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17 Images That Will Make You Laugh So Hard You Will Roll

Image Source: Reddit

Compiling a list of funny images is a relatively easy task, but there are still a lot of rules that need to be followed in order to make it a good one! The first and most important among them is the quality of the photo content. If you try to create a list of hilarious photos, you better make sure they are actually funny! The following list is full of such images, so you might as well enjoy them! They will surely improve your mood!

1. This is not the typical cheering sign

Image Source: Reddit

Every now and then you see something that is completely out of place. We guess that such a sign among the huge cheering crowd at a marathon is such a thing! This woman’s facial expression appears to be stone cold and the sign explains why! She probably considers this to be an act of revenge, but the only person who would be affected by it would John!

2. This looks like a scene from a movie

Image Source: Reddit

We cannot believe that this actually happened, but as you can see, these frames are from a CCTV camera! Imagine what this robber probably thought after he found the note! Maybe the store owners were suspecting something like this, or they already suffered a robbery before and leave the note every night. Whatever the case is, we admire their sense of humor.

3. We would invite this pig to any of our parties

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes animals are capable of amazing things. This means that they can show incredible levels of intellect and courage! However, the news about this pig gives a whole new meaning to all of this! It is an extremely funny story considering that involved two animals and a theft! We guess that pigs may actually like beer, because this rascal drank all of it!

4. This kitty obviously needs assistance

Image Source: Reddit

However, we guess that the human who took the photo will not help the poor feline, because it is a medical cone. It is heartbreaking to see the cat feeling uncomfortable, but it is also quite funny, too! The furry cat acts as if it knows it, which makes the photo even funnier! We hope that the cone was removed soon after the photo was taken and the kitty was happy again.

5. This otter looks like it is about to tell you a tale

Image Source: Instagram

We are addicted to watching movies! This otter reminds us of every time we see an old wise man that is about to guide the main characters on a quest or to tell them a story. The cute animal looks like it is posing for the photo! It has the most curious face, too! We are sure that this photo will be impossible to replicate, which makes it even better!

6. Everything depends on the point of view, we guess

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes your perception of something ordinary can be changed forever! Of course, it takes a really valid argument in order for that to be changed! We guess that referring to your belly button as ‘your old mouth’ is more than enough for us to never look at that body feature the same way again! We have no idea how could anyone come up with this and post it on social media, but it is a fact! As you can see, some people were literally blown away by this comparison, just like we were when we saw the post.

7. This is what fine sarcasm looks like

Image Source: Reddit

A lot of people are stuck in the same corporate structure day after day. This means that they would have the exact same routine each day. Nobody likes this type of lifestyle, so any chance to escape it or just be rebellious about it is more than welcome! As you can see, someone was probably annoyed a bit by this small sign and saw a chance to respond to it in style! We like these sarcastic comments because they are extremely funny!

8. Here is something that could become viral

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that some of the best and also funniest things out there are actually really simple! It takes brilliance to see funny things in everyday objects. As you can see in the photo above, someone was able to add just a simple note to the front door of a room. Of course, it was not just any room, and the note was very specific! It is one of our favorite photos on the list for sure!

9. This is one really clever joke

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

Well, some jokes can be hilarious and a bit cruel at the same time. Of course, we cannot tell that this one is actually dark, but it definitely has such a note! The main thing about it is that it is a brilliantly funny short story which describes certain events from a different point of view. We guess that jokes would always be more or less cruel, but this one is mostly funny!

10. Here is one curious store label

Image Source: Reddit

We all know that some stores go beyond the traditional store marketing approach. They often change the labels, the ads and a lot of other things and use them to relate to customers in a funny way. Nothing needs to be as formal as the big supermarket chains often are when it comes to these things! As you can see, someone decided to replace at least one label in this store, and we love it! However, we cannot understand how avocados could be spicy?

11. This is a very delicate matter

Image Source: Reddit

No, we don’t mean toilet paper, although it is also quite delicate! The thing we want to talk about is the frequent change of toilet paper rolls! You might think that it is funny to even mention such a thing, but it is something really serious! Imagine a scenario when you go in a rush and forget to check if there is any toilet paper left on the stand. If you are out of luck, there will not be any left, and if you live alone, there would be nobody to ask for assistance. This is why you should adopt this habit and make sure that you have enough supplies of toilet paper. However, as the photo suggests, even living with someone else is not a guarantee that there will always be toilet paper on the stand!

12. Some crimes are more than weird

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that when it comes to theft, people could steal incredibly weird things! Some of the funniest stories we have heard before include stealing garden gnomes or postboxes. Of course, we have never heard of someone stealing an entire porch! How is that even possible? We guess that whoever pulled this off needed a lot of time to do it, and there was also a lot of noise, too! Maybe there was nobody in the house at the time.

13. Here is one relatable screenshot

Image Source: Twitter

Seeing at this made us laugh out loud, because it brought a lot of memories! We guess that the majority of people could relate to this! Chances are that you have also been there! Saving dozens of edits of the same task is a common practice. It may appear to be a lot of work, but it is worth it. When you choose the last version and add the final touches, you always feel like you have just written a bestseller! This is how it worked every time. We loved that feeling!

14. This is the scariest bunny we have ever seen

Image Source: Reddit

We need to admit that the quality of the costume looks good, but there is still something wrong with it. Just take a look at the area where the mouth is. You will immediately notice the person wearing the costume! He seems to be rather annoyed by the whole ordeal, and the kid on the left probably noticed what was going on! The photo is very funny and a bit creepy, we guess.

15. We wonder if this was a random setup or not

Image Source: Reddit

This funny photo is really intriguing. It looks like just a random image that could be interpreted as a wedding ceremony between two water dispensers. However, it is more likely that someone spotted an opportunity and added some finishing touches. The whole setup is amazing and we would like to thank the person who took this photo.

16. Here is one way to keep your dog safe

Image Source: Twitter

All dog owners must take good care of their pets, and keeping them safe is essential. However, certain things related to your pet require thinking outside of the box, and this dog’s owner solved one problem in a brilliant and funny way! The dog does not seem to be happy about it, but at least the safety feature works.

17. Someone took their time to annoy a lot of people

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, some pranks require a lot of time and effort, but we guess that it is worth it in the end. Judging by this photo, the ridiculous book arrangement surely annoyed a lot of people, which was probably the initial idea! The mastermind behind this prank is probably an evil genius but we like the idea a lot!

Written by Nick Martin

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