17 Couples Proving That Living With Your GF/BF Is A Real Adventure

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We guess that the fulfillment you get from achieving something and living your best life is even greater when you get to share it with the one you love! Couples around the world may face different kinds of struggles, but at the end of the day we would all prefer to endure them together and enjoy the good times that come after that. These images are more than enough to make you believe that more than often life as a couple is filled with adventures, surprises and even moments that could be referred to as controversial, but it is all worth it in the end, of course!

1. The Mountain is not the typical boyfriend

Image Source: Reddit

We assume that it takes some courage to be The Mountain’s partner in life! Well, he is actually a gentle giant and there is nothing scary about loving him! You can see that in the photo shown here. We guess that it is more like a constant adventure, but the most important thing here is that they look super happy together, including the doggo!

2. Sometimes life partners keep secrets from each other

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As you can see, the secret in this case is something that is not what you’d expect to find among your significant other’s belongings. This boyfriend decided to fold the laundry and put it where it belonged when he came across something curious! His girlfriend was obviously interest in juggling but she chose not to share that passion with him.

3. One man’s fiancée decided she needed an iPad

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People nowadays are in constant need of a gadget such as a laptop or a tablet in order to work or to run their business. One man found out that his fiancée was not entirely honest when she said she needed an iPad to work from home. He realized this when he saw the curious fingerprint pattern on the display, and when he turned it on, he saw he was right!

4. Sometimes people push it a bit too far

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Having a sense s of humor is something really valuable and we guess that when having fun is a part of a relationship, it is meant to last! In this case, however, one person decided to push things a bit too far and to scare his wife by pranking her like this! He thought that it would make a nice Halloween surprise, and we hope she wasn’t too scared!

5. Everyone has their own pleasures in life

Image Source: Reddit

They say that most people never really grow up! We know that this is true because we are aware of the fact that age is just a number! This photo proves it! As you can see, one man is in utter bliss while watching his favorite cartoon! His wife had no idea that he even liked such shows and she was surprised to see him like that!

6. This is a cool way to have fun with your partner

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It seems that some people are able to do the weirdest things in order to amuse themselves! This couple makes no exception! They decided to have some fun by painting each other’s faces. While they both expected to see cool results, the husband was surprised to see that his wife had a different approach. She decided to be creative in a certain way and you can see what that way was!

7. Here is something that we consider to be outrageous

Image Source: The Chive

People have different taste preferences and there is nothing wrong with that. Some individuals, however, can definitely puzzle you when they decide to have a snack, even if you happen to be in a relationship with such an individual! This person was petrified when she saw her boyfriend pour coke in his bowl of cereal!

8. Sometimes jokes can be a serious matter

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The best pranks and jokes are not the improvised ones. You actually need to put in some serious effort into preparing everything you need in order to make the plan work. As you can see, one family knew how to design a prank, and this person shared that his girlfriend has yet to literally taste what that feels like. She better be famous for her sense of humor, or else!

9. Social media is now a huge part of our lives

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One person walked in on his girlfriend and what he saw is something that is just not right, but it happens all the time! This person has not one, not two, but three different gadgets stacked literally on top of her, and she is using all three of them! She appears to be comfortable but we all know how social media can make you spend countless hours doing nothing!

10. This person should never give a haircut to a cat again

Image Source: Reddit

Many people consider pet grooming to be an unnecessary luxury but it is just not how things are! As you can see, giving your cat a trim yourself is not always a good idea and it could lead to controversial results! One woman’s boyfriend really wanted to give the cat a cool hairdo, and we guess he did, but it is definitely not the thing we would do to a cat! The look on its face says it all!

11. Here is a sign that someone did not come home sober

Image Source: Pikabu

This is a photo someone took after noticing something really unusual. You can see that these shoes do not belong on the coat hanger, and there is a perfectly good explanation about that situation. The man who took the image wanted to show that his significant other did not come home as sober as she claimed she was, and you cannot argue with the facts!

12. Halloween costumes do not get any better than this

Image Source: Reddit

Seeing this image made us chuckle because this person did something we have never seen before! After his fiancée decided to skip preparing for Halloween, he made a decision that was definitely a successful one! He dressed up just like her and the level of detail he achieved is amazing! She appears to be slightly amused, too!

13. This is the simple way some couples can have fun

Image Source: Imgur

Here is how some people can have fun in an unexpected way! In fact, this person never really understood what happened until he saw the photo his girlfriend took! She noticed that the icepack he had on his head created a funny shadow that resembles someone in particular! She told her boyfriend not to move until she took the photo, and we are sure they both laughed about it later!

14. This is kind of weird but it is also romantic

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People love everything that brings them closer together, and this is especially true when it comes to couples. However, these things are not always positive or romantic. In fact, they might even be related to a negative experience, but the right kind of attitude could transform that into something positive, and the matching scars this couple got from their toaster oven is a proof of that!

15. Now this is something worth sharing

Image Source: Reddit

Seeing this image was more than enough to make us laugh, despite the fact that it actually shows something really simple. One person’s girlfriend decided to act goofy and she started eating snow off the car hood, but her partner had another idea. He pushed her head down and it left this perfect imprint in the snow, and you can even

16. Here is how a romantic setup looks like

Image Source: Imgur

When people are in love, they are willing to do anything in order to make their partner happy, and one person did exactly that! We guess that this person kept his inner child alive because he was able to make an incredible pillow fort! Of course, it features different things compared to those we were used to making back when we were kids! His girlfriend was probably more than happy about this cute surprise. This is how the famous ‘Netflix and chill’ kind of night could be an entirely different experience!

17. Here is one situation that is both awkward and funny

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In some cases, people love each other very much but they choose to sleep on separate beds. This might seem to be a weird thing to do especially when the couple is getting along just fine. However, the possible reasons for that are numerous, and one of the most common ones is the snoring of one of the partners. But things are different here, and this woman refuses to sleep next to her man for obvious reasons! He apparently likes to sleep in an awkward position that allows him to feel his girl’s face, and she is not too happy about that, of course! It is funny to see it, though, and we are glad she shared the photo!


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