17 Genius Hacks That You Have Definitely Never Thought Of

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There was a quote from Bill Gates, who once reportedly said that he would always choose to assign a task to the laziest person, because such a person would always find the easiest way to get the job done. It seems pretty legit when you stumble across a super-clever DIY project and you just sit there with your mouth and eyes wide open in awe of the human genius.

If you lack resources but want to ease your everyday life just a little bit, do not worry at all, because all you really need is just the motivation and determination—the rest will fall into place.
If you think that your idea for a life hack is rather stupid or you may end up looking like an idiot, do not let that stop you – it may be so, but it does not mean that it could still be a genius thought.
Check out some pretty cool examples of human creativity that hardly cost anything. It is always to see somebody win throughout the daily tasks and chores. We hope these inspire you to come up with a hack of your own, because if these people can do it, so can you.

1. The Robot Girlfriend Of Your Dreams

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Imagine that this could actually be real rather than being just the clever tattoo it is. All of your worries about the difficulties that a relationship carries would be just a pale memory. When it comes down to the basics, everything would be simple and absolutely not stress would be involved. Better start saving some cash, because as technology leaps forward constantly, something similar may be on the market sooner than you could say “shut up and take my money”

2. The Toaster Grill

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Who doesn’t love to have toast for breakfast? But who knew that with just a little flip your trusty toaster could turn into a mini-oven? Truly genius, but the problem for this person will occur after he realizes that he/she has to clean the melted cheese from the tiny space inside the toaster. Well worth the try, though!

3. Reese’s Bowl

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The fact that this person chose to have this type of breakfast is one thing that we should not concentrate on—everyone has his or her own taste. But when you think about how clever it is to spare some dirty dishes and still enjoy the fact that you discovered a new and easy way to enjoy the meal, it just makes things a lot more satisfying than usual. We guess that whoever took the photo had to be feeling proud.

4. Bottle Hidden Inside A Bread Loaf

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Want to go to the movies or to another event that you could not bring liquor to? No worries, this guy has got your back. He thought that it was super genius to hide the bottle inside a whole bread loaf, and it actually worked; the bottle is hardly noticeable. The odd part would likely come when you have to explain why exactly do you go to watch a movie with a loaf of bread in your hand? And if you desperately want to sneak a bottle of booze inside a place where you are not allowed to, there are probably smarter ways to do so. But this here is still a nice and rather unusual approach, and we salute that.

5. Tide Pod Challenge Upgrade

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You have probably read about the Tide Pod Challenge that took over the Internet, and the damage the pods could actually cause when swallowed. After all it is a washing detergent, not a snack! However, if you still would like to take part in the still ongoing trend but you are eager to see what kind of damage exactly the pods could do to your body, this guy gives you an easier and faster way to find out what you probably do not want to find out personally.

(Please do not take this advice seriously, but it is your responsibility after all).

Now seriously – do not try it, because it not as nearly cool as it could be dangerous for your health.

6. Juice Mist

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Enjoy the gentle, sticky mist of Capri-sun all over your body!

This one is a bit odd, as the whole point of the fruit juice is to be enjoyed on the inside, where your taste buds would appreciate it. But spraying it on your skin on a hot day would probably leave you with a sticky coat of sugar and that would hardly be considered as refreshment. But let’s be honest here – you immediately thought of doing this yourself, did you not? We know we did.

7. Riding With Style

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Just look at the face of that boy – he knows he won the train riding game. It looks like a lot of fun, and is surely pretty smart to figure out what he did, but another issue comes to mind – what if the rig he made slips and the little champion falls down? That surely would hurt and even may lead to a bad injury. But since this is a train and not a bus, it is unlikely to hit a bump or another obstacle, so chances are the clever passenger would get to where he’s going safe and satisfied with his practicality.

8. Personalized Meal Plate Holder

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We know that upon seeing the photo, you thought it was just as strange as it was clever. It certainly looks funny and odd, but at the same time it sure seems convenient and is probably worth trying. But if you do decide to give it a go, do it with a new toilet lid, would you, please?

9. FYI Pro

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This guy reinvented the game. He not only made a list of all the things he thought that other would ask him after his return home to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family, but when he did get asked, he simply pointed out the answer. Like a boss.

10. Pool Nap Hack

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This guy took things to a whole new level. Imagine loving the naps in the pool so much that you had to figure out how to be able to breathe while sleeping face down? Buying the right gear would obviously get you where you wanted to be! This was not a problem that really needed solving in the first place, but the clever hack this dad thought of deserves a place on this list. He surely knows that the quality rest brings quality to the rest of the aspects in life.

11. Lemon Twist, Anyone?

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This is a bit strange, but although a bit controversial, it is still a hack and it is definitely something that not many people would think of. Especially during the hot days it must be pretty nice to have your instant lemon water. But the way that this was set up is what bothers us – a nice idea, but a questionable execution.

12. Doritos Salt

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Now here’s something that you could impress the guests at your next party with. Simply choose your favorite taste of the chips, crush it or grind it and voila – you get a unique kind of spice that could go on the side with pretty much anything! If you have a more sophisticated taste for food, feel free to pass on this, but we are almost sure that anyone would try it.

13. Contact Sharing Hack

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Who isn’t on social media these days? You all know how things go on there, but this guy took things to another level! Upon scanning the QR-code, you easily get all his contacts on various social media platforms. What a clean and impressive way to meet someone – instead of screaming on each other’s ears in the crowded and noisy nightclub, where you could easily end up writing down the wrong number or name, you just simply get all the contact info. We congratulate this man for his genius approach.

14. The Quickest DIY Headset

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We believe that there isn’t a place on Earth where you can legally talk on your mobile phone and drive a car at the same time. The least that could happen if you do talk and drive is pay a huge fine or get your license temporarily suspended. But it could lead to accidents, as the phone distracts much of the driver’s attention.

Of course, we all know the solution to that – the various types of headsets that the market is full of – they allow you to drive safe and still have that important conversation. However, if this is not an everyday must for you, you likely do not have a headset of at least a pair of earphones in the glove box, or you simply cannot afford a wireless hands-free device. Whatever the reasons is, this guy gives you the answer on how to be able to still have a “hands-free set” end result. Pure genius, that’s what it is. It may not look stylish, but it will certainly do.

15. Your Personal Trampoline

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Ever wanted a trampoline in the back yard like the one your neighbor’s kid Joey had? It must have been a lot of fun for Joey and all the other kids that got to enjoy having one. We feel your pain, because we had that desire too, but some of us did not even have a back yard to put the thing in—not to mention the contraption itself.

However, there is a really, really inexpensive way to have just a bit of the trampoline fun your childhood lacked. For instructions and a brief tutorial see the pictures below, it is all you need to get it done!

16. House Chores Can Be A Lot More Entertaining

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The bigger the house is, the bigger the chores are. We all know how that goes. I think that most of you would agree that the task that is probably the most unpleasant is doing the dishes. Especially if you have eight members in the family, the sink after the dinner is over could seem as if it would take a week to clear out. But this clever hack is all you really need, because watching your favorite TV show is likely to be able to distract you from the tons of work. Just be careful not to get too used to that, because you mind end up doing the dishes every night, and nobody wants that kind of fate!

17. Bath and Dishes combined

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Talking about chores, and especially doing the dishes, things just have been brought to a whole new level by this guy. You can almost feel the satisfaction the feels by thinking of this. It can be qualified for the “lazy hack of the decade”, if there was such a competition. Combining two of the most time-consuming domestic chores – taking a bath and washing the dishes – looks a good idea, but only at first glance. When you think about it you are immediately left grossed out. There should be some questions raised here – will the person later take a bath? Is he a bachelor or just one the laziest people in history? Who wouldn’t want to do the dishes while lying in the tub, right? And most importantly – what would you do if found out that this was an actual picture of your dinner host from the night before, washing the dishes prior to setting the table for his invited guests?

We hope this photo was taken just for some laughs, because if anyone does this for real, they should know it is rather disgusting. It is genius, too, but still disgusting. So we shout out to all of our dear and close friends – please, do not wash the dishes like this guy does before our next poker night at your place. Thanks in advance.


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