, an even bigger mistake can be seen in the photo above, and while Russel Crowe looks fantastic, the plane in the sky above his head ruins the whole thing! They have no excuse for making such a mistake!


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