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16 People Who Definitely Didn’t Look Before They Leaped

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A lot of things require careful planning. Most people tend to be cautious and do whatever they need to do in order to be prepared. Of course, there are exceptions and there will always be! It seems that some people dive head first without taking into account the potential dangers or consequences. This is often a mistake, and you should know better if you want to tackle on a certain task.

The following list will give you enough examples of what might happen if you rush things or act unprepared. Maybe some of the examples will serve as a reminder one day, who knows?

1. Here is how someone decided to apply for a job

Image Source: Instagram

Job applications can be very different from each other. We guess that there is more than one good way to approach an HR. However, the one you see here is definitely not among them! As you can see, someone decided to use a meme as a cover letter! We guess that using a picture from The Office and trying to show some sense of humor is not the right way to apply for a job.

2. This is why you should never go in a hurry

Image Source: Reddit

People like to say that if you are in a hurry, you better take slow down. It sounds like an oxymoron, but there is truth to that! No matter how much you feel you need to rush it, it is better to take it slow and be careful. Otherwise you could end up in a situation like the one you see in the photo above. This truck driver drove off so fast that he forgot to lower the mechanism of his dump truck. The result is a complete disaster! A lot of power lines and poles were down.

3. Some people can obviously feel at home no matter where they are

Image Source: Instagram

Going to a baseball game means that you will be a part of a huge crowd for a few hours. During this time you must behave accordingly and act like a normal member of society. However, some people find it hard and simply behave the way they want, no matter that it might be considered inappropriate. The person you see here definitely did that, and he seems to be comfortable after he removed his shoes in the middle of the crowd.

4. Talking about inappropriate things in public places, you need to see this

Image Source: Instagram

This is a really disturbing photo and the reasons for that are numerous. First of all, you need to behave accordingly to the fact that you are in a public place, as we already mentioned. This person is clearly not doing it! Second, most people would probably consider such behavior to be disrespectful! After all, this was the place where President Lincoln was shot.

5. Selfies are not that easy to take

Image Source: Instagram

People are obsessed with selfies and they take dozens of them every day. However, most of them look the same and this is why some people show creativity sometimes. Unfortunately, these attempts are not always successful. This one is probably a good one, depending on the way you look at it. The effect that was created makes the person look scary, but at least he gave it a try.

6. This book store needs a bit of reorganization

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes certain locations have problems with their employees. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a diner or a carwash, people could still make a lot of mistakes on the job. This book store is a good example of how things are not supposed to be done! We guess that kids would have zero interest in politics or science. Of course, they will read these books at some point in their lives, but right now we guess that this section of the book store needs a different kind of books.

7. You need to have dignity when you leave your job

Image Source: Instagram

It is always strange when you quit your job or the manager fires you. This is because something you were used to for a certain period of time will no longer be the same way, and you start realizing it. Of course, we cannot say that it is a pleasant experience in most cases, but you still need to take the fact with dignity. However, sometimes people leave their jobs in a way that cannot be described as normal. Stealing the chicken nuggets from your former workplace is definitely a proof of that.

8. Here is a controversial sight to see

Image Source: Reddit

When you read a newspaper, the main headlines on every page need to have an impact or to be influential. The reader’s attention has to be focused on the material with the main headline! This is especially important when we are talking about the front page. However, this is not the case with this newspaper. The headline seems really good, but the fact that the newspaper’s plastic wrapper is in confrontation with it really ruins the whole impact.

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9. You have to express yourself regardless of what the haters might say

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes you just feel like doing something extraordinary! It might be a simple thing, but as long as nobody else does it, you are still going to be different from the crowd! The person who took this selfie was able to do exactly that. We have no idea why he decided to wear his headphones like that, but the person behind him seems outraged! It might not be a big deal, but it is still a good example of the rebellious little things we like to see!

10. Some designers need to have a second look at their creations

Image Source: Wedding Inspirasi

Designers have a very interesting job! People often think that their duties include only sketching some stuff and receiving fat checks. Actually, the designer profession includes a lot of responsibility and requires a huge skillset, too. Of course, having a lot of experience does not guarantee a perfect result every time. As you can see, this dress looks stunningly beautiful at first sight, but there is a huge mistake in the design. It looks like as if the person wearing it farted at the exact moment the photo was taken!

11. Since we are talking about design, you need to take a look at this

Image Source: Instagram

Some mistakes are so funny that we sometimes think that a rogue designer might have done them on purpose! This is exactly the case with these uniforms. The logo looks good and we like the bright red color. However, the huge ‘S’ in the logo is poorly positioned and you can easily see why! It looks ridiculous and funny! We guess that everyone noticed the mistake very soon. The logo designer probably learned a valuable lesson and always double-checks his work.

12. This is what it means to be above the law

Image Source: Instagram

Kids always do forbidden things. Some little rascals really surpass every level of troublemaking by doing things like this one. As you can see, this is one really smart little girl! She was able to order a huge amount of toys, and nobody suspected a thing! Her parents realized what happened only when the packages were delivered! The girl’s reaction is the best thing of all! She looks so proud of herself, and there is no trace of guilt!

13. Some parties escalate quickly

Image Source: Twitter

People can go really wild after they have a few drinks! This is perfectly normal, because a few cocktails are guaranteed to improve your mood! However, the usual night out would include a restaurant and a club after that, but not Target! We have no idea why these people decided to go there, but it does not seem to be the best idea for an after party! Maybe they reconsidered their choice and went to a real club instead.

14. Dad can be really cool sometimes

Image Source: Instagram

We all know how dads like to make ridiculous jokes, but sometimes they are able to really pull off something really cool! As you can see, this person’s father was able to take a selfie with Cardi B, and he seems proud of himself, too! We guess that if someday we receive a text like that from a member of our families, we would be thrilled!

15. This is babysitting done wrong

Image Source: Instagram

People need to be careful when they leave their kids with someone. Even if that person is a family member, there could still be a potential danger for the toddler! Of course, this is not always the case with babysitters, but you need to have it in mind. As the photo suggests, the kid seems happy, but the whole things seem a bit too much for playtime.

16. Taking a panoramic photograph is no easy task

Image Source: Imgur

We always like to use the panoramic function of our smartphones whenever we get the chance to. However, it is definitely not easy to take a perfect panorama! You need to have a steady hand in order to blend the frames in the best possible way. Unless you have the proper skills, the end result would be similar to this one. The person who took this one should try harder.

Written by Nick Martin

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