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16 People Who Beat The System In The Best Possible Way

Image Source: Reddit

Nobody would probably argue that we are living in the best times in the history of mankind. We are used to so many things that make our lives easier that it would be hard to compile a list. However, this can be a bad thing, and there is one particular reason why. Just imagine that we are somehow deprived of everything! It would be really hard to continue life as we know it. We even think that it would be impossible! In order to prove what we mean, we have selected some really mild examples of that struggle. One of them you already saw, and it shows that you can make a cupholder out of anything.

The following list contains images of people who needed to do some quick thinking. They faced different situations that required certain actions in order to get something done. As you are about to see, they really gave their best effort! It is important to put in everything you’ve got when you need to deal with a situation or tackle on a task.

1. They say that hunger can strike worse than electricity

Image Source: Imgur

There are a lot of situations in which you will be forced to improvise! Every aspect of life can put you against the wall at some point. The important thing when such a time comes is to never give up! You need to focus on solving the problem instead of thinking about the problem itself. As you can see, someone decided that the lack of a stove in their home was not going to be a problem at all! The setup looks a bit unstable, but as long as it works, we are okay with it.

2. Thinking outside the box is always good

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes all you need is a bit of creativity and you will be able to deal with any situation. This policeman realized that he had no locking device to secure his bicycle. Luckily, his handcuffs were present, so he figured out they should do the trick. You can see that he was able to lock the bike. However, we think that securing the frame would be the better option.

3. Some quick fixes become permanent

Image Source: Reddit

Everyone who pays rent knows that most landlords would hardly agree to cover any damages or expenses about your home. However, paying for repairs out of your own pocket is really annoying! This person obviously did not like the huge hole in the wall, and wanted a cheap fix. We guess that he chose the best possible way to repair it, and it cost him close to nothing!

4. Here is a different solution to a similar problem

Image Source: Reddit

Some people can really turn a defect into an effect! As you can see here, this huge hole was quickly transformed into the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street! We love people who have a creative approach towards different situations and problems. This example proves that this approach is always a winning one! A bit of color and it would look even better!

5. This is how creativity looks like

Image Source: Reddit

You are about to see one of the cutest improvised solutions on the list. First of all, we admire this person’s unbreakable will to walk their dog no matter what! The cute pug seems more than happy to go for a walk! Of course, the important part is the leash that this person came up with! We guess that it worked just fine and it certainly brought back some memories. It’s been a while since we played on a game console.

6. This person would never lose a piece of luggage again

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that sometimes it takes a rather bold action to deal with a problem. We guess that this person was tired of losing luggage while travelling. He probably knew that he had to solve the problem once and for all. From what we see here, the solution was more than a success! There is no need for name tags or anything else. One look at the suitcase and you would immediately know who it belongs to!

7. No office space can interfere with this person’s social life

Image Source: Reddit

In today’s world social contacts seem to become less of a priority for most people. They prefer social media and indirect contact. However, these two worlds can be combined! This clever office employee wanted to interact with her office space neighbor. However, she was too short to see over the wall that separated their desks. Her solution to the problem is genius! This way the other person can hear her voice and see her image as well!

8. Garlic bread requires care an attention

Image Source: Imgur

Most people would just put the garlic bread in the oven and continue minding their business. However, some people love this treat too much! We happen to be among those people, which is why we respect this person! He wanted to make sure that the bread was perfect, so he came up with a brilliant idea! Facetiming the whole thing seems to be more than enough to ensure a perfect result.

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9. Someone was fed up with stepping on Lego blocks

Image Source: Reddit

Those among you who have children probably know this struggle. It might not seem too much of a problem, but we know it is! Stepping on one of these blocks while walking barefoot causes real pain! You need to have slippers on to prevent this, but someone found a better solution. We are not sure about the level of comfort of these Lego shoes, but the idea to fight fire with fire seems good. However, after taking a few steps the shoes might fall apart.

10. Here you see a good boy on duty

Image Source: Reddit

We love dogs for so many reasons that we would find it hard to list them all! This post just added one more to the list for sure! It seems that a dog can be man’s best friend in a number of ways. In this case, playing ‘fetch’ was probably the most rewarding experience ever! We like how this good boy seems to be happy to help the human in need of toilet paper. He does not mind being used as a toilet paper stand, too.

11. This is how real men shave

Image Source: Imgur

One of the best ways to demonstrate your macho personality is to grow a nice long beard. However, growing it is one thing, but grooming it is a completely different story. It takes some skills and precision to make it just right. This person was probably forced to improvise, and we admire his courage! We also think that his idea is more than good and worked fine.

12. Here is one quick fix that we wish we knew earlier

Image Source: Reddit

This is one embarrassing situation that a lot of people have probably been in! Unfortunately there was no possible solution for it until now. And like most genius things, the solution is more than simple! All you would need is a black marker. This could save you from a potentially uncomfortable situation! Of course, it is not a permanent solution and you would still need a new pair of socks.

13. Some geniuses are born this way

Image Source: Imgur

Everyone wants their kid to be smarter than the rest! Some kids seem to show signs of brilliance at a very early age, and this is the best example for that. Being creative before you could even speak is surely a sign of a future bright mind. This kid’s parents were probably overwhelmed when they saw their offspring handling the bottle like that. Of course, it might have been accidental, but it is still a great photo!

14. Clever thinking always gets the job done

Image Source: Reddit

Those of you who have feline companions could surely relate to this photo! Finding your cat is almost impossible sometimes, especially if the cat does not want to be found! This person had a hard time locating their domestic cat, so they simply decided to approach the task differently. This is how thinking outside the box works! One photo with the flash on and the cat was immediately located!

15. Here is how you compensate for not sitting in the best row of the grandstand

Image Source: Reddit

Attending your favorite game is always a thrilling experience, but there is a catch. You need to make sure that you have good seats with perfect visibility. Otherwise your whole experience might not be what you expected. However, even if you are seated further back, there is still plenty you could do. This person showed that his clever thinking was more than enough to provide a solution. He enjoyed the game and took photos throughout the whole time! This is a proof that if you really want something, you will find a way.

16. Here is how every pet owner should treat their animal

Image Source: Imgur

We know that most people who have pets love them very much and treat them like family. This is the right way to treat them, of course. However, some people go the extra mile and take care of their pets in a sweet way. This person made sure that her fish would not feel lonely. We find this to be a sweet and beautiful act of kindness! We also hope to see more things like this one.

Written by Nick Martin

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