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16 Struggles That Most Women Will Completely Understand

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At times, women tend to have it a lot harder than men. They are expected to wear makeup, for example, and applying it can be quite the time-consuming chore. Makeup can also cost a small fortune. Women’s clothing, in general, is more expensive. The ladies’ restroom is always gross, and there always seems to be a line for the restroom at the worst possible time.

Every person is different and leads a unique life, but there are a lot of experiences out there that almost every woman has been through. Here are fifteen perfect examples.

1. Falling Asleep, Even After You Said That You Would Not

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People are busy, and life can definitely be exhausting. You might promise your family and friends that you won’t fall asleep, but people also need to sleep once in a while. If you’re tired, you’re tired, and that is just how it is. You can’t control exhaustion. Who can blame you if you are too tired to go out for drinks or talk on the phone?

2. Spending Money That You Really Do Not Have

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Regardless of one’s gender, we can all relate to this. Life is short and can end at any point, so it almost seems ridiculous to save money, right? Unfortunately, being careless with money leads to being broke, which is not a position any of us want to be in.

The average American has a ton of credit card debt, by the way—the average balance is over $6,000. In total, credit card debt is at its highest point ever. Last year, it surpassed $1 trillion.

3. There’s a Lot to do, and That Makes You Tired

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Life was a lot simpler a couple hundred years ago. You had to worry about the fact a simple bacterial infection could easily kill you—thank the heavens for antibiotics—but you were not expected to have a social media presence. You did not have to worry so much about working out, as your job probably involved a great deal of manual labor. Women had to be nice and be good to their men, but tweeting and selfies were not a priority.

4. You Know Everything About Your Date Before You Actually Go on the Date

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Thanks to social media, we often know everything about our possible romantic partners before we meet them. That is not necessarily a good thing. A little mystery in a relationship can be a positive thing, and actually taking the time to get to know a new person is one of the very best things about a new relationship.

It also is not terribly comforting to know that the people with whom we are going out on dates have researched us on the web. Nobody is perfect, and we all have our baggage.

I genuinely hope nobody tries to ascertain another person’s Social Security Number before dating them; that’s creepy, and probably illegal.

5. You’re Hungry, and You Want to Eat

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People get hungry, so they want to eat. A lot of people also want to lose weight. Food is delicious, after all, and we enjoy consuming it. Healthy eating is not particularly fun, as the best-tasting foods aren’t particularly good for a person’s waistline. This is not a woman-specific problem; a lot of men have trouble turning down a delicious meal or baked treat.

6. Having To Straighten Curly Hair

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Straightening one’s hair can be a real challenge, which is why there are literally dozens of hair straightening products on the market.

If you are looking for a new straightening product, some of the best on the market currently include those made by Streax, Marc Anthony, Wellastrate, and L’Oreal Paris.

7. When Guys Touch Your Belly

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This is a good tip. Almost everyone—men included—wishes for a better body; the stomach is one of those problem areas, and many of us try to make it look flatter. Life is short, and there are cookies to be eaten and wine to be consumed, and the unfortunate result of those two things is a bit of a gut.

8. Dressing To Look Good Regardless of the Weather

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Almost everyone wants to look their best when they go out; unfortunately, the weather can make that difficult. Black absorbs heat. Sometimes you have to decide if you care more about your comfort or looking good, and sometimes you decide you only care about looking good. Let’s face it: black is slimming and looks good on almost everyone. Sometimes you just have to put up with being warmer than you would like to be.

9. Needing Attention

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Unless you are dealing with a total misanthrope, people generally need attention and lots of it—no matter the gender of the person. That is not a bad thing. It is totally normal. True, there are definitely some people who crave attention in a very obvious and extreme way, but that is not the case for most people.

Therefore, if you identify with the image of Tinker Bell, that is totally fine!

She is actually a very interesting character, really. Tinker Bell has existed as a character since 1904. At first—in the play and novels—she was just a common fairy, but her appearance in the animated Walt Disney film “Peter Pan” made her extremely popular; she is now essentially the Disney Company’s mascot and the star of the “Disney Fairies” franchise.

There is actually a myth that the animated Tinker Bell was modeled after actress Marilyn Monroe; that is not true. According to an animator for Disney, Tinker Bell was modeled after the actress Margaret Kerry. Kerry was born in 1929, and she is still going strong. She is currently a radio host and producer in Los Angeles for a Christian radio station.

10. Needing More Sleep, Even If Your Job Is on the Line

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This is a struggle every person ever has known. Sometimes you just don’t want to get out of bed. Your bed is nice and warm, and there are blankets, so why would you ever want to get out of it?
Of course, if you lose your job, you might not have a bed for much longer—so that is definitely a problem.

If you’re feeling sleep deprived, you should talk to a medical professional, as sleep deprivation is a genuinely serious matter. It can lead to both weight loss and weight gain, as well as clumsiness and fatigue. Sleep deprivation has even been known to kill lab animals.

There is actually a curious and very rare condition out there known as fatal insomnia. It can also be called fatal familial insomnia under certain conditions. There is no known cure, and death generally occurs within three years.

The condition starts with insomnia, which results in panic attacks and phobias. The hallucinations then start, and the panic attacks then become obvious to others. Rapid weight loss follows; after that, those afflicted develop a form of dementia. They may become mute or totally unresponsive before they die.

Symptoms of fatal insomnia include high blood pressure, sudden menopause or impotence, and profuse sweating.

11. Your Fake Tan Is Coming Off

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When properly done, fake tans look great. There are a ton of great products out there—and a lot of talented professionals who know how to make you look awesome.

You have to be careful, though, and prepare yourself. For one, you absolutely need to exfoliate prior to getting a fake tan. Doing so will remove the dead skin cells, so the surface to which the tan is applied will be nice and smooth. Also, be aware that you should not exfoliate for a few days after the tan. You can’t even shower for several hours after a spray tan.

12. You Are Trying to Seem Chill

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This is one of those problems that practically everyone experiences. You want to come across as a calm, collected, rational human being, of course—but you are also on the verge of a mental breakdown. That is totally understandable, honestly; a lot is expected of human beings these days.
For one, thanks to cellular phones, anyone thinks they can text or call at any time and expect a response. That is insanity. 60 years ago, you had one or two phones in the house and if you were out, you were out, and they would have to call back. Just having to maintain a basic social media presence—because employers actually expect that now for some weird reason—is a very time-consuming process, and it can definitely be an infuriating process.

Women have it hard—people have it hard. Nobody is denying that.

It can definitely be hard to act unbothered.

13. Having to Go to a Wedding and Act Classy

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You don’t want to tell this to a couple who is currently engaged, but the fact of the matter is that weddings are not a lot of fun. You have to wear uncomfortable clothes. You’re expected to look your best, so there is a lot of work involved getting ready for the event. There is generally a lot of alcohol to drink, but you are expected to stay relatively sober. Getting hammered at a wedding, while fun, is not considered classy. People getting married earnestly think they are doing you a favor by inviting you to their wedding, but they are really just asking you to give them money or a gift in exchange for a mediocre meal and access to an open bar.

In the United States alone, the wedding industry is believed to be worth over $50 billion. It should be noted that wedding receptions are basically just parties that people throw for themselves or for their children. The average cost of a wedding in the United States is about $18,000. That’s a pretty expensive party. The average wedding dress costs about $1,200. That is a pretty expensive dress—especially considering the bride will probably only wear it once.

14. Having To Dress Up When You Really Just Do Not Want To

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Sometimes your friends want to get dressed up and go out; sometimes you just do not. There are probably a significant number of women out there who would love to be able to wear pajama pants and a t-shirt to their best friend’s wedding—but doing so is, for whatever reason, unacceptable.

On a semi-related note, why do people get buried in business-type attire? Why would a guy want to be buried in a suit? The guy’s body is about to become worm food, and we stick him in a suit before we stick him in the ground? That just seems mean, honestly. What a strange custom.

15. Being Judged By Your Friends

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People in general tend to be more judgmental than most of us would like. You really can’t know what another person is going through, so we should all try to be less judgmental; we won’t be, though, because that’s not human nature.

It is not fun when people judge you; they have no idea what you’re going through. You might be tired because you were up late texting or binge watching “Orange Is The New Black”; however, you might be tired because you suffer from crippling panic attacks or ate food from that place down the street that doesn’t look particularly sanitary.

16. When You Get You Hair Washed 


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This one is a real struggle, so girls please remember that you should NEVER EVER wash your hair after you have done your makeup, because it will get washed as well and you will have to start all over.

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