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17 Dads Who Absolutely Won The Parenting Game

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Being a parent is not an easy job – the ones who have already experienced that know what we mean. While there are a lot of ups and downs, we guess that there are thousands of fun moments as well. Needless to say, dads are the ones who bring most of the fun and the list below shows how that is done.

1. The haircut

Image Source: Reddit

All girls hate high humidity because it ruins their hairstyles. In most cases, there is little they could do to prevent their hairstyles from ruining their hairstyles. One father knew how to turn the defect into an effect and he did it in style.

2. The other hairstyle

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Here is yet another moment when a dad was devoted to his daughter’s well-being to the point he agreed to do something about her hair when she asked him to do so. He used a straw and managed to fix her hair in place.

3. The lockdown

Image Source: Reddit

Lockdown can be hard for all of us and there are people who cannot take even a couple of days stuck at home. This father knew he had to do something so he set up a home class in soldering and fiddling with electronics for his girls.

4. The Wolverine Dad

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that people who love their kids are willing to do everything to make them happy and this father proved that. He and his girl came to the movies and they were prepared to have their best ever photos taken. They look very cool together.

5. The complicated hairstyle

Image Source: Imgur

Here is yet another dad who showed his absolutely amazing hairstyle skills. We guess that most fathers would do a great job at fixing their girls’ hair but they are simply not trusted with this task. We believe that this example may serve as an inspiration for dads to try it themselves.

6. The kids’ room

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This is yet another brilliant example of how a dad’s DIY skills can bring a lot of joy and happiness to his offspring’s life. We believe that this girl was super happy when her dad revealed the room makeover he did and we like it as well.

7. The Halloween costume

Image Source: Reddit

This girl wanted to look like Dwight from The Office and we guess that this is actually a brilliant idea for a Halloween costume and it seems that her father had something to say about it, too. The final result of their effort is great and we love it.

8. The other kids’ room

Image Source: Imgur

Having the skills to create such an enchanting room is not everyone’s blessing but we guess that one could draw some inspiration from it, at least. We believe that the father who created this magical world did other cool stuff, too.

9. The present

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Sometimes parents forget that their kids will not be around forever. When this person decided to move out around his 21st birthday, his dad decided to give him the best possible present – a giant toolkit including everything needed for house repairs.

10. The bath time

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Image Source: Imgur

There is little we could say here but we might as well enjoy these wonderful images! Dads and babies make a fine combination because dads know how to have fun and babies are entertained in the process. This baby looks happy about these foam makeovers.

11. The single dad

Image Source: Reddit

Single parents are often worried about having to raise their kids on their own but not this dad. He was able to embrace his role as a single parent and he even got the chance to have the family photos he dreamed about before having kids at all. These three awesome people look amazing!

12. The PC

Image Source: Reddit

Fathers are great at showing support even when they are not asked to do it. In this case, this boy wanted to build a PC from scratch and his dad decided to help. The 13-year-old boy succeeded under his parent’s guidance and they book look super proud of their achievement.

13. The nails

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Dads who have daughters know that the toddlers sometimes have unusual requests. There are numerous things little girls would like to do but they mostly use their dads as test subjects when they want to practice their makeup skills or their fingernail paint skills.

14. The graduatiom

Image Source: Reddit

This person had some health issues and this caused him to miss his graduation ceremony. Still, his dad was not going to leave things like that and decided to throw him a personal ceremony. Here they are, picture while the dad graduated his son using his insurance papers.

15. The time

Image Source: Reddit

A father’s love for his daughter has no limits and time never has the power to change that. You can see that nothing has changed between these two in 11 years and the father is still able to lift his girl and carry her. She surely feels safe around her dad.

16. The diaper bag

Image Source: Reddit

There are people who can craft amazing things especially when they are inspired. This father showed his amazing skills after he realized he needed a diaper bag. He was able to design one that also transforms into an improvised bed which is awesome.

17. The hair dye

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one dad proved how he was a cool person. He found his daughter’s dye kit and used it in the funniest possible way. It is probably fair to assume that his daughter was baffled to see his new style.

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