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16 People Whose Brilliance Is Too Big For The Internet

Image Source: Reddit

People can show their genius in a number of ways! An individual can come up with hacks which can make our daily routines easier or discover something so simple that has been in front of us all the time. However, someone could also show brilliance by pulling off an amazing prank or showing unreachable levels of sarcasm! Whatever the case is, such people are usually just too good for the internet! However, they are here and we get to admire their brilliance!

1. This is what high levels of sarcasm looks like

Image Source: Instagram

We have a theory that if you are born with a sense of humor, it gets better and better when you age! It is just like how a good bottle of wine gets better when it ages in the proper cellar! This short story is all you need to believe in that theory. Only a professor could be able to throw a sarcastic joke like this one! We are sure that he knew the difference between these two words, but he decided to play along and absolutely nailed it!

2. Sometimes a person’s sense of humors may have weird side effects

Image Source: MeMe

There are some people who would walk that extra mile in order to pull off the perfect joke! We guess that this person had the best idea to surprise her boyfriend, and she leaped into action! When she asked him the question, he probably had different things in mind, but then she sent the photo, as well! We cannot believe the outfit she is wearing, and it really looks like a sundae!

3. This is both funny and sad

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that some of the best and most sarcastic jokes have some truth and even a sad note within them. In order to make you laugh and to hit you in the feels, we guess that there is no other way! As you can see, this person was able to do exactly that. She pretty much described what the majority of people over 30 have adopted as a way of life.

4. HGTV should definitely produce this show

Image Source: Instagram

We laughed a lot when we saw this post, and we also believe that the idea is more than amazing! We guess that such a show would probably reach the highest ratings possible! The reason for that is that most people are judgmental when it comes to others’ homes! This is why it would a really relatable show and it is destined to be a success!

5. Here is a brilliant answer to a simple question

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that the feud between millenials and baby boomers will not end soon. These two generations have a long history of arguing about a lot of things. Taking a side in this conflict is not easy at all! As you can see, this simple and also a bit strange question was probably a sarcastic attempt to offend millenials, but it backfired with a bang! Someone gave a brilliant answer and shut down the whole thing! We love it when the most simple and basic answer contains huge amounts of sarcasm as well!

6. This is the best attitude when you need to deal with problems

Image Source: Instagram

Moving to a new place is always related to numerous tiny details that need sorting out. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a home or an office, you are likely to spend weeks until you manage to complete everything and make it the way you want to. However, there are some tasks that are not up to you! So you might as well be sure to remind those whose responsibility the tasks were about the problem! Doing it in a brilliantly funny way is the best tactic!

7. Here is how you can tell that you have found the right partner

Image Source: Twitter

People with fun personalities are our kind of people! They are to work with and live with, so if you found one, you better make sure to keep them! It doesn’t take much to know if the one you are sharing your life with is among those people. It seems that this person will not look any further, because his girlfriend proved that she was more than a fun person! Putting googly eyes on every item in the fridge is definitely a proof of that!

8. Settling arguments with your partner is actually simple

Image Source: Instagram

A lot of people are afraid to stand tall when an argument with their partner is about to begin. In these cases the argument is actually a one-way tirade! Of course, when the argument has already begun, you need to evaluate the situation and probably be wise about it, because nobody actually wins in these situations. As you can see, this person’s boyfriend was completely aware of that and he showed how mature he was, ending the fight in the best possible way!

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9. Talking about arguments, here is how some of them start

Image Source: Twitter

Men have always wanted to know the answers to certain questions related to women. It seems that all the ladies in the world have at least a few things in common, with little to no exception! There are secrets to the basics of their behavior that men have yet to discover. One of the most common examples is most women’s unexplainable inability to be able to decide what they want to do or where they want to go. This sarcastic meme is the perfect example! Of course, guys do the same when it comes to other things.

10. They shouldn’t have cancelled this show

Image Source: Pleated Jeans

As much as we love straight answers, we must share an interesting fact about being honest and giving simple answers. When someone asks you something, the questions itself most often points the direction of your thoughts. However, some of the most brilliant minds out there would always try to go around it and think outside the box. As you can see, the best answer is often the most obvious one!

11. This is definitely a sign of maturity

Image Source: Twitter

This is probably going to be considered a controversial move by some people, but it actually is something that you can consider to be a step toward adulthood! Pouring wine inside the water dispenser container is something that is simple and yet brilliant! We cannot believe that we didn’t think about this option before. We are also glad that this genius shared this life hack with us!

12. As people say, being alone is not that bad

Image Source: Reddit

Many people are afraid of being alone. However, the fact that you do not have a partner in the moment can be a very good thing! It is your choice to accept being single as loneliness or freedom! In order to be completely happy and enjoy this freedom, you must truly love yourself! Chances are that if you do, you would have a lot of wine boxes around, so why not out them into use! This person was able to do exactly that, and now he enjoys being single in style!

13. This brilliant hack will solve your procrastination problems

Image Source: Instagram

One of the worst habits modern people have is procrastination. We always postpone even the simple everyday tasks we have, and this is not good! When it comes to studying, procrastination takes over completely, and it seems that there is no remedy! However, someone developed a simple system that we simply love! As you can see, there are a few treats stacked inside the textbook, and we would be really motivated to get to them!

14. Here is how a simple thing can bring comfort to a lot of people’s lives

Image Source: Instagram

Some urban planners seem to care for pedestrians a lot more than people would think! Apparently this sidewalk included large sections of air vents, but it would be impossible to pass through them while wearing high heels. As you can see, someone put their brilliant mind to work and came up with this ingenious solution! It is subtle and really effective!

15. Some kids are beyond smart

Image Source: Pleated Jeans

You may have noticed that some toddlers are exceptionally smart! When you compare children who are the same age, some of them tend to behave like an older person, which has always been a very curious fact for us! These kids show the type of creativity and problem solving skills that are not typical for their age. As you can see, the child who was able to create this chair setup is surely going places! We predict a bright future for that little rascal!

16. This is both a creative and impressive solution

Image Source: MeMe

Sometimes a brilliant and creative mind can save the day! We have no idea of this bathing suit failed or it was simply too small for this woman to put on. Whatever the reason was, some genius solved the problem. This carabiner was more than enough to secure the bathing suit top! The woman seems to be quite comfortable with this setup and she probably even forgot about it.

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