17 Funny Pictures That Will Definitely Amuse You

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Whether you are trying to get some work done or you decided to kill a few hours just doing nothing, a few funny photos would definitely make you feel better and get you through the day easier. We were able to select some photos that will surely chuckle or laugh, and that is all you need to improve your mood.
Enjoy these photos and choose your favorite!

1. There is no better caption for this photo

Image Source: Instagram

We need to admit that we rarely like a photo caption as much as we liked this one! First of all, the statue of a cat wearing sunglasses is an odd thing to see, but someone obviously decided that it was going to be a cool idea. The thing that is even more amusing is the clever caption, and it really underlines the irony that if the cat really did look at Medusa, the sunglasses obviously did not help.

2. We hate it when it happens

Image Source: Me Me

We have all been in a situation where we hardly waited for the weekend to come after an exhausting five days of hard work. Getting some sleep on Saturdays and Sundays is among the most desired things for many of us, but some annoying neighbor would always be there to ruin it for you, and you would feel like doing what this guy did.

3. This just made alligators our friends

Image Source: Instagram

Most people consider alligators to be dangerous, but as this caption suggests, there may be a good side of them, because they can obviously eliminate evil. Putting all fun and games aside, this image is quite peculiar, since we cannot believe that a huge alligator can simply hang around the sewers, and we think that it might be fake.

4. Censorship rules require desperate measures

Image Source: Instagram

Some countries have specific censorship regulations, and a lot of products and ads need to undergo major changes in order to be compatible with the rules. This pool ad is the perfect example, and you can see how much work was put in it. You probably think it is strange, but it is just how things are, and we find the differences really curious.

5. We could use a set of those

Image Source: Instagram

Yeah, we get that it is not a wise thing to use these things instead of fastening your seatbelt, because it is still one the best safety features your car will ever have. However, a lot of people work around the city, and they get in and out of their vehicles dozens of times per day, and it is very annoying to put the seatbelt on each time. This photo is funny because of the caption, and we actually agree with it.

6. Things must be tough in that neighborhood

Image Source: Instagram

Chances are that you haven’t seen such a theft before, because we haven’t either. This Fischer Price kid cart has really seen a lot, judging by its condition, and it really looks like it has been vandalized after someone stole the wheels. The way it sits on the bricks makes it look like someone stole the rims of a real car.

7. Laziness develops human genius, apparently

Image Source: Instagram

This is actually a very clever hack, and we will definitely try it because there is almost no space left for a separate bowl of popcorn when we watch a movie at home. Sure, that hoodie will need to be washed after each movie, but we think that it is absolutely worth it. We wonder if something similar could be done with the drinks as well.

8. It is all fun and games before the bill arrives

Image Source: Imgur

This is so familiar to many of us that it is both funny and sad. People simply cannot wait for the holidays to come, and the good vibes get in control of their emotions and actions. The only thing that suffers from such events is the amount of money left, and sometimes we can all get carried away to the point in which we would cringe after seeing what is left in the bank account.

9. Here is something you do not see every day

test ad
Image Source: Me Me

What are the odds for this to happen? We reckon that it will probably never happen again, to be honest, and we are glad that there was CCTV there to capture this amazing moment. The bear looks cute and seems to enjoy the piano jam, but it also looks a bit confused. We absolutely love this story and we find it to be extremely funny! Most people would probably invite this wild piano lover to their homes for a quick practice.

10. A match made in heaven

Image Source: Instagram

Talking about odds, this photo would also make it to the top of the least probable encounters ever! The shirts of these guys probably came from the same clothing manufacturer; otherwise it would be even more awkward than it already is. As the caption suggests, it looks like their sleeves were switched right before leaving the production line, but it is probably just a design feature.

11. The girl’s face says it all

Image Source: Instagram

We can easily give this a 10/10 easily if there was a Halloween costume contest, because some ideas are so clever and well-executed that it takes only one look to love them! This girl’s dad really showed some creativity, and we think that his idea was not impressive enough for her, which does not change the fact that it is done brilliantly. We would trust this man for our own Halloween questions without hesitation and he should consider turning his skills into a side business.

12. This is our kind of fish, too

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes doctors can be cruel for your own good, because they would easily forbid some of your favorite foods. However, it can be the other way around – you could be told to eat more of something that you do not like at all, and this probably happened here. We do not like sea food that much, so we can definitely relate and we would have probably done exactly the same. Of course, the joke would be on us, because if your doctor says you need more fish, than you need to eat more of it in order to get better.

13. Here is something even more relatable than the rest

Image Source: Me Me

If you are like us, you also take your time to answer when someone asks you where you are at the moment. Knowing that most people in their mid-30s would probably just be chilling at home, the answer would be clear, but some folks feel a bit ashamed of their couch potato lifestyle, and they often answer something that is not true, and as much as we hate to admit it, we have done it, too.

14. Marketers can be real savages sometimes

Image Source: Instagram

We love the aggressive approach some marketers have when it comes to going one step further ahead of the competition, and this brilliant ad is one the best we have ever seen. Burger King actually used the recent premiere of the ‘It’ movie to troll their main competitor, and we all know that is. All it takes is some creative thinking and cheeky attitude, and success is guaranteed. Some brands have a long history of marketing feuds and we like seeing how things build up in time.

15. Who would hang around this person?

Image Source: Instagram

We have seen a lot of weird people, but this here really tops the scale! Who in their right mind would brag about their make-up bag when it looks that filthy, not to mention that there is a piece of chicken breasts inside! We mean, snacks are good and chicken is among our favorite foods, but this is totally ridiculous! Nobody carries this kind of stuff like that, because it is unhygienic.

16. The intricate design of this building may have a huge flaw

Image Source: Instagram

If we consider the caption to be true, then this really is the worst fire escape ever, because it is a giant maze! It is not the actual fire escape, of course, and we need to give some credit to the architects of the structure, because it looks stunning! The funny caption really transforms the whole perception of the building’s appearance and your mind would start picturing how someone actually tries to get down via the huge maze, which would be an extremely hard thing to do.

17. This is what best friends are for

Image Source: Twitter

We all know how much true friends love each other, and female BFFs would literally anything for each other. These relationships are built on mutual respect, trust and care for each other, which is why they do not tolerate the opposite. The photos above show exactly what would happen if one of the girls sees the other’s boyfriend with another female in the car. It may be a coworker or a friend, but the poor guy would surely be guilty until proven innocent. Judging by the face of the woman taking the photo, she is more than delighted to catch a supposed infidelity act in the making, and she is more than ready to deliver the information to her BFF immediately.

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