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16 Times When People Really Did The Most

Image Source: Reddit

A lot of people tend to go the extra mile in order to prove a point or to impress someone. Of course, there is no particular reason needed for someone to feel they should do something extra. In fact, some people have adopted this as a life style and we are always glad to see such people. Check out the list below and be impressed by these people who certainly did their best in different situations.

1. This is definitely not the kind of attitude we want to see

Image Source: Instagram

We can see a lot of weird people in public places, but some of them are really extra! As you can see, this girl is pouring syrup into a bottle at a McDonald’s restaurant. We have no idea why she brought a bottle with herself and decided to ask for extra syrup in order to fill it! As you can see, she looks more than happy to do so and she even takes selfies while doing it! We guess that doing something like that is not okay.

2. Tattoos always express what you love the most

Image Source: Instagram

A lot of people have tattoos, but this type of art is not accidental. Some people want to have a tattoo in honor of something or to show their love for their partners or family members. Of course, you can get a tat done if you are inspired by things you love. As you can see, this person was probably a Steve Irwin fan and also had a sense of humor, because these are not the kind of crocs Irwin used to fight with his bare hands. This is definitely a nice effort!

3. Here is one really unique way to promote a video game

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes a good reference is all you need to decide whether to buy a certain item or not! As you can see, this video game had a written reference that some people might consider to be a bit too extreme, but we are sure that all gamers would love it! As much as we hate to admit it, the most popular games involve a lot of killing. We guess that the gamers who like to shoot people would like to give them some specific personalities, too.

4. This is one really good reason to go out of bed

Image Source: Reddit

Some people find it impossible to get out of bed in the morning. This is especially true on weekends. We could spend the whole day in bed, watching movies and napping! However, there are a few reasons that would make us want to get up eventually. The number one reason is definitely a tasty snack! As you can see, this person’s girlfriend did what she had to in order to get her man out of bed. We are sure that he got up immediately.

5. It seems that someone was fed up with waiting at Home Depot

Image Source: Reddit

We all know that the customer support department of most companies cannot promise you good times. In fact, you are probably going to be more than annoyed if you deal with customer support or you need some kind of help. The photo above shows how one really pissed customer decided to have some revenge on the management of Home Depot. It certainly took some extra effort to pull it off, but it was worth it, because it looks hilarious.

6. Here is a sight that you definitely do not see every day

Image Source: Reddit

If you live in a big city, chances are that you will see something different each time you leave home! We can confirm that, because there is always something worth telling about when we walk around the city for an hour. Thankfully to the advanced technology we have, everyone has a device capable of taking photos in their pocket. We guess that photographing the weird things we see is the best way to use our phone cameras. This person’s extra effort to stand out from the crowd was worth the photo!

7. This will definitely leave you baffled

Image Source: Reddit

People are capable of amazing things! When it comes to different kinds of art, you could expect to see some fascinating stuff! As you can see, this incredible anime make-up is probably the most stunning example of that! The amazing attention to detail and the idea about this style are something that we have never seen before. This is definitely something extra!

8. Sometimes extra effort is what makes the difference

Image Source: Instagram

We have all been in a situation that requires some quick thinking. Sometimes the rapid change in circumstances is inevitable, which is why you need to step in and do what you need to do. This photo shows one person standing in front of the crowd and holding a laptop. He actually did that for a couple of hours, because the projector broke in the beginning of the presentation!

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9. This is not how you take precautions the right way

Image Source: Reddit

Certain situations enable you to predict what’s about to happen. A tornado warning is exactly that! Unfortunately, there are a lot of people whose lives get affected by these disasters every year. Sometimes people seem to be really calm about what’s about to happen and they continue with their daily routines. We guess that taping your shoes to the front porch counts as an extra effort for these people.

10. Here is how taking responsibility looks like

Image Source: Reddit

As we all know, things do not go as planned in some cases. We cannot have control over every aspect of a certain situation, which is why we need to be careful about the consequences. As you can see from the caption of the photo, one person adopted a stray cat without thinking what would happen next. After their neighbor’s cat got the stray pregnant, the neighbor felt a certain responsibility. Providing food for the kittens as child support is definitely something extra.

11. Tattoos never looked so cool

Image Source: Reddit

Getting a tattoo is something special! People do it for different reasons, but most of them include gratitude, love, memories or pride. Of course, a tattoo does not need to be a symbol. It can simply be something that makes you stand out from the crowd. As the photo above shows, someone was able to come up with an idea that definitely makes him stand out! The person even went the extra mile and had a funny haircut that adds character to the tat!

12. Here is an interesting basketball practice feature

Image Source: Reddit

Practice makes perfect! We are all well aware of that fact! Of course, having some talent helps, but no matter what you are trying to do, the most important things would always be practice and discipline. Unfortunately, a lot of people have a problem with discipline and they simply cannot give their best in every possible moment. As you can see, someone came up with the best decision! Mounting the basketball loop mounted on the satellite dish is a nice idea, because the owner would be very careful and would try to score perfectly each time in an effort to keep the dish intact. This is what we call clever thinking!

13. This is definitely an extra effort to get attention

Image Source: Instagram

In today’s world people are willing to do literally everything in order to get some attention. Everyone is obsessed with social media platforms and the image they need to maintain there! Sometimes these efforts mean crossing the line! We guess that this person did exactly that! As you can see, he decided to strike a rather controversial pose in front of the heavily modified Jeep. Maybe some people would find this image to be attractive while other would laugh their pants off! One thing is for sure, though! This is definitely a different way to seek attention.

14. Sometimes having extra skills leads to the best result

Image Source: Instagram

Photography is one of the best jobs in existence! A lot of people love it and do it as a hobby. However, those who are not aware of what it takes to be a photographer probably think that it is no big deal. These people could not be more wrong! As you can see, taking the perfect image takes a lot of planning, skills and even taking risks! Having enough practice and the right attitude is what makes all the difference. The man in the photo is obviously a professional, or he simply likes the girl way too much!

15. Emergency situations require immediate actions

Image Source: Reddit

As we already mentioned, sometimes a certain situation would require some quick thinking and immediate actions! If you play your cards right, you are likely to get out of the situation fast, not to mention that you could save time, money and other resources. This person probably had some damage to the rear right wheel of their car, so it had to be taken to the repair shop. Instead of paying for road assistance and waiting for the truck to come and pick up the car, an alternative solution was found! That skateboard seems to be working just fine. It seems to be really durable, too!

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