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16 Times When Pets Started To Behave Exactly Like Their Humans

Image Source: Reddit

They say that you eventually become the same as the people around you: friends, family, coworkers, etc. We get that and we think it is the truth, as we have seen it happen numerous times. An individual becomes more or less like their closest people because they are influenced or inspired by them. Apparently, the same thing can be said about pets! Cats and dogs also adopt the behavior of their closest creatures and the list below shows some examples.

1. The turtle

Image Source: Reddit

One proud grandmother took this image of her granddaughter. The girl had an unusual friend: a turtle! They obviously like spending lunchtime together but they also seem to share the love for tomatoes.

2. The siblings

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another example of how close animals and humans can be. This toddler and his cat obviously love to hang out together and they act completely the same. We guess toddlers and cats are equally curious and cute, so these two are the perfect pair.

3. The hiking cats

Image Source: Reddit

Most pet owners love their pets to the point they become rightful family members and share the humans’ passions. In this case, a woman decided to have her cats dressed in raincoats that happen to be a perfect match for hers! The photo is really cute.

4. The pug

Image Source: Instagram

Pugs are one of the dog breeds that are known to love their humans more than anything. They love their owners some much that they want to be involved in everything they do. This image shows that pugs can even give a “high-five” and that is adorable to see!

5. The proposal

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one truly special moment! You can see that the girl is overwhelmed with emotions and that is perfectly normal, as the moment her man proposes is a special one. Their dog is also present and it seems that the dog also has a proposal. How cute is that?

6. The selfie

Image Source: Instagram

Some dogs are not that fond of pictures and it is impossible to take a good photo of them, as they constantly move around or run when they see the camera. This dog is another story: you can see that it just wants to be there and copy its owner’s behavior.

7. The driver

Image Source: Reddit

We remember reading about an experiment where a couple of dogs were trained to drive and it seemed that it is not entirely impossible for a dog to learn to drive. In fact, this particular pup seems to be in a perfect position after trying to copy their owner’s behavior.

8. The view

Image Source: Reddit

There is nothing better than being at the right time with the right people, or dogs. This person was probably excited to admire the beauty of Switzerland from this lake’s shore but his dog seems to be appreciating the magnificent view just like him.

9. The fish market

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Image Source: Reddit

Workers at fish markets are probably not allowed to bring their pets to work for all the right reasons. This is why the animal in this image is not someone’s pet but a friendly sea lion. The creature probably knew what to do after observing the workers for a long time.

10. The biker

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one really cute image that we just had to share! It seems that people are sometimes too overprotective of their pets but that is a good thing, we guess. This owner decided to dress up his puppy and the happy canine is now living the life of motorcycle rider.

11. The bowtie

Image Source: Reddit

Dogs often have their own style even if they cannot express it, their owners need to make sure it stands out. This gorgeous dog received a bowtie after all the procedures are the grooming salon. Not the canine looks as sharp as its owner.

12. The best friends

Image Source: Reddit

As we mentioned above, dogs and children have one too many things in common. First of all, they are always curious to see the world and learn new things, which is exactly what is in this picture. These two adorable friends are happy to explore the surroundings.

13. The lookalikes

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is something different from everything we have listed so far. In this case, the human looks like the pet and not the other way around. Someone decided to dress their baby to match their dog and we think it is a great idea!

14. The nap time

Image Source: Reddit

Napping is a toddler’s favorite thing but the same goes for pets as well. As you can see here, this is one really tolerant feline, as it allowed the toddler to sleep in this position. Pets love tiny humans and they are protective of them.

15. Hoagie and Charlotte

Image Source: Reddit

Since we are talking about protective animals, here is one little girl and her guardian. As you can see, Hoagie needs to be around the little girl and wants to please her all the time, which is probably why he insists to sit like her.

16. The German Shepherd

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another canine sitting like a human! It seems that it is becoming a trend. We really think that dogs do it because they want to be like their humans and if that is the case, it is merely one of the many reasons why dogs are man’s best friend.

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