17 Funny And Hilarious Tweets By Parents In A Really Bad Mood

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Parenthood is the ultimate adventure! It requires strength, consistency, dedication and willpower in order for one to persevere! Of course, it is a blessing to have children and all the effort that goes into raising them is worth it. However, parents are only human and they have their moments. The following tweets were posted by parents who were definitely in a grumpy or gloomy mood and who had just about enough!

1. This is definitely a hint

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We feel the struggle with bringing your social life to a halt after you have a kid! It is almost inevitable and only certain individuals are able to combine raising their offspring and having the time of their lives! They are real life heroes!

2. These tea parties are a trap

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If you have kids, then you know that agreeing to join them for a tea party is not as innocent as it seems! Chances are that every adult would play along for a while, but these tea parties could go on forever! You have no real option to leave because the kid would be upset!

3. This is most parents’ secret dream

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If only kids could feel what their parents feel! This would be nice, because they would be able to realize the effort parents put in raising them and they will also understand that their constant demands are often too much for parents to handle! This tweet is definitely something most parents would relate to.

4. This is the most accurate comparison possible

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Even if you think that you have enough time to get some quality rest, you are wrong! You see, the time you spend sleeping means nothing when the sleep quality is poor. And you can bet that having kids ultimately means that getting a full night of uninterrupted sleep is not possible at all!

5. Trying to get away is a must

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As you can see, this person suggested something that most people actually do! Even going to the local store to pick up some groceries is something parents cannot wait to do, because it means that they will have some alone time!

6. Moms always idealize their kids

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Sure enough, kids are sweet and innocent, but all parents know that they can also be annoying on purpose and consciously do the exact opposite of what you are telling them to! In such moments no parent would be happy or pleased!

7. This is how things are

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We are more than certain that most people who are expecting their first child or they have a newborn have no clue what is coming their way. Sure enough, they are always more or less prepared for it, but they need to experience it in order to realize how it really is!

8. This is a technique that parents need to apply 

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Every small life hack is more than welcome if it has the power to make a parent’s life easier! Well, this is probably one of the simplest and most efficient tricks that parents could use. We know that it works like a charm!

9. This is also something parents can relate to

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While this is the kind of thing that every kid would like to be a part of, you can bet that parents are not happy paying big money for it, not to mention that there could be consequences, like the above-mentioned chipped tooth!

10. This is funny but true

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There was a study published recently suggesting that people are unhappier after they have kids. While most people would never agree with such a thing, we need to clarify that the study focuses on the effect it has on parents’ condition both mentally and physically so we tend to it plausible.

11. Here is something that we never thought about

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We guess that this is a really funny way to look at things, and it is definitely true! People who constantly demand something need to stand their ground and they need to be worthy of it!

12. Here is another thing you can forget about after you become a parent

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This person was probably frustrated about the fact that sitting inside the car while jamming and listening to the perfect song is nothing but a memory! Once kids join the family, these moments happen almost never!

13. Here is a parent who longs for the careless weekends he used to enjoy

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People who are still single or couples that are yet to have children cannot wait for the weekend to come, but as this tweet suggests, this changes after you become a parent!

14. We guess this would be a successful endeavor 

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They say that smart business ideas need to provide a solution to a problem most people are affected by, and this is definitely such an idea! In fact, we guess that is is as brilliant as it is simple!

15. This is one way to describe things

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We guess that many people would find this to be inaccurate, but we like how witty it is!

16. This is parenting 101

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If you want to know how things change after you have kids, all you need to do is read this tweet!

17. This was probably a joke

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On the other hand, someone would probably like the idea to have a tattoo in honor of their last day before becoming a parent!

Written by Sven Miller

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