16 Pics Showing How Pizza Shops Did Drawing Requests ‘Like A Boss’

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If you still haven’t experienced the fun such places can offer, you should definitely check out a location like has these special options available! What could be better than combining the taste of a freshly baked pizza with having some fun in a unique way? One of the services in such places includes an option you can add. It is typically a request for a joke or a funny drawing on the box. It can get a lot funnier when the staff decides to spice things even more than the person who makes the order and the list below is full of examples what happens after that!

1. This person really wanted a kitty on their pizza box

Image Source: Reddit

This client shared the funny image you see on social media with a bit of history behind it. It appears that the person really wanted a kitty drawn on their pizza box but nobody was able to draw one for months. As you all know, people should be careful what they wish for because if often turns into reality! As you can see, this person got their kitty, but it was definitely not what they expected!

2. Someone ordered a pizza for themselves and asked for a special feature

Image Source: Twitter

Here is an interesting scenario. This person decided to order a pizza for themselves but they added a special kind of additional feature with it. The person ordered for a giraffe to be drawn! As strange as it sounds, the staff decided to make it even weirder, and you can see the brilliant end result! We are more than sure that the customer laughed their pants off when they saw it!

3. Now this is a classic move

Image Source: Reddit

Having a sense of humor is often not enough; you need to show the highest level of sarcasm if you really want to make an impact. We believe that the employee who took care of this order was able to create the best prank in the best possible way! The client ordered a joke to be written on the back side of the box lid, and the Pizza Hut staff placed a mirror instead! Brilliant!

4. Here is why you should be careful with the witty orders

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Some people really push it when placing their pizza orders. In an attempt to show off and prove they are capable of pulling a joke, they actually turn themselves into sitting ducks! As you can see, the staff at this pizza place accepted the ‘send nudes’ request quite literally and sent a completely topless pizza. And by topless we mean that the pizza had zero toppings on it, only the crusty dough part!

5. Now this is worthy of sharing all around social media

Image Source: Reddit

If you like standup comedy, then you will definitely love this one! It appears that the employee who took care of this order knows their game well! The customer simply wanted to have a joke written on the inside of their pizza box, but the employee took things to another level. They threw in a clever pun first, and the second part literally destroyed one of the pizza place’s main competitors!

6. We like how this joke looks and we also like how the pizza looks

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The list so far made us laugh but it also caused us to experience pizza cravings! Of course, having a slice of pizza is easy, you just call and it will be on your doorstep soon enough. What is even better about that is that it might contain more than just a pizza! The quality joke inside the box would be the best bonus and this person was not disappointed at all! The T-Rex drawing and the text next to it are witty and funny!

7. Things got a bit serious here, perhaps

Image Source: Reddit

Now this is something that we totally approve but we are also a bit worried about the possible outcome of such a situation. You see, this was not supposed to be written on the inside of that box. A man simply wanted the pizza shop staff to write something that would cheer up his girlfriend a bit. Well, it probably cheered her up, all right, but the poor person who ordered the special addition probably regretted it!

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8. The customer requested something and the pizza place delivered

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that nothing can boost your appetite better than a good laugh while you feel the smell of the pizza right in front of you. The person who ordered this pizza was probably well aware of that because they requested a joke to be added to the box. After reading the joke we could not stop laughing for a solid ten minutes, because it is simply too funny!

9. Here is another satisfied customer

Image Source: Twitter

Ordering a pizza has never been funnier! The option to request something special is definitely a genius move but what is even better is that there apparently are many employees who know how to pull off a good joke! This person also wanted a joke written on the box, and they definitely received one of the best ones yet! The pun in that joke is absolutely brilliant!

10. Some requests are more than strange

Image Source: Instagram

As much as we like the clever ideas of the people working at pizza shops, we need to add that in some cases the funny end result is because of the client request! Some people really ask the most ridiculous things and this is a perfect proof of that. A customer wanted a drawing of a panda riding a giraffe while holding a red cup. We hope he was happy with his delivery!

11. Here is one brilliant move

Image Source: Reddit

This picture was uploaded on social media by the roommate of the person who ordered the pizza. That person wanted something funny to be written on the inside of the box lid and probably expected exactly that. As you can see, the girl working at the pizza shop took the order with the sole intention to troll the customer and actually taped a photo of The Grumpy Cat, which is better than any other joke she could have written there!

12. Now this is some serious interpretation

Image Source: Reddit

Again, we need to remind people that wishing for something in particular might result into getting exactly what you wanted, so you need to be as specific as possible when placing that order! Otherwise you just might end up with an end result similar to this one. Technically speaking, the customer got what they wanted, but we all know it is not what they had in mind, is it?

13. A pizza delivery employee posted this one and we love it

Image Source: Imgur

This case involves another specific but rather strange customer request. Someone actually wanted a classy cat to be drawn on the cardboard box. The employees have seen it all, we guess, so the customer who ordered this received some special treatment! This cat could not get more classy, and the hidden message inside the caption should be used by Domino’s marketers for sure!

14. This is the best joke on the list so far

Image Source: Reddit

As you might expect, there are customers who request dirty jokes and drawings to be included in their orders, and pizza shop workers do not hesitate to respond to such requests. As you can see, someone wanted to read a dirty joke and definitely got the wittiest of them all! We laughed really hard because we actually imagined that happening in real life! It would be just too funny to observe!

15. Sarcasm is always the best approach

Image Source: Reddit

As we already mentioned, responding to a client request for a joke on the pizza box is fairly easy. It is a chance for every employee to show off their funny side! For the best possible results, however, a lot of sarcasm needs to be added in order for the joke to come out just the way it is supposed to! We believe that whoever came up with this one really needs to reconsider their career choices and immediately join a comedy club, because this is just hilarious! The way this employee mocked Starbucks is amazing!

16. The simple approach also leads to good results

Image Source: Twitter

When a customer orders a special addition in the form of a joke or a drawing, they probably expect to receive exactly what they ordered, right? Well, this probably happens most of the times but in some cases pizza shop employees take matters into their own hands and sarcasm starts pouring out like a river! The funny way that some unknown employee interpreted this customer’s request is really witty and it is technically correct, too! Seeing it made us cringe, and we need to add that the drawing itself is actually pretty good! Job well done!

Written by Sven Miller

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