16 Pics Showing People Who Had No Shame For Real

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We all see how certain individuals tend to do things on their own terms! They never obey the regulations, norms or rules they should and the worst part is that they always get away with it! This is just not right but it is still a fact! You have probably been in such a situation more than once and you know that feeling when you want to teach someone a lesson. The list below suggests such situations. You may find some of them to be hilarious but they are all unacceptable and people should never do such things. They should act like true members of society instead!

1. This is definitely one of the worst parking fails ever

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Well, if you ask the person who parked this huge SUV there, they would tell you that there is no problem whatsoever. However, there is a variety of problems with this situation. Not only did the driver take more than one parking space, the entire area was reserved for disabled people!

2. Some people never read the additional information when they are supposed to

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We all know people who act without putting in much thought before that! This often leads to a result that could be considered to be inappropriate, and this example makes no exception. As you can see, someone took a can of soda out of this pack despite separate cans were not sold!

3. The manufacturer of these cookies should be ashamed

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We have said this multiple times before, but we will say it again – food-related disappointment is the worst kind of disappointment! In this case, someone was expecting to enjoy these delicious cookies, but they turned out to be completely different than the suggestion on the package.

4. Someone must have provoked this in a certain way

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We have no idea about the reason behind this action, but we are more than certain it was a serious one! However, despite the possible provocation, this customer had the option to do the right thing. What they did instead is something we have never seen before!

5. There is no excuse for this

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Crossing the line is easy and these people definitely did it! We are not sure about the kind of event they attended, but whatever it was, destroying the flowers was definitely not worth it! This is the kind of behavior that should never be tolerated!

6. Here is a cat that wants to steal all the attention

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As you can see, this feline probably felt bored, but this is definitely not an excuse for it to stand in it’s owner’s way! The person wanted to get a few things done, but the cat had no intention of leaving. The pet could not care less about the fact that the human had work to do.

7. This is what it means to feel at home while at a public place

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This person is definitely ruthless for doing what he did here! Not only is he taking more than one seat, but he actually took his shoes off! You can imagine how one’s feet could smell after a long time on the go, and it is definitely not a pleasant sight to see!

8. This is not the right way to grab a bagel

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Here is an image a woman decided to share online. She must have been surprised to see the way her husband decided to treat himself with a bagel. It looks like he was either too hungry or simply impatient because he literally destroyed the whole package!

9. This is just gross

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You can see the reaction of the woman who took the selfie! It is written on her face! She is definitely annoyed, pissed off and grossed out all at the same time, and no wonder! Just looking at the person next to her is more than enough for us!

10. Here is another disgusting thing to do

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We wonder about the kind of person it takes to do such a thing. What would be the reasons behind such actions?  Maybe they find it to be funny or they simply like doing the kind of thing that most people would never do! Whatever the reason is, it is unacceptable!

11. Someone noticed what a passenger behind them did

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We are all well aware of the fact that long-distance travels are exhausting and one must do whatever it takes to feel comfortable during a flight or transfer. However, there are things you shouldn’t do regardless of how comfy you might feel!

12. This happens all the time

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Here is the main reason why we prefer not to attend such events! There is always someone who prefers to get the whole thing on video instead of just enjoy it, thus blocking the view for everyone in the back!

13. Here is another commuter who feels like he is at home

Image Source: Pikabu

People should remember that when they use all the means of public transportation, they should behave like true members of society instead of doing things as the one suggested above! This person definitely needs a lesson in behaving appropriately in public.

14. Now this is something that is hard to believe

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how easy it is to ruin the result of a labor-intensive task! Constructing this street took a lot of effort, but one biker destroyed it in a matter of seconds! It looks like he had no intention of stopping!

15. Many people prefer to block the window seat

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The reason why they do this is obvious – they don’t want someone else to sit next to them, and this is actually annoying to see! There is no problem for a stranger to sit next to you! What is the big deal? Public transport is for everyone and people should remember that!

16. This is also something people should stop doing

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We understand that some individuals need frequent stops in order for their bodies to rest, but sitting right on top of food products that others buy and eat is a huge no-no!

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