16 Times People Really Made Us Shake Our Heads

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Have you ever felt that no matter how hard you tried, failure was inevitable? We have probably all been there at least once! It seems that everyone could find themselves in such a situation, regardless of the skills they have or the circumstances. We can call it bad luck, but in some cases the reason is simply reckless behavior or really bad planning. The following list will give you some examples. Enjoy them!

1. This is what the lack of a proper plan leads to

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We loved the ‘Prison Break’ series. The show had millions of fans across the world for all the right reasons. However, such TV series or movies can also be an inspiration for some inmates. A lot of prisoners dream of escaping the facilities they inhabit. Of course, this is not an easy task. This prisoner showed determination and spent five years literally making his way towards freedom, but he failed miserably! We guess that these five years of digging were nothing but a waste of time and effort.

2. The struggle is real here

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The sight of this person trying to fit the piece of luggage in the compartment made us relate. We have all tried that and sometimes it just does not work. However, the embarrassing part here is that the case he tried to snuggle in would easily fit! All he needed to do was tilt it 90 degrees to its side. This image is a part of a short video, and eventually a flight attendant takes over, tilts the case and it fits like a glove!

3. There is no logic behind this photo

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We guess that people have different preferences when it comes to food. However, we also think that the majority of people simply love pizza! It is definitely one of the most popular foods in the world! Of course, not all kinds of pizza and pizza toppings are popular. Putting toothpaste on the pizza is not a popular thing for sure! We think that someone accidently grabbed the toothpaste, mistaking it for mustard or another sauce tube.

4. Someone definitely made a mistake here

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This is one of those photos that speak for themselves! Just one look is enough to tell what exactly happened here. Seeing that photo made us wonder if the person who suffered the electric shock is okay! We hope that they made it through this accident. We guess that a really high voltage went through their body, but people are able to withstand even such a disastrous event. We hope we never experience what it’s like!

5. Sometimes a quick fix is more than enough to repair the damage

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Everyone who owns a car and drives it daily knows that damage is inevitable. This is why most drivers have insurance that covers the repair costs. However, in certain cases the damage can be insignificant, but it can also affect safety. This is why a quick repair is needed until the time for the real repair job comes. This was probably the reason why someone came up with this solution. It might not look that good, but we are sure it works.

6. This is definitely not a reliable setup

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If you have some bike riding experience, then you are familiar with the wind resistance at high speed. This is why everything you put on the bike needs to be secured properly! However, some people probably did not get the memo and they push their luck a bit too far! This biker came up with a rather unstable setup to carry extra luggage on their motorbike. We hope that they were able to successfully haul all these items safely.

7. This image is kind of disturbing

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We have seen a lot of weird photos on the internet and this one definitely qualifies as such! The idea behind this stunt is unclear, but we guess it is some strange way of advertising. This person is completely covered in some material, including their face. This makes it impossible to drink or eat, because there are no openings at all. However, the person still attempted to drink water from the bottle and you can see the result.

8. Here is one interesting delivery service

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Everyone loves to get some kind of a bonus when purchasing a certain item or service. As you can see, these bonuses are quite unexpected sometimes! This person enjoyed taking delivery of their new TV. However, there was a small bonus item inside which is really unusual. It is obvious that someone at the warehouse lost their knife. The knife itself is unusual looking, too.

9. These people needed to secure this box better

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Seeing something surprising is a common thing and it happens daily to most of us. However, seeing an opossum inside a cable box is definitely not something most people see on a daily basis. In fact, it was probably the last thing these people expected to see! It is obvious that the opossum was not happy with the rude interruption. We guess that the animal thought that the box was its new home and the people were just intruders.

10. Here is one really unpleasant situation

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Every now and then we see a photo that raises a lot of questions! This one is a really nice example. The image is both ridiculous and funny for a number of reasons! First of all, this biker obviously made the mistake to try and ride his bike on a freshly cemented street. The curious part is that he did not stop despite he surely saw what was going on. He also went pretty far so we guess he came at a high speed. And last, but not least – why did they make the street out of concrete instead of paving it or covering it with asphalt? We would never know the answer, but the biker is surely in trouble.

11. Someone obviously took a wrong turn

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No matter how wide a staircase is, you are still not advised to try and go down with a vehicle! As we can all see, someone tried despite the fact that it is obviously not possible! We guess that there was a parking space at the level where the car is crashed. The driver probably made a mistake and hit the gas pedal instead of stepping on the brakes. This is a common mistake and happens all the time. Such situations could be really dangerous and everyone needs to be careful.

12. A vehicle does not need to be ruined in order to be modified

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However, the case here is exactly that! As you can see, someone took two identical cars and welded their frond ends together! It is a crazy idea typical for cartoons, but someone did it in real life. We have no idea why would someone do such a thing. The car is definitely not roadworthy, although it probably drives. Maybe its creator wanted to make an artistic interpretation of a limousine, but in a very different style. We guess that he did, because the car is definitely unique.

13. Here is why you need to double-check everything before you post it

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The photo shown here is normal and shows just a young man enjoying a drink. However, the way he captioned the photo makes all the difference and we guess it is hilarious. He tried to show that he is a real sports fan and used the shirt to highlight this! However, he made a mistake that did not remain unnoticed! As you can see, someone quickly commented on the photo and pointed out the obvious! We guess that the man in the photo was probably a bit embarrassed!

14. This is not the typical office space for sure

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Seeing an interior like this when you walk inside an office to be interviewed can surely make an impact on your performance. As you can see, there is nothing but a huge leather couch inside this huge space. Of course, there are a number of reasons that could serve as an explanation for this weird setup. They vary from creepy to kinky, but the most probable is that the company is still in a process of furnishing the office space and it will probably be filled with desks and computers really soon.

15. Here is how neglecting all safety precautions looks like

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There are hundreds of jobs that involve a lot of risk. This means that they also require following strict safety protocols. Some people tend to skip this part and simply get the job done without thinking about the possible consequences. This is really reckless and people should have more common sense when doing something potentially dangerous. This person obviously skipped the safety instructions and went down to business, but there is an immediate risk of explosion. He should have taken the necessary precautions before he began working. We hope that it all ended well for him!

16. The portrait

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Well, I think that this kind of portrait turned out pretty good. I have seen several like this one and believe me this is the best one so far.

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