16 Times Wendy’s Proved That You Should Never Mess With Them

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There are some things that you should never do and we believe that voluntarily asking to be roasted by the people running Wendy’s Twitter account is definitely on that list! Chances are that you already know what the big deal about this account is, because these people are real savages and they spare nobody! Wendy’s even decided to invite everyone to come and get it! If you get in a feud with that account, prepare to be roasted like never before! While people avoid getting into this kind of trouble, there are some individuals and even company accounts that literally asked for it, and Wendy’s definitely delivered! The list below shows how that happened one time after another.

1. This person tried to act smart

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Here is a nice way to kick off this list! As we mentioned earlier, people were asked to literally go for it and offer their humble selves to Wendy’s for a quality roast. This man was probably convinced that he would outsmart the people running the account but he did not know how wrong he was. His idea to wrap himself as a gift from God meant to be given to all women was not bad, but Wendy’s turned that into a nice way to shut him down.

2. Now this was a nice feud with longer and saltier tweets

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Things got a bit more serious here because this person actually came up with a witty idea and he was almost able to troll Wendy’s. Of course, you cannot outsmart the masters of sarcasm and despite the good effort this person made, Wendy’s were able to turn the tables on him and came up with the best possible reply, considering the first tweet. All of the images on the list can serve as a tutorial on how to troll people and we guess there is a lot to learn from the people who run Wendy’s account.

3. This is why we love Wendy’s

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You see, when trying to mess with the best, you remain among the rest! Wendy’s proved once more that even if you think you played your cards right, you will still not be able to see where the roast will come from. Instead of buying it and roasting the cute doggo, Wendy’s roasted its owner instead! He should have seen it coming, though, but some things are learned the hard way!

4. This is a classic move

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Here is another situation in which they should have known better! But this time it is different; we believe that Mr. Peanut actually wanted to create the perfects circumstances for a good roast! Their tweet made it really easy for Wendy’s to come up with a witty tweet, and this is exactly what happened! This nut definitely got roasted and we believe it is a rather savage way to do it, too!

5. Now this is a relatable roast

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Butterfingers, we are sorry as well, but we need to agree with Wendy’s this time! It is true that when it comes to candy, we would always prefer any other type than these! Even more, we would actually give more Butterfingers compared to the quantity we receive back. It might not be a fair trade, but as we said, we just prefer other types and flavors. Wendy’s pulled it off again!

6. No mercy for nobody

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As we already mentioned, Wendy’s are willing to roast every person or company that dares to accept their challenge! Nobody will be spared and there will be no mercy! Even those who think they are too smart or cute to be roasted will taste what it is like to mess with Wendy’s! This person already went down that road. He thought that acting cute would probably win him some points, but he was wrong and got roasted!

7. Sometimes there are exceptions, but not in the way you might think

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We guess that Wendy’s can make an exception, but they would still spare nobody! The exception they made here is actually a clever pun which they picked up from another company’s attempt to prove they will not get roasted. They actually set the tone and Wendy’ simply picked it up, creating the clever pun! This is the first time Wendy’s baked someone instead of roasting them!

8. Now this is savage

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We said that when competitors try to be funny and mess with Wendy’s, they will get badly burnt each time! The savage way they took on Ore-Ida Potatoes is a classic Wendy’s move! They implied that people often forget about that brand name and all their produce goes to waste! The way Wendy’s put it was simply amazing and they were able to roast in style yet another competitor!

9. Spalding really regretted this one for sure

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It turns out that not only competitors accepted the challenge! Spalding definitely had the courage to take part in something they probably knew would end up bad for them! As you can see, they tried to act smart just like the majority of the other people and companies, but they basically got the same result. The difference is that this time Wendy’s threw in an intended sarcastic twist, mistaking the company with Wilson, which was a nice touch! This is trolling at its finest and we love it!

10. Someone tried to actually behave like Wendy’s

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Come on, why people never learn? This person probably knew what Wendy’s Twitter account is capable of, and he still decided to try and turn the tables around. He decided that if he roasted Wendy’s they would react differently or even accept his level as equal to theirs. Well, it did not happen like that. In fact, it made matters worse and Wendy’s literally shut him down and threw in the best tweet. The other person was pretty much speechless, because there is nothing much you could say after that.

11. This radio station got burnt

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If you play with fire, chances are that you will get burnt. This is a simple way to use your common sense and restrain yourself from playing with fire, but sometimes people decide to give it a go anyway. Of course, they need to accept the consequences. This radio station thought that Wendy’s would find it hard to troll them, but it was actually fairly easy to do that. The perfect tweet Wendy’s came up with was straight on point!

12. We guess that asking for it is what this person did

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We believe this person had the sole intention to give Wendy’s a hard time roasting him, but he obviously had no idea who he is messing with! As you can clearly see, he posted a cropped and blurry image and Wendy’s took advantage of that. We even think that they have a point and that flex image would probably not show an impressive physique! The man was probably stunned to read such a savage tweet implying that he had no actual muscle mass to show.

13. Wanting to compare your company to Wendy’s by trying to be sarcastic never works

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This is a huge no-no and Beef learned it the hard way. They tried to take advantage of the fact that they sell roast beef and they actually self-proclaimed their own selves as the Kings of Roast, but this was nothing more than the firm ground for Wendy’s to stand on and roast them back! In fact, they did it in a really clever way and the sarcasm embedded in their tweet was on point!

14. This kid should probably learn a thing or two before trying to mess with Wendy’s

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Well, the kid actually behaved nice and did not say anything smart. But regardless of the fact that someone acts nice and is even polite is not enough to save them the roast! Wendy’s even used their reply to give the boy some advice and we agree. There will be plenty of time for that kid to learn to be sarcastic on social media!

15. Here is another classic move

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Some people decided to use a different approach and probably thought that they would provoke Wendy’s with a clever outfit that would probably chase away the sarcasm. It seems that the outfit only caused more sarcasm to pour on this person and he got completely roasted, just like the others on the list!

16. Hooters also begged to be roasted and got what they asked for

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The photo on the right is used for illustrational purposes!

When it comes to rivalry and competitions, Wendy’s are always up for a challenge! It seems that if a competitor wants to mess with them, they should consider the possible consequences as everything happens online for millions of people to see! Hooters tried to provoke Wendy’s but they should have picked on someone their own size! A short and sarcastic tweet was more than enough to roast them and we can all agree with that tweet, too!

Written by Sven Miller

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