16 People On TUMBLR Who Summed Up The Perfect Relationship Goals

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Relationships are hard and they are a really complicated way of communicating with someone because you basically share everything, meaning that a lot of compromise and adjustments are involved. Needless to say, it does not work every time and many relationships end a lot earlier than expected, but the lucky ones who found out that they and their partner share the same values and vision know how to set the ultimate relationship goals. This goes for intimate relationships and for friendships as well. The following images share some of these goals and some of them are mentioned in a really funny or even sarcastic way, but they still pretty much sum up everything important about a healthy relationship

1. This is the most important part of any relationship

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Many people think that having a relationship is all about making your partner feel happy in the most perfect way possible. However, there is no need for something to be perfect. The best relationship is when the people in it are genuinely happy for no particular reason and they just enjoy the things they do together and each other’s company!

2. Here is something most of the people over 30 could relate to

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This might seem like a funny post but it is definitely not far from the truth. When you are in your 20s, everything flows differently but when you reach 30, you are likely to prefer different types of activities. When you meet someone who shares the same vision of the perfect night as you, then you need to celebrate because you have likely found a soul mate! Stuff like this is so rare that you need to cherish it when it happens.

3. This is what many people dream of

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We guess that regardless of what one might seek in their partner, there are some things that are probably valid for everyone! One such thing is feeling and knowing that your partner respects you. This is the base of every stable and long-lasting relationship. If you share similar interests and love each other, than you are in for something that could last a lifetime! This is the ultimate goal when it comes to sharing your life with someone!

4. This is the best wedding party ever

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People put in a lot of effort into making their wedding day memorable. Sure enough, there is nothing wrong with that, but sometimes people get carried away and they focus a bit too much on the details instead of the occasion. And the main thing should always be the person you marry; therefore you do not need hundreds of witnesses or a lavish party! You only need each other and the thing you love sharing, like pizza, for example!

5. Every couple is different than the rest

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In this case, this person’s parents were clearly made for each other, because they reached a point in their relationship where they could speak their minds and hearts, and most importantly – they could make fun of each other without following any rules and restrictions. These are the healthiest types of relationships in existence!

6. This is sarcasm at its finest

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We love people who handle sarcasm well and we believe that they are always the kind of person who you can get along with if you share the same kind of sense of humor. In this case, someone mocked the cute names people give each other, but we guess that calling each other ‘honey’ or ’sweetie’ is just another way to express how you feel about them!

7. Here is many people’s dream relationship

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We guess that those among you who love video games would love to be in a relationship with someone who shares the same passion! If this is not so, many problems are definitely going to emerge in time. The main one would be the time one of the partners spends playing. This is considered to be disrespectful by the other person in the relationship, because gamers often spend countless hours playing.

8. The art of doing nothing

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It might seem like a weird or an easy thing to do, but it is neither of these things! You see, being able to just cuddle in bed with your partner while exchanging songs and enjoying the music is the kind of simple art that not everyone is capable of! It takes perfect peace of mind and respect for your partner in order for this to happen.

9. Here is what being supportive means

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You have probably heard this before, but we will remind of its importance! They say that the little things matter the most, and we could not agree more! In fact, being able to show how much you care about your partner’s well-being by doing random seemingly small things is essential for every healthy relationship and this example proves it!

10. This is how some relationships start

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This short but beautiful story is kind of inspiring, really! It may actually turn out to be that this person was walking right behind their soul mate, and thing that happened was no accident at all! It is important for people to be able to laugh together and goof off in a similar fashion. This is what makes any relationship the fairytale everyone wants to be a part of!

11. Here is another sign that two people are made for each other

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As you can see, this is one of the cutest things a couple could buy together, and we love it! But what is most important here is that this couple is able to agree on things such as buying an item like that. They both kept their inner child and they also prefer the same things, which is super important if you want to live with some for the rest of your life!

12. This might seem to be funny but it is actually an important aspect of a relationship

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This is definitely not a joke and those of you who are in a relationship know that it is also a goal that few couples have met! Having different taste preferences can be a great thing, because it means that you would never end up in a situation where your partner eats all of your treats before you even have the chance to get your hands on them! It is definitely something that most people would like to have in their relationship!

13. Thinking outside the box will keep the flame alive

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This incredibly funny story is also a bit awkward but this is a normal thing and we are not surprised that such a method worked out. Of course, this happened decades ago and if a teenager wants to do something different with date night, he needs to think of different ways to impress the girl! As you can probably imagine, watching lobsters fight in the middle of a supermarket is not the most romantic thing to do, but it worked out!

14. Here is how real love looks like

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Seeing this really made us smile from ear to ear, because it is the simple things such as this one that are the important ones that always show what the people in a relationship have for each other. This man did not hesitate to put on his woman’s shoes when her feet started hurting, and she put on his flip flops. The man was not embarrassed to show up in public like that because he knew he was just doing the right thing!

15. Talking trash is also something that could show the love people have for each other

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This is one really funny conversation and we know many people who talk to each other this way, and it is a fairly common thing. In this case, however, talking trash resulted in something really sweet, but it is still weird to see! We guess that true love can be expressed in numerous ways and it does not matter which one you would choose!

16. This is one super cool idea

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As we already mentioned, most people want to make sure that their wedding day is nothing but perfect, so they do what they need to do in order for it to be arranged. But making things extra special is sometimes easy – all you need is a good idea and the support of your partner to make it happen! The idea of getting married on Halloween is more than just good – it is brilliant! And tossing a pumpkin into the air instead of a bouquet sounds fun, too!

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