16 Tweets By Ryan Reynolds Showing Him Hilariously Roasting People

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Whatever we say about Ryan Reynolds would definitely be an understatement! Where do we begin here? His looks, his talent, his personality, his family – everything about him is as good as It could possibly be! We guess that everyone would praise him because he deserves to be praised, but when it comes to us, we always feel like we should go the extra mile and give some examples of why he is a living legend! The list below consists of some of his best tweets, some of which are meant to roast other celebs. This is something Reynolds loves and he does it all the time!

1. This is a classic Ryan Reynolds move

Image Source: Twitter

As you can see, this is how Reynolds acts when he is provoked in some way. He reacted in his typical manner, and he is well aware that if he didn’t put those quotation marks, his comments would have been entirely different in terms of its meaning! He can joke about his love life and his wife as much as he could, be he obviously did not like seeing hints about potential trouble between him and Blake Lively.

2. Here is how he jokes with his family

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Reynolds is not shy at all when it comes to making jokes about his family and friends! As you can see, this includes his offspring as well! Of course, kids cannot understand this kind of humor, so they have to wait until they are old enough to get these jokes. We are sure that they will be able to see most of them, because people create funny image out of these tweets!

3. Gal Gadot tried to act funny once

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Wonder Woman tried to make fun of Reynolds for one of his signature roles, but she should have thought about the consequences. Sure enough, the actor had the perfect response to her claims, and he shut her down with a single line! Of course, they were both joking, but this kind of trolling is what we want to see more of!

4. The actor can make fun of himself, too

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People say that those who have the best kind of sense of humor can make fun of themselves, too. Many individuals love to make fun of others, but once they get a taste of their own medicine, they become angry and consider it to be an insult. In this case, Reynolds was perfectly aware of his funny haircut as a kid and he made fun of himself!

5. This is the best comparison ever

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As you can see, Reynolds is a witty person, and when intelligence meets humor, we could only expect a hilarious and admirable result! In this case, Reynolds delivered in his own personal style! When asked a funny question which was actually hard to reply to, the actor replied in the best possible way, using a witty comparison!

6. He wanted to add something to the previous tweet

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It seems that Reynolds is always ready to comment on whatever he needed to, and we find great pleasure in reading or hearing his comments. In addition to his reply to the previous question, he decided to tweet again! He obviously wanted to troll Chris Pine, and he did it in the best possible way he could!

7. Reynolds and Josh Brolin are co-stars and friends

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It seems that being Reynolds’ friend comes at a certain price, and Josh Brolin knows that really well! Reynolds wanted to congratulate his friend and colleague for his birthday, but he wanted to do something special instead of just tweeting about it! He included this funny image portraying Brolin as his character in The Goonies, and he captioned it in the best possible way!

8. Brolin was involved in another tweet as well

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Instead of complimenting Brolin, he only made it seem this way! As you can see, the tweet starts off the right way, but Reynolds intended to add to it, and he did! We guess that Brolin expected such a thing, because Reynolds is not good at flattering people. However, he is good at trolling them and this is what he did here!

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9. We never knew he wanted to be cast in the Fast & Furious movie

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The actor never seizes to amaze us, and he amuses us while doing it, which is the reason we love him! In this case, he decided to comment on a Fast & Furious-related tweet, and he did it as we expected! The sarcasm involved in his comments is really funny to see, and for a moment we imagined him as part of this movie! It would have been epic!

10. This is how he and his wife treat each other

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Blake Lively is well-known for her ability to troll her man just like he does the same to her! This often leads to hilarious situations, and we get to witness them, which is awesome! In this case, Reynolds just had to say the final word in an attempt to shut down his lovely wife! We guess that being around them and feeling the love they have for each other would be awesome!

11. This is how Reynolds deals with news that irritate him

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We genuinely believe that if you react to something when you are annoyed or pissed off, you would make a mistake! Reynolds shows how things should be done. He did not like that they mentioned the rumors about him and Blake Lively splitting up, so he made it seem like he misunderstood the information. He even trolled his own mother as well! This is too funny!

12. Talking about trolling his mother

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He found a really unusual way to congratulate his beloved mom with Mother’s Day, and he used this photo which he captioned in his own style! Sure enough, his mother is probably understanding of his weird and funny ways. We even assume that he probably inherited his sarcasm and his sense of humor from her!

13. Reynolds has a lot of love for his friends and colleagues

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Of course, he can only express his feelings in his typical manner – by trolling and making fun of the people that matter the most to him! In this case, Hugh Jackman was the one who experienced Reynolds’ sarcasm. Jackman posted a sweet message to his wife and Reynolds immediately took advantage of that, trolling them both in the funniest possible way!

14. Here is how the actor can make fun of strangers, too

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Seeing this tweet made us chuckle, because we actually imagined the situation. Reynolds was probably on a diet or he simply tried to maintain a calorie deficit when the person on the plane sitting next to him simply pulled out a chocolate bar and left it there without eating it. The actor was obviously tempted to eat it so he was not happy that the stranger just left it there for him to stare at!

15. The actor is not shy and he can troll an entire country, too

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Well, there you have it! Reynolds sense of humor knows no limits and this time he decided to congratulate very special birthday. He tweeted this with the intention to congratulate all Canadians on a very special occasion, but he did it in his own style, of course! We guess that whatever Reynolds does would be accepted the right way because his sense of humor is perfect and he never leaves even the tiniest hint that could insult someone.

16. This is a classic Reynolds tweet

Image Source: Twitter

It doesn’t get any better than this! Reynolds is at his best when he trolls other celebrities, and this is one of the best examples there are! The situation he described is beyond hilarious! Of course, there was probably no actual conversation between the actor and some priest, but, then again, he is good at what he does, so he pulled it off like a pro! His fans were probably delighted to see him trolling some of the most famous people and what is more important is that he did it in his signature style! We will always be devoted Ryan Reynolds fans!

Written by Sven Miller

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