16 Text Message Responses By Ex Partners That Deserve To Be Framed

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Relationships are always different and you cannot find two which are exactly the same in every aspect! This is perfectly normal because we are all different and we form different bonds with people. Regardless of how good a relationship might be, it is not guaranteed to last for a lifetime! Many partners split soon or later, much to the surprise of everyone else. Maintaining some kind of relations with your ex partner is sometimes hard or impossible due to a large number of reasons, and this is why it never happens in many cases. Maybe it is better this way, and the following list proves that!

1. This one is kind of savage

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The way ex-partners communicate between each other is more or less based on the way they split! Sometimes couples act like adults and they just need a simple conversation to end things, but in other cases one or both of them feel like they got rid of a burden that they want to have nothing in common with! In this case one of the exes wanted to see the other, but you can see that it was not a mutual desire, to say the least!

2. Talking about savage

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It is fairly easy to say that a relationship did not end well, and this image says exactly that! Seeing it made us laugh, because this is one approach that we consider to be righteously correct! After all, there is no point of small talk when you don’t want to have anything to do with someone, right? The reply this ex gave even rhymes with the greeting, and the whole things sounds like it was designed to be a joke, but it is not!

3. This was a nice try

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Sometimes your desire to continue communicating with your ex in some way will not lead to anything good, and this is one such example. If you had something and now it is over forever, you should definitely move on, otherwise it would feel like a constant burden that could be too heavy to carry around all the time. This person probably knew all of the above said, but they still tried to start a conversation which ended in disaster!

4. This is the most suitable correction possible

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Well, you can consider this one to be savage as well, but in a witty way! Sure enough, the person who began texting expected a different kind of reply, and this is understandable! As you can see, the other person was not interested at all, and they showed it in the best possible way! We are sure that the message was more than clear and the conversation was over before it even started!

5. Here is how it’s done

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Sometimes people have no remorse about the past and we guess this is the best kind of attitude. No regrets are needed regardless of what happened before. In this case, however, one of the people who were in this relationship was obviously full of regrets and wanted to show their ex that splitting up with them was a mistake. They did it by making a compliment, but the other person was having none of it, so this was the most appropriate reply according to them!

6. This is how you shut down someone 

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Are you so fed up with someone that you need to shut them down as soon as they try to reach out to you? We guess many people feel this way about someone, and the person who used this funny image to reply was definitely among those people! There just a few words serving as this image’s caption, and they are more than enough in this case! Seeing how it worked out made us chuckle, because the other person probably stopped typing at all.

7. This man poured his soul but it did not work

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We have no idea what happened here but we are sure that the story of this couple and the reason why they split was not a pleasant one. Despite all that was said and done, the man decided he wanted to try one more time. He appears to be sincere and he obviously regrets whatever he had done prior to this conversation. His ex was cold as ice and she even used a huge dose of sarcasm in order to make a statement.

8. Speaking about the ‘cold as ice’ attitude 

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This is definitely one of the most savage images on the list! It shows exactly the kind of attitude we would expect to see from an ex! Of course, it is not necessary for an ex to act like; it just happens to be like that in most of the cases! One of the people in this former relationship was clearly not over the other person, but it is obviously not a mutual feeling. You could even say that it is exactly the opposite!

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9. Once the relationship is over for good, you can’t have the same feelings back

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There is an old saying that states that ‘it is not over until it is over’. The meaning behind this quote is that sometimes things are not finally over despite it feels like that. In fact, some people get together again and their bond is even stronger than before! In this former couple’s case, however, there is not a chance in the world for this to happen! We guess that sometimes things end for good and the two exes feel better after they go their separate ways!

10. This is one interesting conversation 

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There is a lot that we could assume by trying to figure out the story preceding this conversation. It is more than obvious that the male partner wanted to reach out to his ex but he was kind of pissed that she did not respond at all. He even tried to seek an explanation, but her answer gave us some hints about what he might have done in order to lose her. It must have been something unpleasant, but whatever it was, he is not getting her back.

11. Now this is something worth sharing

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This is another classic example of someone not willing to communicate with another person. In this case, a person’s ex was not particularly into talking to them and they ignored their message for a week, but the best part here is the excuse they use! It is absolutely hilarious to see it and we are sure that the person who started the conversation realized why there was such a big dose of sarcasm involved here.

12. Talking about sarcasm

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Well, sometimes exes push things a bit too much in their effort to show their former partners that they don’t want to have anything between them anymore, not even a simple form of communication. In this case, one person tried to get back together with their ex but this effort backfired massively, and you can see the result! We guess he fell for it right away, and everyone else would if they were him, too.

13. This is one classic move

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Witty people are able to come up with all kinds of ways in which they could easily make someone regret contacting them at all, and this is exactly what happened here! One person decided to casually text their ex, but the reply was a savage form of witty humor that probably made this person realize they should never contact their ex again!

14. Ariana Grande would be proud

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Wise people say that you are always served what you deserve, and we guess that this is one universal truth that most people realize soon or later. Of course, some individuals need to experience something really serious in order to realize that, and splitting with the love of your life is such a thing. As you can see, this person’s effort to reach out to their ex was shut down in a split second!

15. This is yet another savage reply 

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It seems that some people feel better and better as time passes after they left a relationship. We like seeing how individuals who felt bad while still in a long and unhappy relationship literally start to shine after they get out of it, and we guess this is exactly what happened here!

16. What comes around goes around

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Justin Timberlake’ epic single was a massive success because many people related to the lyrics, and we have the feeling that the person who replied also like that song at one point of their life!

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