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16 Photos That Will Definitely Convince You We Are All Living In ‘The Matrix’

Image Source: Reddit

There are a lot of supporters of the Matrix theory out there. Sometimes we are on the edge of becoming a part of them ourselves! The reasons for that are many, and you can see examples in the following list! In certain moments it really looks like we live in a digitally generated simulation, just like the Matrix trilogy suggested. It may sound crazy at first, but once you start searching for images like the ones below, your mind will be blown!
Enjoy the list and decide if everything around is real or it is just an illusion!

1. Here is one unusual car accident

Image Source: Reddit

Those among you who have played videogames before probably know that a lot of the laws of physics do not apply in the virtual reality. For example, if you crash a vehicle into a wall in the real world, it would surely cause a lot of damage. This is not necessarily true for the videogame. As you can see, this is one interesting crash, because it looks like the car just punctured a whole in the, without damage to the surrounding area, which is weird.

2. Here is another car-related situation

Image Source: Reddit

Let’s continue the comparison between real life and videogames. In a lot of games you can summon a car out of nowhere by just typing the right code. The problem is that in a lot of cases the car appeared in the wrong place. After all, you couldn’t drive off a rooftop, which made the whole thing meaningless. Something similar probably happened here, and we have no explanation for this photo.

3. This one is really intriguing

Image Source: Instagram

We all love taking photos from the plane windows! There are a lot of mesmerizing views to see, but in certain cases you can get even more than you asked for! As you can see, someone was able to take an interesting photo. It shows a human figure which seems to be walking between the clouds, casting a shadow over the lower ones. It must be a coincidence, but it sure looks like a human being.

4. Maybe someone misplaced this cow there by accident

Image Source: Reddit

If we assume that we are in a computer simulation, then all objects must be instantly generated and place where they are supposed to be. It appears that this feature can suffer malfunctions, and this cow on the top of a water tower proves it! Of course, it may be nothing more than a prank, but we would never know! If someone deliberately put the cow up there, we salute them for the effort, because a cow weighs a lot!

5. Here is the strangest Porsche you will ever see

Image Source: Reddit

This Porsche may actually be a failed attempt to generate a car in our digital simulation. As you can see, it seems that it was way overinflated and it is hardly usable! Of course, this is not the case with this particular vehicle. It is actually an art car, and the swollen look was intentionally created. It is still a very strange idea, though.

6. This is why we doubt everything

Image Source: Reddit

If it is true that we live in a matrix, then we should question everything! After seeing this photo, we really did start question our reality. As you can see, The Teletubbies were nothing more than a hoax! The cute and cuddly creatures were obviously plotting something more, and the photo shows their real intentions! Seeing a Teletubby soldier is simply too much to handle!

7. Being in a simulation is not that bad sometimes

Image Source: Instagram


As you can see, random glitches in our supposed matrix are not that bad sometimes. This really beautiful kitten made of clouds is a nice example of that! Someone was able to capture it and by adding just a few small touches it looks absolutely real! Maybe it is not the most convincing proof that we live in a simulation, but it is still a nice thing to see.

8. We always knew that dogs are even smarter than they seem to be

Image Source; Instagram

Sometimes animals can do amazing things! We are often left speechless upon seeing an animal do something just the way a human would! Maybe these moments are not a coincidence and everything is because of the simulation we are living in! Nobody could give a straight answer to that, but we might as well enjoy the smart things animals often do. This cute puppy was able to wave for the photo just like a human would, and we loved these photos the moment we saw them!

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9. This must be a glitch in the matrix for sure

Image Source: Reddit

We have always wondered why a rabbit should bring us eggs on Easter. It seems a strange tradition, but if we assume that it was just a part of the matrix, then everything would fall into place. However, one glitch in the simulation may answer or raise a lot of new questions about this tradition. As you can see, this eerie basement is stacked with Easter eggs, and the whole scene looks puzzling. Maybe they were dumped there by accident, but we would never know.

10. This unusual setup may be related to the matrix

Image Source: Reddit

You can probably find a lot of weird stuff while you are in search of the computer simulation origins. If you stumble upon something that looks completely out of place, it could mean that you are on the right track. We guess that finding an old ATM machine in a toilet is a nice example! It may actually be related to the way things are generated for our simulated reality, but it still does not reveal the exact mechanism of how things happen. Of course, someone probably put that ATM there for storage, but it doesn’t hurt to think about some conspiracy, right?

11. Twins are probably part of matrix plan, too

Image Source: Reddit

We have no way of confirming that, but it always seemed too good to be true! We all know at least one pair of identical twins, and they really do look the same, as if someone copied a human and pasted it. Genetics explains how this phenomenon is possible, but if we assume that life as we know it is a simulation, than genetics would be part of it, so it all adds up! We know that it is a wild theory, but it is an interesting one.

12. This guy has probably seen one of the downsides of the matrix

Image Source: Reddit

The sign this person is holding is really puzzling. It describes a scenario worthy of a Hollywood movie, which is why we find it hard to believe. The described situation probably never happened. What the sign actually shows is this person’s great sense of humor! He tried to use it and exploited a movie scenario in order to raise money, and we appreciate his effort.

13. Sometimes the creations of the matrix are not perfect

Image Source: Reddit

Talking about glitches in the matrix, this one is probably one of the best possible examples! As you can see, the simulation probably tried to create a man, but the process was rushed a bit. The end result is nothing near what a person should look like. Of course, we tried to find another explanation for this photo, and it was probably only a prank. The man in the photo looks like that because there was a glitch in the camera instead of a failure in the supposed simulation we are living in.

14. Here is a photo that you can’t fake

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes an accidental photo reveals a glitch in the matrix that you cannot simply argue with! This is definitely one of those photos, and we like it a lot, because it looks common. However, the most common things are often extraordinary, especially if you are supportive of a theory like the one we are discussing today. It may only be a coincidence, but we would never know for sure.

15. This spooky sight is in favor of the theory supporters

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes it takes just a little effort to spot the signs of a digitally generated simulation. In other cases they are more than obvious. It all depends in what you are willing to believe in! Seeing this weird figure on the top of a tree would make the theory supporters say ‘we told you so’. Of course, it looks too artificial to be real, so we guess it was just another art installation. However, we need to admit that it looks as if someone just neutralized an agent of the matrix.

16. Sometimes the supposed glitches in the matrix cannot be explained

Image Source: Twitter

As you can see, there are times when it is hard to explain something we see. The only thing that comes to mind in these situations is the matrix theory again. This photo is a good example, because the last things you would expect to see in the middle of the urban decay are some beautiful fish! There may be another explanation to the photo, but we cannot provide it.

Written by Nick Martin

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