16 Real Stories About People Who Struggle With Their Student Loans

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Student loans are a burden that many people still carry. The sometimes unbearable amount of money they need to return thanks to the high interest seems impossible but the tweets below prove that it happens all the time. Instead of being enthusiastic about diving into real life after graduation, students are more or less depressed about starting a career with a six-figure debt. Yes, these loans are often six-figure numbers that can make anyone’s jaw drop. Needless to say, there is no escaping from that fate: once you get the money, you will need to pay off the loan. In the end, students sometimes pay as much as three times more the amount of money they received in the first place. Maybe this is the kind of problem that needs to be addressed and this is what a girl did. Sarah Kelly shared her experience and her tweet went viral for all the right reasons. Many people replied to her and wrote about their own experience with student loans.

1. The alternative

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This person explained that he went a different route when he knew that he had to go to college. He paid more than just money for his education. The risks he took to enter college without having to owe tens of thousands of dollars is something to think about. At least he didn’t have to return money after graduating.

2. The reply

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Sarah knew she had to reply to this tweet, as it was a different scenario compared to the typical student path. She had a point when she compared this person’s choice and the choice a rich kid needs to make. It took him years of being in the army to achieve what a rich person would achieve in a minute by writing a check.

3. The law school loans

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Here is one staggering example of just how big of a debt student loans could be. As you can see, this girl has been paying nothing but interest for eight years. A quick estimation suggests that she has already paid the amount of money she once needed but the principal is still there for her to cover. She will probably spend another couple of years before she starts paying off the principal.

4. The cruel joke

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It really seems that the student loan system is designed to be like a financial maze you can never get out of. Just taking a look at this calculation is more than enough for us to feel bad about this person. She spent years paying off her student debt but it only keeps growing bigger and bigger.

5. The jobs

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Some people are able to eventually pay off their debt but the price they pay to achieve that is far too big than it should be. This person explains how he did it. Having four jobs at once means that a person has no life apart from working and getting some sleep in between. This is not living at all, as working to pay a debt is nothing but frustrating. At least he finally returned every dime he took.

6. The teacher

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Here is one example that made us wonder about the things people do to get a proper education. It appears that wanting to become a teacher is associated with having an impressive loan that you could hardly pay off with the typical teacher salary. This person has accepted that she will need to pay the debt her whole life.

7. The math

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Here is another example similar to the one above. It appears that the scheme for paying off student loans is not in students’ favor at all! This person was stunned to find that he paid off the exact amount of money he took twelve years ago. That would be nice if we didn’t see what he added in his tweet. He still owes almost as much as he paid until now which is frustrating.

8. The architect

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It appears that there isn’t much of a difference what a student will do for a living after they graduate. Their loans would be equally hard to pay off even if their line of work pays good money. As you can see, this architect finds it really hard to pay off their debt despite their rather good pay.

9. The period

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There are very long periods which students spend while paying off their debt. This tweet suggests just how long that would take. After sixteen years of paying a certain amount of money every month, this person was only able to cover a quarter of their debt. It seems that this is the kind of thing that could haunt every person for the rest of their life.

10. The additional payment

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It seems that only those who have actually been down the student loan road are aware of the kind of burden they bring on one’s shoulders. This person was finally able to dispose of the weight by it wasn’t over for them yet. As you can see, they accumulated a new debt only in a matter of days which is absurd.

11. The balloon

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This is another example of one person’s confusion related to student debt. It looks like nobody knows what they’re getting themselves into when they apply for a student loan. People never know how big of a burden they will need to carry for years to come. We guess that students will reconsider other options if they knew what they will need to pay in the end.

12. The debt

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Here is another person that was completely unaware of what they were getting themselves into. This person took a relatively small amount of money but they are still forced to pay more than that despite a long period of monthly payments. It is like a vicious circle that has no exit and students can confirm that.

13. The burden

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There is no better way to describe the student loan system than this tweet. It is another simple calculation that seems to be ludicrous but it is the reality. There are things that should not be the way they are and student loans are on top of that list. Nobody deserves to pay insane amounts of money for the rest of their lives simply because they wanted to have a proper education.

14. The control

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Nobody has control over their student debt. This person explained that even after a significant period they still haven’t paid half of what they owned. It seems that living with the thought of owing money to the government is not a pleasant thing and it is hard to get rid of it, too.

15. The way of living

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Needless to say, having a huge amount of money to return is something you need to design your lifestyle around. This person has accumulated more than a quarter of a million dollars in student debt and that seems impossible to cover. They know it and they try to live with it despite the fact it must be super hard.

16. The number of loans

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This is the tweet that started the whole thread. It shows that some loans are a better choice than others but a student would probably end up needing more than a single loan. The girl describing her bitter experience is what every student could relate to.

Written by Sven Miller

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