17 Crazy Things Evil Ex-Girlfriends Did To Their Now Exes

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It’s not a secret that relationships can be weird, although it’s a pretty simple situation, actually – you either marry your partner or you break up with him. However, there have been countless arguments about which is the preferable option. Considering the examples in this list, you’ll probably agree that sometimes the best thing to do is to end things before it’s too late; but even after the break-up some ex-girlfriends find it necessary to act weird or do something crazy.

1. Sometimes weird and crazy come in one package

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This guy was probably glad that he was able to end his relationship with this girl. Judging by what she wrote, she might even begin stalking him.

2. No matter what the postcard says, this is still a sign of attention

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A message like that was probably supposed to cause some bitterness, but when you think about it, it shows that she was still thinking about her ex, and he probably knew it.

3. Setting your ex-boyfriend’s stuff on fire is not okay

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Just another example of the type of crazy things women do after a break up.

4. The satisfaction on that woman’s face says it all

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Just looking at her grinning face is enough to understand how good this woman felt while doing what she did; it was probably the perfect revenge for her.

5. Apparently this guy is still living in the past and thinking of his former relationship

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But he’s got a point there; a lot of women these days tend to switch partners if the money runs out. So we don’t blame him.

6. It looks absurd, but it actually happened

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Talking about crazy, this must be one of the best examples. What kind of a person refuses to give her ex-boyfriend his prosthetic leg back. This is savage.

7. Things could get serious on a physical level, too

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This must be the most ruthless ex-girlfriend ever. Imagine the nerve she must have to shoot him with the crossbow again, and in front of the police station. This guy surely knows the danger he is in and he probably expects to be assaulted again. We hope his ex finds someone new to torture and just leave this dude alone.

8. Don’t write anything, it’s a trap

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What you see here is the inception of a crazy ex-girlfriend, and even if the guy deserves to be dumped, this note seems to be only the beginning of a nightmare.

9. This girl posted about one of her ex-boyfriends’ death. So sad to see a young man has died.

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She even said that he was the love of her life and they broke up before his demise. And before you ask ‘where’s the crazy part in this’, just scroll down.

10. Now you’ll start getting the picture

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So this is number two; same chain of events like the previous one. Oh, well, it may just be a coincidence.

11. You might be freaked out after this one

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When there is a third case like the previous two, it’s officially a pattern.

12. Could this be the real Black Widow?

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At least she began thinking that there may be some bad luck involved here. It was about time, don’t you think?

13. Ever heard of car wrapping? This is not the same kind

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When you think about it, there was no damage done here; however, it must have been a real pain to get inside the car.

14. This must have been one mad ex-girlfriend

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This ex really made huge effort to vandalize the house and let everyone know that it was the place to buy certain addictive substances. There’s no escaping from that image, we guess.

15. A deceiving act like no other

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Faking a pregnancy is a rather desperate attempt to seek attention, but this crazy ex should have tried harder.

16. This is what we call an evil genius

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The taste of revenge must be sweet, and this girl pulled it off like a pro. The guy had it coming.

17. This must have been painful for Steven in more than one way

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Getting revenge on your cheating husband while announcing it publicly and paying with his money, too – that’s savage and brilliant.

Written by Sven Miller

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