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16 People Who Will Definitely Not Get Back What They Lost

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Nobody likes losing stuff. Whether it is something small or something of extreme value, the feeling of frustration is always present. Unfortunately, we lose different things more than often. It is just one of life’s perks, we guess. Sometime we are lucky and the things we lost return to us in some way. However, in other cases we lose things by destroying them. This means that we can never get them back, which is a real bummer! If you lose something that you could never retrieve, the right thing to do would be to let it go! The disappointment will fade away, and life will go on.

Take a look at these photos. You will see different situations in which people lost things, most of which they will not be able to get back.

1. Losing the wedding rings is a huge no-no

Image Source: Reddit

The best man is probably the most important person at any wedding, not counting the future husband and wife, of course. However, such a position comes with great responsibility! It takes a lot of effort to entertain everyone, to dance and drink all the time, and to prepare a memorable speech. And last, but not least, you must not lose the wedding rings! Unfortunately, this is exactly what the best man at this wedding did. A lot of the guests tried to find them and they eventually did. Of course, it was only after the ceremony ended!

2. Some lessons are learned the hard way

Image Source: Reddit

If you lose something that you haven’t paid for yourself, you would likely not miss it that much. However, if your cash is earned hard and you bought something with it, you would surely cherish it. This is a lesson that one girl learned the hard way. After losing her iPhone at a bar, she thought that she was about to receive a new one. However, her parents decided to teach her something about responsibility. The gift she expected to get turned out to be something very different. We like this kind of approach!

3. Sarcasm can be a powerful weapon

Image Source: Imgur

Sometimes delivering a message takes something more than just a note. When you need to express feelings or emotions, you need to act accordingly. This situation is the perfect proof. It is also extremely funny and clever! Some person noticed that they X-Acto knife was missing. Nobody probably expected such an answer after putting that note. The culprit obviously had a sense of humor! As you can see, the person who took the knife used it to carve the answer! It is savage and we like it a lot.

4. This one is painful and we feel sorry as well

Image Source: Reddit

Everyone loves Jelly Bellies. We would be surprised to find out that someone does not fancy the yummy treats. This is why we think that a lot of people would spare a thought for tis person. Losing a whopping eight pounds of Jelly Bellies is truly devastating. If this happened to us, we would be pissed! However, this person would know better and use more than one bag at the bulk store next time.

5. This is among the weirdest things you can see in the sky

Image Source: Reddit

There is a variety of flying object nowadays. You can see planes, helicopters, hot air balloons, jetpacks and all kinds of contraptions. However, the last thing you would expect to see is a huge horse in the sky! The photo is more than curious, but we have an explanation. It was taken at a horse racing event! The object was a large helium-filled balloon that some kid let loose. You can bet that the kid will not get the balloon back.

6. This is why taking a selfie during a skydive can be a bad idea

Image Source: Reddit

Skydiving is fun and you would definitely want to capture the moment. However, you need to be sure that you took all the necessary precautions. This includes a GoPro camera or at least a strap-on case for your phone. You can be sure that everything else would end up in disaster. The photo shows exactly why that is true.

7. We are glad that this didn’t happen to us

Image Source: Reddit

Perhaps most people like to open their cans near or over the sink. The reason for that is avoiding any spill on the kitchen floor. It makes total sense to do it, but you still need to be careful. Someone obviously did not put much effort in that and you can see the result. The tuna can happened to be the exact same size as the drain! This tight fit would make it nearly impossible to get out. However, we believe that the person who did it found a way to get it out of there eventually.

8. Those glasses were surely broken into tiny bits after such a fall

Image Source: Reddit

Wearing glasses is related to certain responsibilities. You need to take good care of them, because they are more than an accessory. Protecting them from scratches and all kinds of damage is essential. This man probably knew that, but he decided to wear them while rock climbing! Maybe he took them out of necessity, because some people need them on all the time. However, it turned out to be a bad idea, and you can see how the glasses fall down. We hope he got a new pair as soon as possible.

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9. Here is something that was lost since the beginning

Image Source: Imgur

If you don’t see it on first glance, we’ll point it out. One of the two iconic arches in the McDonald’s logo is missing! This must be one of the worst design fails ever! We cannot believe that someone actually made this, but keep in mind that another person approved it and paid for it! It is unbelievable, but it is still a fact. We hope that the sign was changed eventually.

10. Here is a story about finding more than you were looking for

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes you are actually able to retrieve the lost item. Even better, in certain cases you may actually score some kind of profit! This is the story behind this photo. The person you see here lost his disc in a pond while playing disc golf. He decided to retrieve it by diving inside. As you can see, he got way more than he expected!

11. Keep this photo in mind next time you are around power tools

Image Source: Reddit

Well, we need to say that we felt very sad upon looking at this phone. It is not nice to see someone lose his data and contacts in such a way. The person who posted this photo mentioned that a saw did this to their phone. It looks perfectly cut in half, so it is hard to believe that it was an accident. We hope that the phone’s owner was able to retrieve at least some of the data in it.

12. Long lost items can also be retrieved, apparently

Image Source: Reddit

We need to admit that stories about reunions and finding long lost items are our favorite! They always bring a certain feeling of satisfaction and relief. We like these positive vibes a lot! This is the reason why we love this photo. This man was able to find his wedding ring in the garden a whopping fifteen years after losing it! This is a nice reminder to always wear rings that fit perfectly.

13. Here is one curious find that it is a bit creepy, too

Image Source: Reddit

Someone posted this photo of their recent ice fishing trip. As you can see, they stumbled upon a rather unusual find! These dentures were probably a bad to thing to lose, because they are expensive! Let’s hope that whoever lost them in the first place was able to buy new ones. This is definitely one of the worst things that someone could lose.

14. It seems that ice fishing is risky

Image Source: Imgur

This example would definitely confirm that ice fishing is not easy and definitely not safe. You need to be very careful and protect yourself and your items. However, accidents can happen despite any safety precautions. This photo is only a small reminder of that. The most probable reason for this was the freezing cold temperatures. The person was probably wearing gloves while trying to take a photo.

15. Someone literally lost a part of themselves

Image Source: Imgur

When we discuss lost items, a breast implant would hardly make the list! However, it seems that it could happen, and this photo shows exactly that! Someone lost an implant, as well as a credit card. The curious find definitely raises some questions. How anyone could lose something like that? There must be a story behind this one, but we have no way of guessing it.

16. The phone tracking function is not useful in all cases

Image Source: Reddit

Most people hope that they would never have a reason to use the tracker function. However, if your phone gets stolen or lost, this app could save the day! At least this is what this person hoped for. Unfortunately for him, the Find My iPhone function was not particularly helpful. You can see the reason in the photo above. We hope that it was a mistake and the real location of the phone was found eventually.

Written by Nick Martin

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