15 People Who Thought They’ve Been Doing It Right, But Are So Wrong

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You may think that you do everything the right way, even the little everyday tasks and chores. Chances are that you were wrong, as the pictures on this list suggest; it turns out that doing something in the most obvious possible way is not the correct approach, and these geniuses here are about to demonstrate how to get things done. Take notes, folks.

1. This ad suggests that you were using your mat all wrong

Image Source: Imgur

If you have been lying on your inflatable mat every time you’ve been on the beach or a picnic, you have been using it all wrong, according to this print ad. Now you know how it’s done.

2. Scanning your ID is no easy task

Image Source: Reddit

We bet that every time someone asked you to scan and send them your ID card or passport, you scanned the inside pages as well. Why bother doing that, when you can do it quickly like this student did. It is a scanned passport, isn’t it? Job well done, we guess.

3. Fashion advice from a professional

Image Source: Imgur

All of the women wearing the cups on their shirt in the front are obviously wrong; let this lady show you the right way to do it.

4. The right approach to carrying your suitcase

Image Source: Reddit

Yes, this suitcase has wheels on it, and yes, the woman is simply dragging it around. What if this was the correct way, instead of just rolling it? Why do you always have to choose the easy path?

5. You’re never going to fuel your car the same way again

Image Source: Imgur

Here’s something you’ve been doing wrong your entire life. Why do you insert the nozzle in the tank cap while you could stand back and shoot the gas out; it seems way more fun this way.

6. Think it’s spelled ‘bon appétit’? Think again

Image Source: Imgur

We must congratulate this guy not only with his birthday, but for his immaculate grammar as well. ‘Bone Apple Tea’ sounds a bit controversial, but we still like it better than the old ‘bon appétit’ version.

7. Bonfire marshmallows are a thing of the past

Image Source: Reddit

Why bother setting up a fire just to roast some marshmallows when you could apply this person’s life hack.

8. The screenshot function of the iPad is obsolete

Image Source: Reddit

Why bother using the screenshot function on your device when you could simply toss it into the photocopying machine and do it in no time.

09. The sign suggests that this machine has a dark past behind it

Image Source: Imgur

If you are one of the regular folks who use the hand dryer just to dry their hands, you obviously missed the other neat function it has. Be sure to try it next time.

10. This guy was probably not the brightest student in his class

Image Source: Reddit

Imagine how easy it would be for him if he could figure out that he already has two ways of protecting his eyesight from the sun, and both of them are on his head.

11. Here is a fun way to clean the entire home and the front lawn

Image Sourche: Imgur

Fed up with cleaning the whole house for hours and hours? Say no more, here’s some advice. Put all the detergent you have in the washing machine, turn it on and get out of the house.

12. Who needs a pickup truck anyway?

Image Source: Reddit

Instead of bringing a ladder home safely, why not just stick it out the windows of your car and see what happens?

13. This ‘how not to lose your keys’ tutorial is radical

Image Source: Reddit

Apparently some girl decided that she would never lose her keys again, since they were now locked safe. Do you think she realized what she had done eventually?

14. Selfie sticks reinvented

Image Source: Reddit

If you think selfie sticks are just for taking selfies, you are very wrong; apparently they could provide extra grip on your smartphone.

15. The correct way to park at a gas station

Image Source: Reddit

Obviously backing up to the gas station like that makes fueling the car a more efficient process.

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